The Stone Coyotes

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A lot of friends a little while and Barbara and the Stone Coyotes !
Just heard you on The Jim Ladd Show on Sirius XM and thought the track was pretty rocking. Greetings from Cincinnati.
seems like stone coyotes play live about once a year. I,m thinking about driving out from minnesota to see them.
Miss you guys... hope all is going well... God bless.
I recently re-discovered you guys and I'm so glad I did. I still remember seeing y'all play at a crawfish boil when I was a kid, probably 12-14 years ago. It was my first real concert and I'll never forget it! I'd love to see y'all again!
Would love a St Louis show!!
Glory Glory So happy to have a show to look forward to!
JOLENE TO ACE OF SPADES....Between Lemmy and Dolly y'all rattle and roll like no other...NO ONE WILL EVER STEAL YOUR THUNDER ;-)
Hello! I'm from Russia! I first heard your music two weeks ago. And immediately ordered all 14 of your albums on the Amazon! Thanks for the beautiful music, and the magic vocal !!! I'm looking forward to your next album!
'Missing every mile, that friend of mine'
Missing you all here in Houston. Just so you know, you are not forgotten! Hope you are all well!
You made our daze yet again! Thanks so much for the extra cds. Indian and Daryl were almost speechless. I sort of made up for having to miss concerts, by reading every Margery with Campion book I have. Each better than the last, of course!
Listen to your music on WMHB (Colby College) on the net. Wednesday Mornings with the program Classic Country with Waterville Phil (Harris)
Sitting up all night and listining at Spotify and found this fantastic band. Whow. Never head of you before but now you are added you to my favourite list. Will we see you in Sweden? Let me know please.
Fun to re-discover one of the Coyote's songs that you had forgot about.... Can't get enough of 'Grey Robe of the Rain'. Not enough volume on the dial!
On my Athol Bird Club calendar it says on February 18, “Coyotes howl on moonlit nights” so I thought of my favorite rock group. Hope you are healthy & howling tonight.
Hoping you'll someday come to the NYC area. Thank you. Bob
Great music! Would love to hear you live. Matt in Seward, Nebraska.
Great sound! From the first drum beat or guitar lick, it's The Stone Coyotes! Finally got around to ordering 2 CDs, which I'll play full blast when cruising in my car.
Great Sound! You guys should consider coming out to Portland OR!
Like your songs. Original and different. Rings of Americana.
You are very original and play great music! I wish you would come visit Oregon some time!
Love the new CD! I have them all and this one is right up there with the rest. As an over the road truck driver I have nothing but time to listen. Doug/ Minneapolis truck driver
just bought my 14th Coyotes c.d...keep rockin Barbara and gang, love you guys
Another rousing show at the Iron Horse last evening. Great to see the band hitting on all cylinders. New album rocks too. A wonderful batch of intreging lyrics backed by driving no BS rock sound. Bravo to Barbara, Doug, and the boys. Rock on forever my friends.
Simply the best rock and roll band in the world. There isn't a bad song amongst the 14 albums they've released. How did Barbara Keith become such a great song writer? Lyrics are thoughtful and music has endless variety while staying true to the roots of heavy rock. No gimmicks.
Hey Coyotes. We need your music Live in Germany!!! Hope you will rock europe soon... keep on rockin
Hope you make it back to Texas this year. It's been too long.
I love your music I'm looking forward to getting your new album Sally in the doorway. Alan
Finally will be seeing my favorites. It's been a long while and now committed to see them live. Got my flight tickets and heading out up north for the show. See y'all soon! EXCITED! Peace Out and Rock On!
I heard your Thunder on the Left while on Pandora... hmm I got a sneakin suspicion.. something is really quite RIGHT, what a great band and singer! Okay so the bio on Pandora told me alot about Barbara Keith and her excellent band. You have a new fan down here in Texas!
I live in Atlanta and would love to see you guys make a swing through the deep south.
Been awhile my friends but saw the calendar and since its in May, this Texas groupie and maybe some family and friends will hit the trail up to the Iron Horse for the latest CD party release. Keeping fingers crossed but will be putting vacation days at work. Wish us luck!! Love y'all and Peace Out
I rang in the new year listening to you and I haven't stopped. You are amazing and I will personally call this THE YEAR OF THE COYOTE! Thank you - it is heavenly rock and roll. An angel's voice and a metal serenade. Day 4 and your music is my mantra for 2017. thank you
I am from Australia and I think you are all brilliant musicians and I really enjoy your music . Everyone I play it too wants to know who you are and wish you would tour Australia. You would love it down under. plenty of cities and towns to play. So come on down and have a look around you will enjoy. Thanks for excellent music. Buy for now.
Heard you on Jango , always enjoy your music , hope to hear more in the future .
Would love to see you guys in Houston again! Been a fan since my dad bought me an album at age 7. Hope you'll come out away again soon.
Missing you guys down here in Texas.
Love to see you live. What dates are you playing in 2016
I like it
Long Live Rock'n Roll "Ace of Spades" First Lady of Rock
We made a stop at Vicksburg over Thanksgiving and played "Ghost of Vicksburg" while we rode through. Now the 6 year old only wants to listen to "Ghost of Vicksburg" and sing along. It is seriously cramping Tex's Coyote playlist!
Missing you guys here in Texas.
For 35+ years I've had the same absolute favorite band. But jethro tull has been dethroned! I live in alexandria va (boo) but will be traveling to Mass. To see you live. Have you ever considered stopping in Charleston S.C., it's a real cool town and they would love you guys.
spinning my mint original REPRISE 'NOT FOR SALE' vinyl this morning of BK as I have been doing for about forty years and decided to look up BK and here we are. Now I'll have to complete the circle with a Coyotes CD. I can't tell you how many folks have heard you in my home over the decades, but I can tell you that this has always been one of my favorites of my hundreds of vinyl albums. Thankyou for all the pleasure and all the best to you BK.
Almost the PERFECT band!
I loved the Kangaroo album. Frog gigging was hilarious at the time.
you guys REALLY have to come somewhere near Birmingham Alabama..... PLEASE......
A new live album from the Tibbles/Keith clan! YAY!
you guys are awesome I really like you do you ever come to maine cant wait to get your new release I have them all keep up the good music rock on!!!
Halloween Show at Iron Horse. My wife and I drove 1,009 miles one way just for this show, 17 hours on the road. Amazing show from my favorite band. Even got a shout out! Fantastic performance from fantastic folks. Thank you! The return trip home was 17 hours of Coyotes non stop!
Best live show I've seen all year (it's November,and I go to a lot of shows)!!!! You guys absolutely blew the roof off the place and made it a Halloween to remember. Thank you.
Halloween around the corner and badly need to see you guys live. Birthday came again and at age 57 u start to think of time more often as in not enough left. I won't know if I'll take that trip up but it's gnawing on my brain everyday now. Maybe I'll say @#ck it and Go. Love ya compadres!
Fantastic lyrics and music, great voice
Man o' man... Is there a better album anywhere than "Fire It Up"?! Start with 'Dance Band' - than crank it up for 'Stars In Her Eyes'....Get ready..'Ghost Of Vicksburg' is up next. I get chills..... Let's have another to 'Fire It Up'! Man I want I let 'Rock On' play just as loud as it'll go. We love love you... Tex
Came to see KWS. Have to say, I never have seen you guys. Heard you on Pandora, but wasn't ready for the live power you exuded. Absolutely blown away. PLEASE come play Nashville. And …..thank you for an amazing night,
YEEEHAAAA!!!......Opening for Kenny Wayne?..Last minute decision but as soon as we found out?..A no brainer...The NY contingent is making the trek...4 of us will be piling into a Lincoln Navigator for the show..Couldn't drag my daughter, (who Tex spun around the dance floor at Turners Falls), due to work, but she's there in spirit...Just like you are Charlie, a true Coyote fan if I've ever seen one!..Have seen Kenny many times as well, but a Coyote show is rare and special indeed!..see you tomorrow!!
Man, I miss ya'll..... We are old folks with a first coming to a show keeps getting put aside. You know I'd be there if I could. Last week...Syirus-XM Bluegrass channel played Lynn Morris and her version of 'Bramble and the Rose'. A little slow, but you know, that's bluegrass. My wife, "all for Angelina" loves that John is a cat person. Love you all. SUPER GLAD ya'll are recording the September art show. Give us some music....Live is good!! Rock On. We love ya'll.... Charlie PS...Fred in the Dessert?? Where you been??
please come to Chicago /Northern Indiana
To coin a phrase, "you all rock!"
Just discovered your music and I am so excited!! Love you guys!! Rock on.
Boo! Yeah Ha! A fall show in New England.... We'll try to be there. Sure wish little-man could see you rock. My 6 yr old knows Elvis and the Stone Coyotes! Not bad company.... Did you record the last Iron Horse show? Can we get another 4-song live CD?! Jealous of David from Greenfield and ol' Robert from Texas,for sure had a good trip to the mother land for the show. Proud of you Robert for the effort. I'll see you at the next show. did it go? New songs? Full house? Rock on girl..... Gonna send some onions ya'lls way... sure Doug cooks you up some Vidalia onion rings!!! Thanks for the music yall....We love you. Many Thanks, Charlie
This band obviously values and listens to their fans. I can't wait till they come to England. Real professionals and true music lovers. I will now be a devoted fan forever!
