The Stone Coyotes

So Long, I'm Gone, Goodbye

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


You don’t care you who aggravate
You don’t care who you alienate
I’m tired of your heart of stone
I just want to be left alone

Lesson learned
Bridge burned
That’s why
I say so long, I’m gone, goodbye

You thought I didn’t see those dirty looks
I took the telephone off the hook
Cut my losses – Time to walk
I’m sick of all this talk talk talk

I used to keep it all inside
Tryin’ to be so dignified
I take the high road – You take the low
Should’ve done this a long time ago

Look look what the cat dragged in
Just hit the bottom of a tailspin
I guess you met your Waterloo
Poor baby cryin’ boo hoo hoo