The Stone Coyotes

Wake Up, What's The Matter?

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


'Wake up, what's the matter?
What have you seen?"
"Nothing, my dear, go back to sleep
It's something from my wildest dreams

I was climbin' up the white cliffs of Dover
Staring into certain death
When I called your name
With my last breath

And it's just, it's just
That I've tried and failed to recall
When it was that the bullet struck
With nothing to break my fall

And I heard your sweet voice call
From far,far away
Sayin', 'It's all right - this will fade
In the cool clear light of day'

And who among us has not shivered
When that ancient wind blows cold?
And who among us has not felt
Every terror that the dark can hold?

And cried out and cried out
In the middle of the night
"No No No No-
Turn on the light! Turn on the light!"