I've been a coyotes fan ever since I first heard the song Plain American Girl a few years back on wrnx. Since that time I have been slowly collecting all the CDs one by one, exploring and enjoying both the music and song writing. To say this band is underrated is an understatement in it's self. But then again that is what they are all about, preferring quality and integrity to fame and fortune. That is also a rare quality in this me, me, me day and age of BMWs and Lexuses. Oddly enough, even though I live in Greenfield, MA I had never had the chance to see a live performance by the Coyotes... that is until last nights show at the Iron Horse. All I can say is it was fantastic! A rousing crowd filling the packed house were treated to songs picked from most of their albums including their latest. (which is an excellent work I must add). After it was over I even got a chance to meet the band members. For myself it was a fantastic evening of musical experience that I hope I get the chance to repeat again someday. Thank you again to the First Lady of Rock and the Coyotes for the chance to forget my daily struggle and enjoy an evening of great music. Love ya, David in Greenfield
enjoyed seeing you at Iron Horse. We flew up from Houston tx to see you. Thanks for the show
If we leave now, can we still make the show?! Go ahead and schedule the hall for a fall show. We'll be there. Love you...have a great show. Hey Santana...break a leg
YEEHHAAA.....about time!!....Can't wait for the April show, been far too long and I need the couple unsigned latest c.d.'s sharpied up!...the NY contingent will be making the trek for sure!!
Big Fan!!!! Are you guys ever going to make a midwest trek...specifically St. Louis? Would love to see you guys live...pure rock and roll if tough to come by these days!!
F@#K it, bought tickets to MA show it's on my birthday,it's on my bucket list and it's only 1,150 miles.
Since you don't come to Texas anymore, I like the YouTube videos, can you post one of my fav "sailors song". Keep rockin Coyotes!!
PS...this is your hour to sing!
Well....can I come up and help shovel the snow? We think it would be fun and beautiful....but I know that may not be the case. We will hope ya"ll are safe and warm. Down here in South Georgia it changes daily....60's and the 40"s....burrrrrrr. I'm sure John is warm. Hello to our friend in the desert....hello to Tennessee, and hello to new York. trying to figure a way to Mass in April...!!!! Tex PS. - Had to move the Elvis over to fit in the Coyotes signed posters!!!
Hey, Hey.... 13 albums and counting.... We are missing a Christmas Album. How 'bout it? We love you. Merry Christmas to some great folks. Mass must be beautiful this time of year, and LA can't be far behind. Thanks for the new CD. The only Rude Awakening is when it, that guitar riff could go on forever. And can I say hello to the new family member...thanks for the music and rock on....Sometimes I wish they gave solo credits ....I think I can pick out John's pickin'....but who really knows. What a talented family. 'bout a song about moonshiners in s Georgia.... We love you . Merry Christmas to all. Hey Fred in the Dessert. Need to meet you one day. I wanna pan for gold, big time. Can I come out? Adios, Tex
When are you guy's going to put out an album on vinyl? Thanks Ron Highland, Mi
Love you since I first heard you on Dog The Bounty Hunter!
Dear Stone Coyotes, It’s hard to find the right words to tell you how wonderful it was to be there for your CD release concert. It’s over a month now and if I don’t just finish this and send it off, I might never do it… I first heard Barbara’s music in 1976 and I can’t tell you how much pleasure I’ve had from it over the years. Back then, I really hoped I would get to hear new Barbara Keith music, and at one point even wrote a fan letter to Barbara (via the record company—she probably never got it) with the main intention of hearing about new music. So I was really psyched to learn about the Stone Coyotes! I think I heard through the Sunday Morning country show on WZBC radio, maybe 10 years ago?? I was also psyched to learn that you are based in Western Mass. I currently live in the Boston area and figured that someday I would get my chance to hear you in concert. In the long run, I’ve been planning to retire back home to Washington State, and now it’s happening sooner rather than later—in Dec… So when I got the announcement of the CD release party in Sept. I knew it was now or never! I came to the show with one of my best friends, who I’ll hardly ever get to see again… we’ve been playing music and singing together for years (actually almost two decades), and Barbara Keith songs are among our favorites! Tamarleigh moved back home to Maine a couple weeks ago. We knew that coming to your concert was probably our last quality time together for a good long time. And then you played “Detroit or Buffalo” and we sure sang along extra profoundly with “pack it up and go”… with both of us preparing for major moves, that was profound… And this fan who wrote that letter so many years ago has since gotten to both hear new Barbara Keith music (and in person!!), and also to see that those words she wrote “I knew that when I gave my heart, oh that it would be for good” really came true. Tamarleigh and I really enjoyed the time we spent talking with Doug and left with warm fuzzies from how well he was looking out for Barbara. All the best to you from two fans for whom your music has been really important!
The new songs are out of this world ....there are very few bands with the body of work ya'll have that can't put out some of your best work EVER !!!! Loved it loved it loved it....only thing better will be to see it in Texas
SE Ohio has a question. We came home and put Rock Another Day on our computer. The songs are there, but the CD cover didn't show up, nor did the song titles. We had to put all info in manually. It was well worth it, but we wonder why.
The more I listen, the more I am convinced that Rock Another Day is your best album yet! Very, very good. You guys keep getting better. You have you're sound down. As an over the road truck driver I have plenty of time to listen to all of your CD,s. I like the remakes better then the originals. And I like the originals. Fantastic job on the new CD! Doug S. Minneapolis truck driver/ Stone Coyote Fan
You guys just effing ROCK! and ROCK! AND ROCK! Get the heck out here to SW Colorado and play please.
any plans for a uk tour?
The cd kicks ass but most of us know that! Desperately trying to find a cost efficient way of going to the show and hanging out with the homies, but alas I'll be stuck here in Hot Humid S.A. Anyway of streaming the concert on the web so i can pretend to be there and rock my boots off? If not well my nieces and compadres will jam out to the Coyotes, drink margaritas and raise a toast to y'all. Thank you for Rocking the Free World and that rock has no age limit. Hey Charlie, the old Casbeers (Johnny Rock's Cantina) is no more. Give the band a Great Big Texas Hug. To all the others ROCK ANOTHER DAY!
Yea Ha! Ready for a Stone Coyote show!! So glad to see some fellow travelers Hope to meet the Ohio folks... Hey 'Fred in the desert'...coming???? Mass surely is beautiful in the fall.... Mike Jones...I wake up early every morning just to watch the Dog. Coyotes is a sure-fire plus, but cool folks like the Dog and Beth. Man, I'm inviting them to the show. Maybe they got a bounty in New England..... Hey Jeff and Melinie - hope we cross paths on the way to the bar...say hello. true fans travel 1100 miles. We'll see you there. We got lost trying to find Johnny Rock's Cantina, maybe we can find Iron Horse.... Hey Johnny Rock. See you in Texas. Tex
Dare I say it...?, I first heard the band while watching, "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" a few years ago. Now I watch it just to hear the band. Seriously, I have to know: just how in the name of all that is holy did that ever happen? I have to say, though, I am now a huge fan. So maybe something good did come out of watching that show. Who'd have think it? Would totally enjoy seeing you guys live around the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area if you're ever out this way. Regardless...much continued success. Mj
looking forward to the new cd... missing you guys down here in texas.
Love you guys! :-)
I am a big fan of the Stone Coyotes. Would you ever come over to Europe (the Netherlands) ? Anyway, thanks for the music
Thoroughly satisfying show tonight at the Parlor Room in Northampton and well worth the 1100 mile drive from Milwaukee. It's been since April 2011 at the Dosey Doe and the debut of "I Couldn't Find You" since we've been to a live show - didn't realize how bad we missed you guys until tonight's performance. We'll plan to fly for your next gig and the debut of your 13th album, though we got a taste tonight.
Portland, Maine is ready for the Stone Coyotes!! Anytime now, been waiting for years!
Please come to Boston. Some great rooms to play. Tupelo Music Hall N.Londonderry,NHThe Blue Ocean Music Hall Salisbury Beach,ma. One of the Best rooms in New England
"Rapids...Rapids running in the ditch,,,,,Must be the season of the witch" Play the bas John! Donovan being inducted into the 'Song Writers Hall of Fame' next month. Barbara knows how to pick 'em! If your gonna do someone elses's song, do a good one! Any bass fans out ther??? John kicks ass on this early one..... Turn it up!!! Hey New York...thanks for writing back. We'll see you in September. Hey 'Fred in the Desert' - how you doing man? Any treasures good enough to buy plane tickets to Mass for a show? Still waiting for the fella with the biker's beard with his wife at the San Antonioo show......Where are you? You had a t-shirt they don't offer any more....'It's Time To Fire It up' Wish I had one. How many shows have you been too? Turn it up!!!!!! Tex
Awww...Sick about it Tex...Poor timing...Me and the daughter (who you swung around that dance floor) will both be @ Hunter Mountain for Mountain Jam that whole weekend, else we would make the trek...You know the New York contingent would be there, we love The Coyotes and I'll be buying 13 as soon as it comes out..Hate to miss it, they never play enough...Next time pardner!!
