The Stone Coyotes

Church of the Falling Rain

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Well, it 's days like these
Make you fall down to your knees
Beauty sometimes takes your breath away
There's a wind wrapped around my feet
I can feel the earth through the concrete
And I bow my head and pray

In the church of the falling rain
The keepers of the flame
Kneel at the altar of the rising sun
Just another schoolgirl
Caught out in the modern world
Listening for the songs of the holy ones

Hello, Evening Star
I wonder how you are
I was taught but I forgot your name
I'm down here still scared
Putting ribbons in my hair
All grown up and just the same

Baptized with closed eyes
Where the misty waters rise
And I'm running out of time
Read a book, lost my place
Waiting for a saving grace
And I'm looking for a sign