The Stone Coyotes

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Well, it 's days like these
Make you fall down to your knees
Beauty sometimes takes your breath away
There's a wind wrapped around my feet
I can feel the earth through the concrete
And I bow my head and pray

In the church of the falling rain
The keepers of the flame
Kneel at the altar of the rising sun
Just another schoolgirl
Caught out in the modern world
Listening for the songs of the holy ones

Hello, Evening Star
I wonder how you are
I was taught but I forgot your name
I'm down here still scared
Putting ribbons in my hair
All grown up and just the same

Baptized with closed eyes
Where the misty waters rise
And I'm running out of time
Read a book, lost my place
Waiting for a saving grace
And I'm looking for a sign


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


One night I went out walking
Down a dark, untravelled street
And by a house all boarded up
A man I chanced to meet

I asked him as I passed him by
"What brings you to this place?"
For the lamplight clearly showed
His pale and haunted face

He said' "A woman lived here long ago
The fairest of them all -
I remember she wore a light blue dress
he night I came to call

In one hand I had a diamond ring
In the other hand a gun
When she turned me down, I shot her to the ground
And no one saw me run"

He said, "I do not dress in prison blues
I wear no ball and chain
But wherever I go, and whatever I do
I bear the mark of Cain"

His words made me back away
He said, "You have nothing to fear from me
For you're looking at a man whose soul is damned
Throughout eternity

In my dreams I see her still
Lyin' by me dead
I wake up in a cold sweat
The flames of hell around my bed

You can carve it on my headstone
That all may read it plain
'This dust that once was flesh and bone
Still bears the mark of Cain'"


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Something's breathin' down my back
The sky outside has turned pitch black
There's a storm cloud gathered on the hill
And a hairline crack on my windowsill

Oh - Have I gone beyond the pale?
Even as we speak, I hear the hammer on the nail

Saw a coffin open wide
With a little baby child inside
Beckoned to me with a white bone hand
Said, "Come a little closer, you'll understand

Do you You'll be a tear in Jesus' eye?"
Once you think along these lines
It all unravels, it all unwinds

You ask me how I feel
There's a hound dog snappin' at my heels
And all these fears, once ignited
Come back uninvited

I've been lookin' out, I've been lookin' in
I've been runnin' down the road in a howlin' wind

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


I met a boy on the street the other day
He was walkin' all around out in West L.A.
He showed me a picture - "Have you seen this girl?
She's the dearest thing in the whole wide world

It doesn't seem so very long ago
We listened to Del Shannon on the stereo
I never thought it would be my turn to say
'Has anybody seen my little runaway?'

She was too pretty for her own good
Said, 'I'm gonna make it out there in Hollywood
A man said he would make me a star
I'll be comin' back home in a big white car'

And people like to say they knew
That she'd go wrong, but that's not true
Everything they know is just hearsay
Has anybody seen my little runaway?
My little run run run run runaway

She went out there and they used her up
They threw her aside like a broken cup
Poor baby, she's gone gone gone
Walkin' the streets with her eyeshadow on"

He said, "Darlin', if you hear my plea
Will you please come runnin' back to me?
Don't stay out in that cold world alone
Do you hear us callin', 'Baby, please come home'?"

I left the boy on the the streets that day
He was walkin' all around out in West L.A.
And if I listen, I can still hear him say
"Has anybody seen my little runaway?
My little run run run run runaway"


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


I remember nights
When I'd rush to meet you
By the light of the moon
Hangin' down low
You'd push back my hair
And softly whisper
"Love's made in Heaven
Now don't you know?"

On the riverbank
Where the water splashes
We swore our love
Would never die
But the fire
Burned down to ashes
The devil smiles
And the angels cry

We threw stones
In the bright blue water
Like lovers' lies
They leave no trace
Your eyes are cold
Under the streetlight
And all our dreams
Are laid to waste


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Let me see now - what was that year?
1956 comes back clear
I said to my friends, "There's a party goin' on
Let's get there late and not stay too long"

I went back home to put on my dress
I arrived later in the one that looked the best
I was tappin' my feet to a Muddy Waters song
When you walked in the door with a white shirt on

I saw you at the hop
Saw you at the party
I saw you at the hop
Saw you at the party

And I said to my friends as you walked by
"Did you see that boy? I think I'm gonna die"
My friends said to me, " He's lookin' your way
What are you gonna do? What are you gonna say?"

But time went by without a word to me
I said to my friends, "Come on, let's go
- Some things aren't meant to be"
So we went out just drivin' around
Found ourselves on La Cienega northbound

And who do you think should pull up alongside
But that sweet boy sayin', "I've been lookin' for you
everywhere - do you want to take a ride?