Thanks to pandora for turnin me on to your music been hooked ever since i heard Aint nobody home last year . You are the First Lady.of Rock. Hope to see you in the area44g
As other people wish you would come to the Washington, DC area!
I sure wish you'd come out to albuquerque. Y'all rock!
"Close to the Bone" brings a tear to the eye and opens the heart. Love every note!! Pure truth!!!
Love the music, the stories, the changes in styles, and Barbara's vocals linger in my mind long after the music has stopped.
...does it get any better than 'Your Hour To Sing' live ? May be the best song ever strumbed on an electric..... Keep on rockin' Coyotes. We love you. Trying to find a way to Mass. in June. We'll see. If Fred in the Desert will promise to come, I won't miss it. Hey New York.....are ya'll coming? Can I have a dance? Looking forward to album 13!!!! If you ain't listening to the Coyotes, you're wasn't time.
Hey, Hey, fans........ Have you ever heard 'Adriana' live? You ever been to the start of a show when they introduce themselves? ...ever got a signature from Doug the drummer? Let's all meet in Mass here in a few weeks!!!! Damn it'd be a great show with folks who really know the lyrics! Hey England...I see you on the guest page...what's you gonna do for vacation? sit on the beach? come on man, let's go see the first lady of rock! AZ, KS - ya'll ain't no farther than me...... I'm south Georgia.... I've made 6 shows by now.... Everyone was better than the last. England?????? Are you a real fan????? Ya make the 3 of them load up a drum set a travel across the sea....come on....we want to meet you in beautiful Mass..... come on man....let's have beer together......Nashville.. you ain't that far...road trip. It's damn well werth it. we'll see you there. "If your listening to music and it ain't the Coyiotes, your wasting time".
I just come across you guys and let me tell ya I'm hooked on you guys I've bought all your music ya have off I tunes and cant get you guys outta my head!!!!!!!! my wife is the same way so you've picked up two huge fans here in Oklahoma and I'm telling everyone I no about you guys for sure!!!! do you guys plan on being anywhere close to us like texas or anywhere in the Midwest? Keep rockin guys and we really hope to see ya live this year
Hey Guys, Get yourselves on a plane, and get to England. We need you really badly over here !! Drowning in a world of X Factor, and The Voice!!! Into the valley of death I was Driven, Now I'm back in the land of the living.............and it's all down to the Coyotes Keep up the good work Ken
I first discovered Barbara Keith and her “all along the watchtower…” by chance in youtube, a few years ago. Then I listened Detroit and some other songs from Barbara´s album… it´s was not only the beauty of her voice but the feeling of listening something pure and true. Then I tried to know more about Barbara’s music career and read about the Coyotes project, but I thought it would mean anything to me in comparison with those songs of Barbara’s first albums. So it was with great pleasure I discovered a pure rock band, full of great songs and lyrics, infused with strength, quality and honesty. Im still impressed by Barbara´s voice and her singing style, but also with how good the band sounds in live. I´ve watched the videos in youtube and the band, the three of you, are really good. I don’t think I will ever have the chance to see you in live, since living in Spain doesn’t make it easy, but who knows… I´ve written these words just to thank you for your contribution to us, people who love music. I wish you a long and happy career for the three of you. Jesus Morales Madrid (Spain)
Y'all need to escape that weather & come to Texas....BEFORE the heat of the summer. Hope you include Houston & Dan Electro's for your album sell?
Living here in Scotland I'm unlikely to ever actually see you play live - which is a great pity. However, I would like to help spread the word about your fantastic music. You don't actually have any merchandise so I was wondering if there would be any objections to me having four t-shirts printed up for myself with different album covers on them. Thanks Jim
I'm a newcomer to your music; I literally "stumbled across" the Coyotes from the "Listeners Also Bought" section of ITunes. I've since forgotten who I was listening to, but I haven't forgotten you. My music library now has about 40 Stone Coyotes songs -- with, I suspect, many more to come.
Fantastic music. Can't hype you enough. How About t-shirts featuring your album covers. Keep up the good work. Jim
Hey Coyotes.... Hope ya'll have a great show tonight. Be careful in your travels and enjoy your hour to shine. I'm sure New England is beautiful in the snow. Rock the house!!!
Come to Nashville! Would ove to see you guys play at the East Nashville Hootenany in June/July. As a drummer, I love Doug's minimalist 2 piece kit! I normally play 4, bass, snare, rack tom, floor tom. Ride/Crash. and Hi Hats. Keep it simple and keep it real! Please come to Nashville, you would fit in her great, especially on the East Side.
How can a group as good as The Stone Coyotes be such a secret around KC, Mo? I just came across your music within the past 2 weeks on Spotify & picked up 12 cd's. Your music & lyrics just blow me away! The reaction is the same with my firends and even my 86 year old Mom! Will you be coming to the midwest anytime soon? Otherwise, it's time for a road trip. Keep Rocking!
Barbara,Doug and John ,I hope all is going well with all of you and wish you a merry christmas.Texas misses you and pat and rosie play you alot.I often call in to say hi on their show and give them my support.God bless Texas,the U.S.A and all of you and all the Stone Coyotes fan's.Keep on rocking in the Free World! Johnnny S S
Love your music. Look forward to seeing you in concert in AZ.
Any chance of playing in Chicago or the vicinity?
Holy Smokes! Heard you for first time on WNTI in Hackettstown NJ this morning. Pennsylvania Coal Mine. Fantastic. Will be catching up with your catalog.
Hi Tex. Would love to attend Stone Coyotes concerts but I'm stuck in limbo. Got duties to attend to. Have a big convention coming up early October for display of the Old West/American Indian artifacts I'm digging up that I'm donating to a museum for humanity's sake. Am working myself near death plus feeding Ms Coyote my only friend in the far-desert canyon I frequent. She's big,healthy with fangs you would'nt believ. And she's gone from accepting KFC chicken pieces to demanding cooked sirloin steaks. It's not good to NOT feed her. Could be dangerous. So I'm working my 67 year old bod into a frenzy trying to make everyone happy.
been awhile since i posted. i see that the band will be in L.A., great! Plans are up in there air whether my niece and I will be traveling from S.A. to L.A. Won't know till the 9th after seeing the doc., old bones giving me trouble and screwed me over. John, keep those fingers crossed and pray to The Lord above! Barbara and Doug, Save us a spot for good luck. Loving Y'all from deep in San Antonio
its been a loooong time since ya'll came to Texas!!!!!!!!!! Please, on bended kneee, come to Houston so I can watch and listen to "the first lady of rock"
CALIFORNIA.........Is this a test...!?!?! We love you. Stuck on the original 'Saw you at The hop' here lately. Can you get any better. Hey, Fred in the's your turn...go to LA and report back. I can't go , so I'm counting on you. Surely the Greyhound runs thru there...... Don't let me down..... Tex
I came late to your party but have been in a frenzy catching up...bought your entire catalog in two days. Best rock-n-roll band I've ever heard!
So glad you're coming to L.A.!!!! I love the Hotel Cafe.
I first heard your music on DogTheBountyHunter....Thankful I did. Music for my soul. Moves me many places.
Please come and play Nashville!!!!!!! There are too many music festivals here that you could play. Hell, move here!
Good morning Coyotes. Love all you do kids are big fans also. Keep on rocking and keep it heavy.
Hey Coyotes..... Hello to all those COTYOTES out there....New York, Mass, Cont, Texas, how ya'll doing???? It's about time for a Texas show.... All you lucky folks down there in beautiful Houston/San Antonio..... They'll be there soon. So where is the bearded fella with the cool 'Fire It Up' shirt on at Johnny Rock's Cantina?? ....are you out there? I found the VII album the other, o' man, isn't that a great one. Killer lyrics ever.... 'wearing the grey robe of the rain' sounds really pretty to the south Georgia rain. on the roof.... I got the posters...many thanks. ...rock on Charlie
Such a great time!..Your biggest fans from NY were glad we made the trek, though hardly the trip that "Tex" made from Ga.!!..great to meet you Charlie, a true fan!!.. Killer show and a fun romp, now I have ALL your c.d.'s signed. Looking forward to the next album and how about an Iron Horse venue again sometime..Most under-appreciated band on the planet...Love you guys
Coyotes.... What a great show..... Song after song including request.... Man, Many Thanks for letting me be one of the charactors at your shows. I had a great time. Mass was a beautiful place, I can see how someone who lives in such a pretty place can be inspired to write such deep lyrics... We had the New Yorkers, we had the Beauty Queens, we had the Texans, and we had the Break Dancers...... I hope it was a good memory for you three, as well. Many Thanks for the show.... We Love You all.
