The Stone Coyotes


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


"Great God Almighty"
I heard a woman cry
"Do you think I'm made of iron?
How dare you pass me by?

I've seen your kind before
You seem so self-assured
What are you doing walking on the
wild side
Looking so demure?"

And then she started swaying
She said, "I've disconnected from
the whole
Can't you hear? The band is playing
Shake, Rattle and Roll"

The sidewalk is her ballroom
Her dress a tattered grey
People stop and whisper
"I wonder how she got that way"

She said, "I like to let my hair down
Let it fall and let it flow
Dance to all the old songs
I remember long ago"

I tried to break it gently
I said, "No one hears your song"
She said, "What makes you so sure
you've got it right
And I've got it wrong?

You can keep your comforts of home
They mean nothing to me
I prefer the wreckage
Of a life that used to be"

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Early one evening
For no reason or rhyme
I started to go back
Go back in time

I saw conquerors counting
Their ill-gotten gains
Then the tables would turn
And they'd languish in chains

Oh, I wonder
What will abide
With all torn asunder
We're just along for the ride
(I've got you by my side)

Heard the footfall of soldiers
Armies on the march
Through the streets of Atlanta
And Constantine's Arch

Heard the wailing of children
The cry, "All is lost"
While nuns behind walls
Made the Sign of the Cross

Fate is capricious
To say the very least
Said, "I'm sorry to do this
It's just the nature of the beast"

And that Cleopatra
She sure got around
She said, "Build me a city
And then tear it down"

But they say - yes, they say
That love conquers all
So put your hand in mine
While empires rise and fall

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


People expect you to fall
Hit that same old wall
Really they don't want to help at all
They talk behind your back today
Shake their heads and say
"Well, I always knew that the girl
would come to no good anyway"

Better pack up and go
Detroit or Buffalo
Anybody want to know where,
you don't know
God knows, everybody gotta go sometime
And I'm taking this train to end of the line
Missing every mile that friend of mine

And I haven't been too well myself
A lot of time on the shelf
Saying that I don't need help
when I do
But I'm going to be just fine
A lot of friends, a little wine
Still I wish I could see you again sometime

It's hard to open up the door
Like you've done so many times before
Sometimes you think you just can't
do it anymore
Take a chance and take a train
Out into the pouring rain
All you've got's your suitcase
full of pain


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


Let me tell you the story of a girl
All she ever wanted was to rock the world
She asked for a guitar for birthday #9
They thought an acoustic would be just fine

She said, "No, no, no - I want a B.C. Rich
Maybe a Warlock, maybe a Bich"
Mommy said to Daddy, " Did you hear what she said?
She said, 'I like Black Sabbath and Motorhead'"

Oh yeah - What's a girl to do?
I've been wishing on a star - let my dreams come true
Sorry, Mom and Dad - this might come as a shock
(Standing at the door - gonna knock knock knock)
I just want to be the First Lady of Rock

The sign on the clubhouse said No Girls Allowed
She wanted to knock but she was too proud
So she went back home and practised in her room
In front of the mirror by the light of the moon

She said, "I tried to be quiet - I really did
I studied hard - I was a good kid
But there's something in my bones, something in my soul
Makes me crank the distortion just as loud as it'll go"

She said, "I'm not after glory, I'm not after fame
You might not ever know my name
I'm no rock giant, if you know what I mean
I'm 5'6", I weigh 114

I'll play in the streets, I'll play in the bars
Out on the highways and under the stars
Dreaming the dream I had as a girl
When all I ever wanted was to rock the world"



The Stone Coyotes
D. Parton

Rock It

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Don't breathe the air - Don't drink the water
You might die of a rare disease
When you go out, put on your overcoat
Poor baby, you don't want to freeze

And when you're sick, go to the doctor
He makes you promise to take your pills
Got your prescription but there's a question
Are you sure it cures all your ills?