The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Ten years is a long time
Ten years is the blink of an eye
Three chords and a million miles
With a dream that just won't die

I remember the oil rigs churnin'
Saw the world from a back porch swing
By the light of the gas fires burnin'
Daddy'd say, "You oughtta hear my little girl sing"

Underneath the Texas sky
Do you hear me when I cry?

Playin' to the radio hour by hour
Guitar too big and hands too small
Spent a whole summer pickin' Wildwood Flower
Mother Maybelle, she was ten feet tall

Kids in school used to whisper out loud
"Do you see that girl over there?
Poor little fool's got her head in the clouds
Yeah, she thinks she's goin' somewhere"

I don't care about fame and fortune
Camera in your face and a dollar in the bank
I want to go runnin' through the fields
Drinkin' hot water from a railway tank

Hotel rooms and smoke-filled bars
No, this ain't no back porch swing
I want to go home but I've come too far
Daddy, you oughtta hear your little girl sing


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Come away from the window
Be sure the blinds are drawn
I've got a feeling in my bones tonight
Another mother's child is gone

Another soul departed
For the sweet unknown
In the arms of angels
Bound for Heaven's throne

We lie down on a bed of thorns
Walk through fire on feet of clay
Read a book with the pages torn
Sayin', "Keep us out of harm's way"

For every starry-eyed dreamer
For every warriors' truce
There's a madman in the alley
And a killer on the loose

Can we be delivered?
Can we be saved
From a fatal blow
And a shallow grave?

History's been written
With a pen dipped in blood
Held in a hand that trembles
Amid the tempest and the flood

With those who've gone before us
And those to follow bye and bye
Add our voices to the chorus
Of the everlasting cry


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Can you hear it?
Can you hear the sound
Of a heavy tread?
Can you feel it in the ground?

All we held dear
We have set aside
But with victory near
We will not be denied

It's the changing of the guard
It's the marching to the drum
To the beating of our hearts
Here we come

Past farm and field
Mile by mile
With a sword and shield
Lord, we're the rank and file

We've come to visit
Yes, we have come to call
We've come to see
Your empire fall

If I should not return
And in some far-off kingdom lie
Here's a single white rose
To remember me by

And oh, darling
Don't look that way
'Cause if you do, it will haunt me
Until my dying day


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Oh, it's all clear in hindsight
But it wasn't at the time
You were whispering in my ear
"I love you darlin'- please be mine"

All those sweet-sounding words
Wedding bells beckoning
How was I to know what was to come?
The day of reckoning

It was lies, lies, little white lies
That tore our world apart
Lies, lies, little white lies
Drove a dagger in my heart

Till death do us part
You vowed to cherish me
When the first lie was spoken
I guess the rest came easily

Oh, I wish you all the best in life
And may all your dreams come true
These are a few of my little white lies
I'm about to tell to you


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


In the good old days
At times like this
I would have been inclined
To reminisce

But not now
And it seems so strange
Since the revelation
I've been rearranged

You've been stealing my thunder
You've been blocking my light
And it's been making me crazy
It's been driving me wild tonight

Torrential rains
Do not abate
When lightning strikes
It illuminates

All around me
Rack and ruin
You want my love
Nothin' doin'

I once was strong
But now I'm weak
From your cold kiss
Upon my cheek

I'm walkin' away
From the scene of the crime
I lost the thought
I tripped the rhyme


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


From this cage
Some call my home
I see the world
That I used to roam

And something still
Within me sings
A faded bird
With folded wings

I long to fly
Where the four winds blow
But the savage years
Have laid me low

Yet somewhere hope
Eternal springs
In a faded bird
With folded wings

I'll beat my wings
Against these bars
Till they release me
To the sun, moon and stars

Or until death
To Heaven brings
This faded bird
With folded wings


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


'Wake up, what's the matter?
What have you seen?"
"Nothing, my dear, go back to sleep
It's something from my wildest dreams

I was climbin' up the white cliffs of Dover
Staring into certain death
When I called your name
With my last breath

And it's just, it's just
That I've tried and failed to recall
When it was that the bullet struck
With nothing to break my fall

And I heard your sweet voice call
From far,far away
Sayin', 'It's all right - this will fade
In the cool clear light of day'

And who among us has not shivered
When that ancient wind blows cold?
And who among us has not felt
Every terror that the dark can hold?

And cried out and cried out
In the middle of the night
"No No No No-
Turn on the light! Turn on the light!"


The Stone Coyotes
B. Dylan