I heard "No Turning Back" on an old episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I found this website,but would enjoy your music more if I could find it on YouTube. Thanks you for tickling my ear drum with your sound!
Hey 'Fred in the Dessert', you got your plane tickects....your Gray Hound Bus tickets,,,,to the Mass. show? I got mine. I wanna meet another true-die-hard-fan. See you there. the nice fella with the long gotie from San Antonio out there? You were at the Johnny Rock's Cantino show. Are you out there? Come to Mass. Ride your hog. That's the first time I saw the 'Fire It Up' t-shirt. I need one bad. We love you and will see you in beautiful Mass..... Tex
Just got a listen to your fine music Thanks Dave
Wish you played around eastern Ma Some great venues Blue Oceanisic Hall Salisbury Ma Tupelo Londonderry NH To name a couple
Greetings from beautiful South Georgia.... I tell you, if anyone needs a song to help them feel for the folks in Boston, if you need a lift from the depression of the mood in our country, if you need some inspiration, just listen to The Stone Coyotes' "Sing Me A Hymn". It puts you in the right place to mourn. What an appropriate song, written at an appropriate time. Thank You, Coyotes. God Bless America.
Howdy Tex. I figure the live concerts Stone Coyote recordings are better than recordings done in antiseptic studios. It's human nature to belt out the moosic with more gusto in front of an audience. Nothing wrong with the studio CDs but I like it better with audience participation. Which is why 'The Stone Coyotes Live' at the Iron Horse in 2010 gets my 67 year old ya ya's going like a testosterone injection. Whatever guy that yelled in the audience at the end of 'Threw a Rock in the River' said what I felt exactly. Thank you,Mr Yeller.
Hello fellow Coyotes fans..... ...headed out for a night of dancing. Sure do miss you guys..... please let us know of any upcoming dates. I'll be there. Hey Coyote fans.....anyone found the links to the 2012 live radio show at the Dosey Doe in Houston last year???? I found the site and all......but no Stone Coyotes. Help a fella out.....please post. Ready for a new t-shirt design there, Mr. Doug. Can I still get one of 'Fire It Up'? That was just when I was coming into the fold. We love you and hope all is well. Rock On....... Charlie Lane
wow what a awesome, 2 thumb's video to a really beautiful song. Barbara,Doug and John what a great job on this ,I hope that you are all doing great. Keep on rocking in the free world, Texas misses you,Johnny S.S.
Hi I heard one of your songs on TV when I watched "Dog-The Bounty Hunter". Didn´t know the songs´ or the bands´ name but I just had to write a part of the songtext in google and I found it (it was "hammer on the nail"). Really great song. Greetings from Germany -Carsten-
Hey friends.... Hope you are alright in the snow storm... Might be a perfect time to write the new album?????? We love you and hope all is good. Rock On.... Charlie 'Tex' Lane
Wild Bird Flying and the rest of your great package arrived just as Jim and I headed out for an hour and a half drive. Jim couldn't get WBF into the car CD player fast enough! He'd walked into the computer room after I started playing the title song, said, "That's got to be the Stone Coyotes, I'd know that drum beat anywhere!" Love you all and can't wait for my friends to have a listen.
I remember hearing you for the first time on X-Country, when XMRadio was around. My husband and I were able to see you at a very small venue in Moorestown, NJ and man you guys rocked it! Hope to see you all soon.
Hi Charlie. I'm doin' fine. Still digging for artifacts. Pulled up some doozies today. Am still feeding Ms Coyote. She's become picky. Tired of tv dinners she now demands KFC fried chicken. The rule out here in no-man's-land is you feed your coyote good or she bites your arse (I'm serious) and she's got big teeth. It's costing me a pretty penny but she's happy,healthy and I remain unbitten. As for lost Coyotes albums I go thru the same thing. I've bought them all,given away many so I don't keep track of what I've got. It's good to find older albums. 'Saw You at the Hop' floods my old bod with testosterone. Makes me jump around,stomp my feet and yell. It's good to be in the desert listening to the Stone Coyotes.
Hey Coyote Fans.... If you're like me .... 13/14 albums later, I kinda forget were my favorite tunes are hidden. One I found the other day...just not enough volume on the hi-fi.....'I Saw You At The Hop, I Saw you At The Party' and hidden at #14 on CD "Situation Out of Control". If it's one of the Coyotes CD's you don't have, order it now and crank it high. Hey Fred in the alright? Found a gold mine yet? I'll come help.. Hey, I think it's time to fire it up!!!!! Tex
Happy New Year to all the Coyote fans out there. Turn it up!!!
Barbara,Doug and John I would like to thank you for the mentioning of me on the "Stingaree Festivale" video's! I could not have done without Sunita and Dave's techincal support.I'm so hooked on your song"Not Right Now"what a awsome driving song, good thing i sold my ninja motorcycle lol. Merry Christmas to you all !
I hope you come to Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX in the near future. Thanks for your music. Loved it for years, since your first CD.
There's the odd snow flake floating down, but listening to you sure drives the heat up here in Moscow. Let your sounds continue to counter the tower dwellers. When does Europe get to see you? Await tour dates. Thank you!
Hey, Ya'll..... Thank you, thank you, thank you for the video. Wild Bird Flying grows on you. Beautiful. Is there any way yet to hear the Texas radio interview/show? I feel like I missed a special show there. I'll try not to miss the next one..... We love you....Charlie, Angie and Mr Brady
Love your music, i hope to see you in Europe someday.
I'm Really loving the new cd. Every song is like a campfire where sparks erupt with unannounced arrival and you jump and laugh with childlike wonder. Thank you for being my campfire.
Thanks so much for the CD you gave us today when you visited the store.
When are you guys gonna be playing at the Iron Horse again??
First heard Ride away from the World years ago on RNX and have been a fan ever since, I've recently moved to the area and am hoping to see you someplace local someday soon! Hope you folks still do local shows so I came here to look. Thanks for the great sounds. Dave
Hi Tex. Love to see a Coyotes show but am embroiled in digging to find goodies to display at an October show. Got a real,live coyote keeping me company as I dig. What I'm finding and researching they don't teach you in school. It's doing a job on my bwain. I am finding a different kind of gold. I'll try not to let the desert heat kill me or the coyote bite me. It's a female coyote. Superbly healthy and always hungry. She says in coyotetalk if I don't feed her she''ll lay a bite on me I won't soon forget. I'm going broke buying tv dinners for her.
I believe it is impossible for Barbara and family to make anything less than a great song, let alone a great CD. My #1 band since I discovered them and have never been disappointed.
Hello Coyote Fans.... New album rocks. Just like the others. No let up in rock, baby. Hey 'Fred In The Desert'.... Where does the show have to be to get you there? If you ever deside to travel the desert and cheat death in an airliner, you let us know. I want to meet another fan like me. South Georgia is cooling off just a bit, just enough to get after the hedge trimming and lacking yard work that needs to be done. I gave away a Stone Coyotes album today.....I left a "I Could'nt Find You' CD on a friends windshield.....he has gone to Atlanta for a GA Tech game. Maybe it will help him make it back home after a late night of football and Bud. Hey Coyotes.....I am saving two days of vacation for a Mass show..... Any plans? Thamks to John for the antique video on facebook. Same goes for me......'why are you traveling so much?' just feels right. found any gold lately? We love the Coyotes..... Tex and family
Only recently discovered your music, fantastic sound. Have you ever thought of coming to the UK, we like to rock here too!
Great, wonderful music. Love your new cd.
love you want you need you.........please come to syracuse new york. need music to snowboard to..........just got out of jeff
saw a few of your videos on youtube of course and enjoyed Ms. Keith's precise, pure voice so much that here I am to say say thanks and I will buy stuff.
Hoo boy I love the new 'A Wild Bird Flying' album. What I like best about the Stone Coyotes is there's no flops,no filler to their albums. All their songs are totally great. There's only a very few musical groups who can do that. Probably count'em on the fingers of one hand. There's tons of garage bands that make one really primo song. I won't name names but we've all blown wads of money buying their albums only to find it's got the one good song and the rest suck burritos.
I think "A Wild Bird Flying" is the best Stone Coyotes album yet! I had to order a 2nd one because my wife heard it once and stole it for her car. She carpools kids to school every day and they all rock out to it. Keep on howlin'!
huge fan saw you live at Montage bar in Rochester NY many moons ago when you opened for Ms. Patty Griffin. Detroit? Buffalo? RocTown!!!
Congrats on the new album. I think this one is up there with your best stuff! Some great riffs and Barb continues to pull spellbinding lyrics out of the rock 'n' roll ether.
We brought our drummer/singer/fork lift operator/pastor/loop maker/guitar/keyboard and personal guide and critic to DOSEY DOE to see you guys and he went out and bought a harmonizer cuz of you....saw you both nights and nice to meet you guys.....we will be doing some of your stuff ...I'll try to do justice on my flying v much fun if there is such a thing....