Yes, I know we're on dangerous ground
And all the walls might come tumbling down
But give the wheel of fortune a spin
Throw caution to the wind

Rock it - Rock it
Don't just roll over and die
Rock it - Rock it
Shoot the moon right out of the sky

You must beware - You must be careful
They teach you that from the very start
I thought a lot about it - I got suspicious
They said they had my best interests at heart

I'll be a surfer in California
I like the feel of the open air
I see them waving - I hear them calling
"Come back to shore", but I just don't care


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Call it what you want - an illusion
Some departure of the mind
You can say I'm suffering from delusions
But I say that I tapped the line

I was standing in some other country
Outside this century
I looked at my watch and it was stopped at
925 A.D.

I was One, Two, Three
Four times gone

Vague shapes took form that night
There were girls with dangling earrings on
Standing outside of brightly lighted places
And they spoke to me in the hours before the dawn

They said, "Where you laugh others have laughed
Where you cry others have cried
And where we sleep you will sleep some day
Across the Great Divide"

And they gathered 'round and shouted out
"What are you doing here?"
I said, "I don't know, I'm not sure,
I haven't got a clue"
And right then they disappeared

I guess that's all there was to it
A glimpse, an impression - nothing more
Then I put my hand right through it
And I was once again this side of the Door


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


Somebody tell me
What's going on?
Where are the wild ones?
Where have they gone?
I've been looking all over
Out in the danger zone

He's a little bit bored
And a little bit wild
I'm looking for
An American child
Give me Jerry Lee Lewis
Give me Joey Ramone

Some of these new boys
They say they want to fight
But it takes them three days
To get the drum sound right
It's enough to make a poor girl
Want to weep and moan

I want to go down
Where les bon temps roulez
Louisiana and Texas
Philadelphia, PA
I've been looking in the barn
whose barn? my barn
For that factor unknown


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


Down in the valley
Where the Red River flows
Standing at a graveside
By the bramble and the rose

We've come to bid a fond farewell
In this our darkest hour
We've gone and neglected
Our pale wildwood flower

So beat the drum slowly as they carry her away
Wrapped in white linen as cold as the clay
I see Tammy and Patsy with their long black dresses on
Mourning the death of the American song

Songs that haunt our memories
Sung on porches long ago
All that's left of them today
Are footprints in the snow

I'm waiting at the station
But I fear I wait in vain
'Cause Old 97
Is rusting in the rain

The radio is playing
Got the latest top ten on
The kind you hear today
That you know tomorrow will be gone

I see those painted faces
They are smiling on TV
And I find that they're all
Rank strangers to me


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Bright lights - What a sight
He's drawn like a moth to the flame
Gone mad - Too bad
There's nowhere to lay the blame

Mountain top - Quite a drop
Doesn't know he's made of flesh and bone
Double dare - Doesn't care
He says, "You'll never carve my name in stone"

Hot wired - On fire
Somehow you knew he'd never learn
Mama's child - Gone wild
That boy, he was bound to burn

Trouble from Day One
He could run before he could crawl
Hard core - Foot to the floor
He's got to push it to the wall

'Round the bend - Not again
You could see all the tell-tale signs
Wheels spin - Don't fence him in
He's outside the boundary lines

Outer space - Quite a place
He's rockin' in the stratosphere
Out of sight - Speed of light
About a million miles from here

Bye bye - Flyin' high
Too close to the sun
Without a doubt - He's checkin' out
He sure was a son of a gun


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


All right
You win
I give up
I give in
I've walked the walk
Danced the dance
Victim of

And I've come to the conclusion
That the damage has been done
And I'm under no illusions
Time to face the music
Time to let the white flag fly and...

Run run
Hide hide
Call off your dogs
Misery and Pain
Call off your dogs
Snarling on a chain

Who goes there?
Friend or foe?
Somebody tell me
I don't know
Something creeping up the stair
I ran to look
Found no one there

I went running down the alley
With something close behind
Something I suspected
Was of unsound mind
I began to shiver
And I began to shout
I went running down the hallway
With the bulb burned out

But one of these fine mornings
Your plans may come undone
Then you'll be the one to face the music
You'll be the one to let the white flag fly