I heard you for the first time watching Dog The Bounty Hunter and have been blown away. Truly one of the freshest sounds to come around in a very long time. Just purchased your new release and can't wait for it to arrive. Keep up the music. You are the best!
I just love your music..lyics, instruments, voices, everything about get in my head. Would love to see you perform, any chance of you coming to Hawaii, we'd love to have you!! I'm working on collecting all your cd's and you have lots, but Born To Howl and Rude Awakening are killer
You guys have some killer music, love the coyote too. :)
What else can I say guys but I love the hell out of your music!!!!! I am an ole rock n roller from way back!!! You guys are a fantastic band!!! Keep on rockin!!! Love you all and your music!!!! Lanny
I just recently discovered your music, and I love it!! Good music, of course, begins with good songwriting, and yours is top shelf. Your musicality blows me away as well. I love your stuff, and though you'll likely not tour in my home state of new mexico, I hope to catch a live show one day. Keep on rockin' coyotes. With so much dribble in the state of music today we need bands like you.
Johnny Rock...... Tell us about the show. Did you catch both shows? Did the interview go well? Did they play 'Johnny Rock's Cantina'? Help a poor south Georgia- boy out that could'nt make the journey.....give me something 'till I get my new CD......... Lucky Houston was the show? Many Thanks.....Tex
u guys killed! everyone looking good. the new songs kicked and well u know i'm ur all-time best fan. i can't really remember speaking to ur friend Kenyan and i hope i don't come across as some loud partier from san antonio but i am what i am. we listened to the whole cd on way back to Galveston and the girls loved Sing Me A Hymn, and i particulary loved You Got Rolled (haven't got burned in a long time but i still remember when i did), but the absolute shocker was the killer blues song. WOW! Again love y'all and keep up being unbridled and passionate. I may be getting older and slower but the heart keeps pumping.
You Guys Rock. Amazing band. The little kid on bass is cute, too. He reminds me of Chasity/Chazz Bono.
hey Charlie, yes i will be traveling to houston to check them out. missed out last year. I'll say "hey" and until next time, "hey" back. i haven't been so pumped up for this since i went to Rush-Thin Lizzy concert back in '76
Sure want to be there next week in Houston. Can ya'll broadcast the interview on-line? I'm sure they have first rights. Just hope you bargain for web site those who can't travel today can rock, too. Johnny Rock......say 'hey' for me. I'd be there if I could. Call out to the couple in the corner of Johnny Rocks Cantina....SanAntonio......fella with a FireIt Up shirt on and a biker's beard....wife dancing to every tune......Ya'll been to any more shows? I'm jealous if your right there in Coyotes territory. We love you Coyotes.....Hope Houston is good to you. Miss you and wish I could come to big ol' Texas. Charlie Lane
unbelievable!!!!! i havent liked any music since the 70s. you guys play your instruments so effortlessly, your lyrics and rythym make me feel like im young again. keep it up !!!!!!
Dosey Doe here we come! After a hard year and half i need to jam my soul with a live show from u guys. Death and Loss and Misfortune but now time to Replenish the Soul with The Coyotes! Kick out The Jams and Get This Old Man Rocking to the Heart pumps out the Blood! Family of course will be there too! Love&Peace
Hi Tex. You could'nt have said it better. There are many places here in the remote desert where sound rebounds off canyon walls. Where you can for the first time stand on ground no human during the history of our planet has ever stood upon. The angst here blows me away. The evolutionary ecology here entails hundreds of thousands of years of ice ages followed with arid landscape then back to another ice age ad infinitum. The creatures here are unique,nature having made them the strong survivors they've become. There are lessons here for humanity. A perfect place for the Stone Coyotes to do a concert.
are you playing anywhere else this summer besides texas? i would love to see a show live. thanks dave
Hey Fans.... If you like 'em....go see them. Why make the artist pay to come to you? ...ever heard of a road trip? Live is good stuff. Watching John play the bass is more like watching someone make beautiful love. ...and Barbara, how has that much talent got into that little lady? She is simply awesomw. As a song writer, as a guitar lady, as a stae presents..... she is the true deal. And Doug, think about his career....what a talent.....and thank Gog he finally got to be a drummer. I want to be like Doug. That's why I got my 2 yr old a drum kit. Come on fans.....let's all meet out in the Death Valley with Fred and donate funds for the Coyotes' travel fees and enjoy a kick ass Stone Coyotes show in the dessert heat!!! I'll see you at the next show..... Tex
you three are super!!! im 47 and grew up on acdc and lynyrd skynyrd. i dont like todays music but saw you on dog the bounty hunter and for the past 3 nights keep watching live at the ironhorse on you tube. my brother and father are drummers, where are your tom toms and floor bass and other cymbals? your good! im buying some cds from your website. would you ever come to virginia for a live show? dave
you three are super!!! im 47 and grew up on acdc and lynyrd skynyrd. i dont like todays music but saw you on dog the bounty hunter and for the past 3 nights keep watching live at the ironhorse on you tube. my brother and father are drummers, where are your tom toms and floor bass and other cymbals? your good! im buying some cds from your website. would you ever come to virginia for a live show? dave
wish there was a video of Shake, think its your best tune, it has so much power
My husband and I really love your music and look forward to hear your new album.
From house in Linden, Va, with Nevele Adams, Tim Kapeluck, Teddy Spelios, Nalulabelle Country, and all. I love your music. Really cool. My band is playing tonight at American Legion Post #85, Arl. Take care.
Heard one of your tunes on "Dog The Bounty Hunter". It sounded really good so I decided to check out your band. Dig your sound–(great vocals and lyrcis btw) just purchased "Born to Howl" (CD, Amazon) and plan on buying more in your collection. Swing on through Indiana–would love to catch you live sometime.
The Stone Coyotes are not exactly well known here in Switzerland. I stumbled upon a song of you and was hooked right away. Would be very happy to hear you live in Switzerland, maybe on one of our outdoor events
Please come perform in wichita kansas
Kudos on making the best rock and roll that this old man has EVER heard. I just can't get myself to to listen to anything else but your music. WOW!! PLEASE keep it going! Would love to see you in Ohio some day!!
We love your rockin' tunes up here in Minnesota. I've been listening to your awesome melodic rockers since the Church album !!! I've tuned many of my friends into your music as well. There's a pretty cool group of guy and gals up here in Minnesota that would love to see you three perform on stage. Would you ever consider booking a date somewhere in MN? I'm so sorry I missed the two shows you booked here back in 2005. I would've gone but didn't here about the show until after you had come and gone. Very sad day for me personally. Anyhow... keep on rippin' ! Keep on puttin' out those kick ass tunes ! Please come to Minnesota again. I'm now on your email list. Tanx again. - Brando
Happy Birthday, Sir.....
I've been listening to a lot of '90s grunge lately and went to iTunes to find something new. I happened across your group and bought Gray Robe of the Rain & Not Right Now. Great sound, fantastic lyrics. I'll be buying more. Regret I hadn't heard of you guys before now.
There's no shows out here in the desert,Tex. Only 'shows' are when I put out food to see what shows up. Which are coyotes,mountain lions,wildcats,roadrunners and vultures. I'm about worn out after excavating an ancient indian campsite one bucket at a time every day for two years now. Am donating the artifacts to the local museum. I'd dearly love going to a Stone Coyotes concert. Have got all their CDs though which is the next best thing.
Hey Coyotes.... I got to apologize, I'm so sorry. Wife got me for Christmas The Black Keys, 'El Cameno'. I rocked with it for 5 or 6 days, but I'm back. I'm back. Please forgive me. Back with 'My Turn', and my very first Stone Coyote - 'Dance Band'. Man I missed getting my 'Fire It Up' t- shirt. Do you remember that long-bearded fella and his wife at Johnny Rocks Cantina? The were super nice to an outsider like me. I kinda expected to see them at another Texas show. Really been wanting to come up to New England states for a show and visit... sure want to be there in Houston....... what to do???? Hey Fred In The Desert, What show are you going to, I'll make that one. I want to meet you. Adios, Tex
WOW! I'm 47 years old and can't ever remember being so tuned in and turned on over a bands sound and rock vocals in my life! Just fantastic! I defiantly have my sights set on catching you folks live someplace. Just super great rock and roll!!! BTW, first heard you on Dog bounty hunter show.
I have been listening to some of your songs on youtube and "Plain American Girl" here. Great, i love your music!
I have been a Barbara Keith fanatic since "Watchtower". I was a disc jockey back in those days. I am old now. Very old. I have all SC albums/CDs. But I absolutely love Barbara, her voice, her melody's her music. And her husband, Doug, what a metronome. And John...what happened to John in your eleventh? Is he still playing bass for SC? You have a HUGE fan in Craig Bosman. He is a writer/musician/poet. He is a friend of mine - lives in Johannesburg South Africa. He would freeze solid if you ever decided to visit/play down there. Are you due for a Texas swing? Or will you stay up north and play?
I LOVE your music. Straight forward rock and roll !!
I really like your music, but even if I didn’t, I’d still like it because of who you are.
In a world of fake music I applaud you. I love your style, your fluidity, I love your rock 'n' roll sensibility. In short, I love your realness and your profound creativity. How did you all slip thru the fingers of mainstream popularity, oh wait, I forgot, mainstream popular music has no soul or unique creativity. You are just too damn good for the lame stream music of today. Thank the rock gods!!!! I would love to see you live. Long gone are the artists it seems that have any real "backbone" for true rock 'n'roll and true creativity. God bless and rock on my brothers and sister. By the way, as a woman who plays guitar, I absolutely LOVE the crap out of you Barbara - you are the coolest - hippest most sound chick in music today. Too bad that the current music scene is too blind to see "True Talent". Talent and creativity knows no age or gender boundries. Love you and God bless my friends and ultimately, rock on!
Burrito Brothers! I sue have a hunkerin' for some Mexican food..... Love to see your home page with 'Not done yet'. Any chance of keeping up with Mr. Doug's art life? Thanks ya'll. I gave Charlie II his shirt. They are in the pecan gathering mode and will soon be putting the onions inthe ground. Angie and I have been moving this past week. New address with abigger yard and farther off the street for little man. Mr. Brady still gets most of his Coyotes on the way to day-care. Rocks his head side-to-side and plays the drums. No dought he'll be cool raised on the STONE COYOTES!!!!! We Love You.... Hope all is well and we'll see you some day. Tex
I've seen you in Houston at Dosey Doe and Mucky Duck...I've seen you at the Tri-County Fair in Massachusetts...and now it's time to see you here in Austin at next year's SXSW! Please? Please! PLEEEEEASE!
Now I'm embarrassed. I apologize. Honestly the intro-words were never mucho important to me. The song rocks enough to get me doing the Hully Gully and the Watusi with wild abandon.
As for live version of "Threw a Rock in the River" introduction: Straight from the horse's mouth - Barbara was saying, "Off the new a-a-al-bum" in time to the kick drum/guitar intro.
Here ya go,Charlie. I listened to the beginning of Threw a Rock in the River a dozen more times. Starts out with "Often you have ALPO" followed with "I was in the congregation". Being a catman myself I'm familiar with the Kitty Treats brand but have never eaten ALPO dog food. Would love to have the Stone Coyotes do a show here in the desert. I recommend at the Pinnacles in the Mojave Desert. Hubba,hubba.
Hey Fred in the Desert and all fans.... You did'nt answer the question, what are the intro lyrics and can we come out to the desert to host a Coyotes Show? ...suppose we need to hear from Barbara and John and Doug, do they want to subject ther gut strings to the desert???? I ordered my shirts yesterday. One for me, one for my wife, and one for my buddie who traveled from s. Georgia to Houston to see a show with me. Onion farmer, Charlie. Love, Charlie Lane
Hi Tex. I've worn the 'I Could'nt Find You' shirt several times to civilization but it's a one-horse town 40 miles from me. Not a lot of music sophisticats there. I'd have to drive 125 miles to find the nearest shoping center and 250 miles to where the hoi paloi live. So the comments I got were "It's beautiful. What is it?". I hand'em a Stone Coyotes CD. Tell them go home and listen to it. I'm doing fine here in August. Daily temp is around 124F. Every day I dig for treasures which I donate to the local Historical Society/Museum. I'm happier than ten billionaires.
Calling all fans.... I need your help. Somebody give me the intro words to 'Throw a Rock in the River' (live). ...gonna wear out my player trying to rewind and replay over and over. It's Stone Coyote Week here in beautiful Vidalia, Georgia with Barbara's lyrics gracing my Chevron downtown readerbord all week. Hey, Fred in the you doing out there? Got to wear your new shirt to town yet? When can we meet you at a show? I envy you can crank the Coyotes 'till your speakers blow out there with no neighbors. Hope to meet you one day. I still think all the die-hard fans oughta take up a collection, pay to fly the Coyotes to your desert and have a rockin' sunset show.... Just a dream, but I'd be there. We hope to make it to a fall show. Wish we could make Burrito show, but we need a later date. Keep rockin'. We're still listening. Many Thanks, Tex
Hope all is well in WMass after Irene blew through, seen some incredible footage from my old stomping grounds. Let me know if you are passing through the south central Va area. And keep on rockin' it out!
Checking in.
Jus' sayin hi evahbody...STM(f.a.s.t.)
I just turned 50, my sisters were going to bring me to your show, but you cancelled, hope all is well. I have been alone for awhile (5 yrs) after my divorce, made a desperate move for a moment, put an ad on a singles sight, but my "introduction" was Stone Coyotes anyone, you have some more fans. Take Care and hope all is well, and thank you. Nan
A friend that has been listening to my bands recordings over the last decade sent me a present of a selection of Stone Coyotes. Wow. The first track was "Wake Up, What's the Matter". Not since Linda Thompson with Richard Thompson had I heard such crystallized lyrics. I of course found your material on CDBaby -- and snarfed a SC CD. I will need a T Shirt. A Stone Coyotes T Shirt while playing in the Phoenix area will be what I can do for the cause. You will be rotated with Johnny Cash :)
My new tshirt from the 'I Could'nt Find You' album arrived today. It's a hottie. Can't wait to wear it next time I visit civilization.
cool tunes
my wife and I play music together.... maybe grandson will make three like you guys and we will call ourselves The Semi Stone Coyotes Family Band or Almost Semi Stone Coyotes Remedial Rock and Roll Ureasonable facsimile Band.....anyway we decided that we are obsessed with you guys....seeking professional help....we are in Houston Texas and hope to see you here soon...
Hi! I'm from Russia and I've just got you on BellyUp4Blues! You're so cool! But are you on Facebook or MySpace?
Cancelled?...Iron Horse CANCELLED??....C'MON RESCHEDULE...damn we never get to see you guys enough, us NYer's love you guys!!...what do we have to do move to Texas?.......geez
Give me more Doug Tibbles, JR.!!!!!! You Rock......what a tallented family. You've started something...we'll expect a solo on every album. Many Thanks, Tex
greetings from austria / europe. YOU ROCK!
Can't wait for the PostMan to deliver my copy of 'I Couldn't Find You'. .....hope it don't take "99 and one/half days". Barbara Keith, I was lucky to see the Houston Music Review and the photos of the Mucky Duck made my day. Many Thanks. We love ya'll and with any luck, we'll see you this fall. Can't make the August CD Release, but maybe we can join you for a Mexican plate later this year. Tex and family
I minister to & share /counsel so many souls sent my way. Your music keeps me going and provides me with the energy, drive and compassion I need. Your a godsend & your music touches my depths allowing me to be of service. Wanted you to know your music & poetic lyrics are doing a lot of good. & works great when riding my motorcycle. California Bay Area? Many blessings & Joy, AUM, Premdas
hey you (guy's)...a east coast saying..(ya'll) southern saying.. rocked the houston area on your last tour,{ doesey doe's} and the (mucky duck) have fan's from all over the U.S.A. and the world ! for sure...your latest. cd is so awsome. i hope i got some good video.. for you , we had a blast seeing you.. come back soon ..PLEASE... Johnny n Sunita,.. keep rocking ! p.s. working on the Astro dome deal...! so people can dance @ the show's . ... will let you know... mean while i will keep bribing the local officialls... send lawer's gun's n money!
I hope John is still happy with the old Peavey T-40 we sold him a couple of months ago. let us know if you're ever playing near Chicago.
The last show in Conroe/Woodlands @ the Dosey Doe was spectacular.Just when you think youve seen it all or it just cant get any better. New music is great. Old music is .........well what can I say......still smokin.Texas loves the Coyotes.
Thanks again, you guys rock! Great to see you!
When are you folks making the expedition to Florida?
I'm in Detroit and I was listening toCBC Radio 2 and I heard Now Right Now....What a great song! I have some friends in Ann Arbor that have your recordings so now I'll order some from you! James
Just discovered your music and now I own it all. Absolutely love it. New York is a long way to come for a tour, but one can hope. Keep up the great music!
Great show at Dosey Doe! We love when you guys tour Texas - make sure you keep coming back y'all.
We found you after hearing part of one song that was in a movie that our daughter was watching. (The internet is an amazing tool). ..Saw you live for the first time last night, and we were completely blown away. Will do whatever we can to spread the word. THANK YOU!
When will you be coming to the LA area.
Heard you guys on a Houston radio station today. You are awesome. What about playing in Dallas . My sister would bring everyone we know, and we know everyone! !
Vraiment impressionné par votre talent que j'ai découvert récemment, je vais parler de vous à mes amis ici à Paris en France. J'adore ce que vous faites. Love you Stone Coyotes !
linda and i, and kids, will be in attendance at the mucky duck in early may. looking forward to the show and the new cd. as always, if you could.."sailors song" and my new favorite "ship of fools". roger new braunfels
Recently discovered your music and I'm loving it! Spreading the word in Wisconsin!
Tell John his fan club awaits!! Are y'all doing an in store? It's not on the Cactus newsletter.
I'm hot as a $3 pistol waiting for that April album. I would love to be a fly on the wall when and where that album is put-together. Stone Coyotes' new album announcements get me hopped up like a frog on a stovetop.
very much LQQN 4ard to seeing yuz guy'z back in TEXAS, cause there trouble down heeeeere, cause there all' missning YOU!
Greetings from beautiful South Georgia. The onions are coming along nicely....early May. We used to be able to link Mr. DougTibbles art work and photos. How can we find and how can we buy? I keep checking the schedule for New England dates....we can't set our vacation dates until they post. Looking forward to it.... Tex
looking in the past I do find present time in the music und lyrics of stone coyotes.this was a wonderful feeling in the evening after done my work. So wonderful music without violins and softerners. Thank you for the music.stone was transformed in bread.
Texas here you come!!!! Got our tickets for both weekends! How was your 'Cold hard winter'?
Keep on kickin. You guys still rock. Robert Bartosh Roots Music Report Radio Submit
Was just turned onto your music by watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, and heard a song at the end of the show...just that lil bit I heard really got in my head. Can't wait to hear more.
Unbelievable that I hadn't heard TSC until just recently, living in KS, what can you expect. Liked the look of the CD cover of "Church of the Falling Rain" while looking through CD's at the public library so I checked it out. Always satisfying to discover great music out there that I was previously unaware of. Thank you for the music.
Wow, looking forward to seeing you again at the Mucky Duck! Thanks for making the long trip to Houston. Love the soul in your music, it speaks volumes.
This is the best rockin band today with some of the best lyrics I have heard in a long time.They do not play any stone coyotes in central Texas. I find most people I tell about this band have never heard the stone coyotes. They do not know what they are missing.Jerry D
I remember teaching you some basic photshop skills as well as discussing shooting from the hip and street photography. At the time I worked at Vermont Color Photo Labs. You were some of the nicest people I have ever met and was excited to see your band on Dog the Bounty Hunter. It looks like you are all doing well... best of luck. If your in the Charleston SC area email me... for a photoshoot (no charge of course). joshua
I have always loved yr cover of All along the Watchtower, something I first heard in 1973-74 while listening to KSAN in San Francisco. They played it all of the time and while they're long gone, yr cover has stuck w/ me all these years. Amazing how art can do that. Detroit or Buffalo too, my, my, B, you had such a voice in the studio that day. Take care and thank you!
Hey guys, Are you EVER coming back to Pittsburgh?? We miss you!!!!
i just saw in "news" that the coyotes will be opening for willie. where and when?? i am looking forward to hearing my usual older fav "sailor song" at the duck in may followed up by my new fav "ship of fools"!!!!!! if you can work em in, of course...write on!!!
Am dying for your newest album to appear. I've listened to Stone Coyotes' Live song Threw a Rock in the River somewhere around 800 times now each time sounding better. You just can't listen to that song remaining calm and dignified. I throw my hat in the air and start dancing with my six rescued cats. This is more fun than I've ever had since birth.
Great band I hope you come to the Boston area
You are such huge rock stars!! I am still stoked from your killer concert in Turners Falls 12/10. I have the set list taped to the door in my office! John thanks for the CDs and for introducing me to your parents, that was amazing! Can't wait to see you in the spring, especially now that I have memorized the lyrics to all of your songs. I will be taking all of my friends who are now hooked after hearing me say YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS! Thank you for being so incredible!!
been awhile since i logged in, but doesn't mean ur music isn't logged in on my daily life. so i started re-enjoying the older stuff and i came to the conclusion that classics are not what is played on radio but played in our emotional state. like remembering a place, a person, a time when that certain song comes on and u get that flash of memory that takes u back to that time. if every coyote fan would sneak in a song at a gathering, a party or at some dive on the road and tell whoever "YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS" more of them will understand more of us. "RAMBLE ON" peace on
Just found your music via buying Bottle Rockets on iTunes. Fantastic! Any chance of coming over to England? Yours a new and very committed admirer. Ant
Used to hear you on Sirius/XM all the time...never got that sound out of my head. Tonight it all came back when all of a sudden, you were blasting out of my t.v. on "Dog the Bounty Hunter". Long live the Coyotes!!!!
when are ya gonna rock Little Rock? ...........
It would be amazing if you could come to Bangor maine and be part of the New England Folk Festival!!!! My friends and I would definately go .Love you guys Huggsss Mattie
Absolutely LOVE you guys!!! The music,lyrics and vocals are all soooo AMAZING!!! I will forever be a fan, keep rockin and I will keep buying:)!!
what was the name of the song featured on dog the bounty hunter
Long time fan. Wonder when you are going to New England again?? I'll be there! JR
Merry Christmas, I was wondering if I could have a link on your website? I have a site called I make ceramic tattoo art. I would be honored to be listed anywhere on your site. I have a link to your site here: Thank you very much, Matt
found yall on x-country a few years ago. love yer music! merry christmas!
love your stuff.....
Wow,my bwain is totaled. Got the 'LIVE 4SONG EP'. Almost blew my speakers out. If you can listen to Threw a Rock in the River without your body undulating you're probably dead. Big difference between studio recorded and live. Live version is a lot more earthy. I bought seven more of the LIVE 4SONG eps because they are definately going to become collectors items. Listened to Threw a Rock in the River sixty-some times and it just keeps getting better and better. Hotcha machacha!
hello Stone Coyotes, just listened to you on "Dog,The Bounty Hunter you sound great im an individual from the Robin Trower ,Kiss,Led Zepplin days,well just wanted to let you ya know keep on playin and Happy Thanksgiving,Merry Christmas to you 3 and good,be safe, and be strong Brian"Big B" Noble (Pleasant Hill,California)
Come back to The Mint in California soon! Saw you last May. Three people with such a huge sound and God given talent!
"My Turn" is great - listened to the whole CD twice in a row. Glad you are getting back to more good old rock and roll.
I nearly died last December, Greatest loss would have been missing your music! I'm 65 YO and you all do it for me!
First heard you on Roots-Rock Radio podcast and went right out and bought Days of Glory. Have since gone back and purchased a few and have purchased everything since. Great old fashioned rock and roll, but it is really the ballads that stir my soul. Hope you make it to Atlanta one day.
You guys are awesome, this is what rock is all about wish you would come to Pa for a concert!!!!!!
been listening for a number of years and took my 18 year old son to see you this summer in Northampton now he KNOWS what rock is!! Thanks!!
Magic Again with My Turn. It's nice Just Drums Guitar and Bass. Playing new Album every day in shop. Thank God For the Stone Coyotes!!
Just... thanks...
Love your new album My Turn. Great songwriting, great raw sound. When you driving down the Pike and doing a Boston show? I'll help spread the word...
Hey Chas, That's because the song is "Bad, Bad Luck". A cover of a Social Distortion song. But their originals are better than the occasional cover that they do. J. Piers
Heard 'bad, bad, blood' on npr. Can`t find song! Want to hear again.
Don't want to go all corny but don't get out much. Happened to see you at Willie Nelson concert. You guys blew us away. Your tight band with a unique exciting sound should have been the main attraction. Maybe promoters could make that happen next year.
Rock n Roll.... What about the Willie show? No news???? Did you get on the Honeysuckle Rose and write some songs? ...maybe a duet on 'Death of the American Song'? Would have loved to been there and hope ya'll had a good show. Willie hopefully let the great Barbara Keith sign his guitar...... All the best....huncker down for ol' Earl....... Tex, Ang, and Mr. Brady
I discovered the stone coyotes about 8 years ago ... I still think Plain American Girl should be taught to anyone considering songwriting as a profession.. Perfection! You guys rock! Would love to see you guys stop by Texas sometime soon! Thx.
Thanks for Torn Asunder, the IH party was great fun. My Turn . . . I got Disturbia, and the only prescription . . . is more Coyote, Stone Coyotes!
Barbara Keith is today's Grace Slick. Maybe once a generation such talent arises.
just saw you guys at the Iron Horse concert. Really awesome show! You should do a concert in Oberlin Ohio. Would be amazing to see another show at college
This is great music;can't believe i just found it. reminds me of X . keep it up!!
My turn, yeah. Another LP to turn up to 11. SC music makes me feel like a teenager rockin to Black Sab, ACDC, Metallica, and knowing it was the best music in the world. In the last ten years you all have provided some deep soul level ass kickings for me when I was really down, when things just sucked. Songs like Fire it up that pulled me up by my bootstraps. Other songs speak to the sorrow in my Veteran soul and reassure me that I am not the only one. See you at the IH for the party on Sat. I'll be prob the only one in a kilt: a Utili-Kilt. PS. My American mother, wife, and daughter all like to rock out to you too.
Im flying in to Boston from Houston TX to see the J geils/ Aerosmith show at Fenway, Was wondering how late you will play in North Hampton. Seeing you would really top off the trip. Thanks, Bernie. Saw yall down here at the Dosey Doe My Wife , Daughter and I sat right off to the left of the stage. We were the ones who bought the new shirts and modeled them, Any how hope to see ya this weekend.
My God...this is the best effin' rock and roll I've heard in 30 years! You guys bring it! Hoping to catch y'all live in the future.
felt a connection with your music from the git go
Just discovered you guys....most excellent!!!
just can't stop rockin out on the new cd "my turn". even folks who were my heavy metal rockers back in the 70s ask "who the hell is that playing? they rock dude!"-actual words. but what freaked me out was that song "disturbia", i thought it was kick and then i find out rhiana sang it? go figure. anyway thanx for keeping me young, a rocker, and always a coyote devotee
Jolene is one of many SC songs that've blown my mind. Try Paranoid,Season of the Witch and Desperate Times. I'd sell myself into slavery to hear the ST do their rendition of Zager & Evans In the Year 2525.
the way you have done Jolene is the best version that has ever been done (yes, EVER) I love it, you guys are awesome!! hugs and kisses, Kelly
Saw you guys playing at Serios one Friday afternoon and I fell in love. THANK YOU!
Heard your new release "My Turn" on WMHB Colby College station Waterville Maine. Went to your website and ordered it right up. Fantasic! Keep em coming! Enjoying your talent. Will be back for more.
....I was dreaming about my old Gretsch drums. It was my first set my parents bought me in 1967. Red sparkle. I bought a new set in 1971 when the band ("Sparks"I was in got signed. I sold the old Gretsch drums to Doug Tibbles. In my dream I find those old drums and buy them from the current owner....
just finished "Be cool" and am hooked on your music. Any tour dates in the Carolinas?
I just heard the Call off the Dogs song! LOVE IT! I build rock videos for people for their own personal collections...I was wondering if I could use that song for a rock video for a High School senior? The song would be perfect for a young man! Please let me know! I work with a lot of independent bands! I also want to put a video together for one of the contestants from the TV show "the Biggest Loser". Here is one of my sites.....
My co-worker turned me on to your music ...liked it
Heard you on DTBH, YouTube. Great band!
I loved the show at BURRITO ROJO!!!!! Barbara you have a great voice! I hope to see another show.
Came accross your music by accident and I love it. Are you touring Europe anytime in the future ?
heard your music on Dog the bounty hunter thought it was great have been listening ever since you rock when will you be in Chicago so i can get my fix of your music.................
I can't believe I found you guys and get to listen to your music!!! You rock and last night's show was probably the most fun I've ever had. THANK YOU!!!!
I would compare SC albums My Turn to Dreams of Glory and songs I sympathize with you to Desperate Times. Both albums totally fwied my bwain. I live alone out here in a desert ghost town and thrills are hard to come by. Stone Coyotes moosic gets my ya ya's in an uproar I hav'nt felt since the late 1960s/early 1970s. Mucho thankyou's.
Just listened to the new cd for the hundredth time today. We love the way it rocks!
Just heard a little bit of that new release and it is awesome.I will be adding it to the rest of the collection real soon. Ya'll keep up the great work ,because ya'll one hell'va great band.
After listening to you from Born To Howl, through today, you've been the most consistent writer/producers I can remember, ya'll are so damn good... I couldn't be happier that your success is coming in the measure you've planned guys have really done it your way. Your music speaks for itself and the Guestbook is testament to your following. I like to think that I was way ahead of the curve on you guys...wish Dallas would catch up! Thanks to John and Doug for backing The First Lady of Rock (sorry, Chissy) on another great album. Please come back to TX soon, I missed you this year and there's a big hole now in my live music reserve... Requested and heard "Not Right Now" on Undercurrents Radio show. I know how much you like to play that one and it sounded great....will drop on the new CD, THANKS, Preston
Hey folks...hope your trip out west went well. I'm back here in Idaho training up for fire season, despite all the show and rain. Hope to make it back to Worcester in the fall so maybe another show will be in order. Haven't purchased the new album yet but will in a few minutes. The new website looks great!! Take care, see ya soon, Brett
I love the new album & really enjoyed seeing you at The Mint in LA! Keep rockin'!
when are ya'll coming back to Texas?
The new album rocks. Worth buying if only to hear Barb say "Oh" in the I sympathize with you song. At age 64 it's amazing to me that the Stone Coyotes consistently produce butt kicking albums. Remember the 1970s? How many times did we waste money paying for one hit wonder albums? I still have a ton of 33 1/3rd records with one good song the rest being crapola.
Looking forward to new CD and the show @ Burrito Rojo. Hope Barb wears that Gram Parsons Nudie suit thing... :)
The new CD rocks!!! Thanks so much (again) for the great music!! I'll be firing up some new COYOTES on my radio shows next week and for months to come! Cap'n Barney WMHB
Heard Hammer on the Bountyhunter show. Great song!!! Gonna check out the rest. You guys ever come to Fl? Would love to catch a live show.
Wow!! Now I'm just trying to figure out why I've just now heard you guys! Too bad you don't have any shows in South GA or North Florida! When you do.. I'm there! ;)
Just heard "All for Angelina"...what a great song. Y'all need to come to Texas and play some of our great Honky Tonks....
Can't wait for you to come back to Houston
John, It was so nice meeting. My husband and I can't wait to see your band on June 12th in Turners Falls. My husband is your #1 fan we love your music!
Hey Barbara, Doug and John, sorry for taking so long to get back in touch...It was really great to meet you all and finally see you're performance at "The Rojo" in March. Hope your trip to Texas and all points west went well for you all. Thanks again for the good deal on your cd's and bumper stickers-They've already gone a long way towards spreading the "Coyote word" to the uninitiated and uninformed. I can't say enough about my now complete cataloge of Stone coyote music-I THOUGHT I had favorites before but really I couldn't really say which is my favorite now-THEY'RE ALL GREAT!! Now all I need is Barbara's two previous solo albums. Can't wait to hear the new CD. Take care of yourselves, hope to see you here in Idaho sometime, Rock on, Brett
Barbara - it was so great to see you and hear you play at The Mint. Hard to believe so much time has passed since we were together at Vassar and in NYC. I live in Pennsylvania when I'm not visitung kids in CA, Let's try and keep in touch.
Great show at The Mint in Los Angeles Friday night! Fantastic music in an intimate party-like atmosphere! Had a wonderful time! Come back to L.A. soon!
Right this moment my ya-ya's are getting primo treatment listening to Stone Coyotes moosic. Four straight days of hurricane force sandstorms in the desert ghost town I live in. The fierce winds play soulfull tunes,rattling my wooden house. Good accompaniment w/ Stone Coyotes moosic. A perfect symmetry
Unknown message
Always great to hear you guys in person. You had a number of first time listeners at Dosey Doe's. The couple next to Georgia and I are now fans. I appreciate the lyric in "My Turn" after the suggestion to sweeten your music with violins... "let's cut to the chase, what you hear is what you get, guitar, drums and bass"... brought to mind Paul Simon in "One Trick Pony" where he rolls the master tape of his come back album down the street after the label ruined it with violins. See you back in the Fall:)
I have to let you know that your show at the Dosey Doe on the 17th was fantastic.Our mutual friends,Matt and Gerta Smith turned me on to your music a few years ago. I have been a disciple ever since.I'm still on a rock and roll high. I love the new cd and can't stop singing "Threw a rock in the River"!
Just when I think I've seen the best the Stone Coyotes can offer, you deliver a show like you did on Saturday at Dosey Doe! It was our first time seeing you there. Every Stone Coyotes show has its unique magic, and this was no exception. The acoustics were great, and the hall was big enough to let you crank the volume. Our drive home was just long enough for us to hear all of "My Turn," and we were blown away. I already have several new favorites. What a bold move to include Rihanna's "Disturbia" to cover, but you pulled it off and made it sound like it was written for The Stone Coyotes. Good luck in LA!
Had 2 firsts Saturday (April 17) - first date and first time to see you. BOTH were fantastic; he even bought me two of your CDs. Hope to see you next time you're around.
Saw Stone Coyotes at Dosey Doe last night, first time....... Ya'll rock! It was our anniversary and I can't think of anything I would of enjoyed more!
Saw yas in Houston Sat. Nt. at Dosey-Doe. ABSOLUTLY WONDERFUL "stuff" ! 4/17/10. I consider it an honor that "Yous Guys" traveled a 2,000 mile Round Trip to entertain us. ... I Feel so Honored ....
Just caught your set on KPFT Houston. What a wonderful discovery! I love stumbling across little bands with big hearts like y'all. Looking forward to familiarizing myself with your albums in the near future. Peace.
Hi guys. We weren't able to make the Mucky Duck show, but we'll be at the Dosey Doe on Saturday. We can't wait to see you again and to hear the new music.
we really enjoyed the show at the mucky duck last sat was about 2 hours too short!! the new cd rocks and my fav is "ship of fools" because it reminds me of your earlier cds. thanks for playing "sailors song".
spoke with you tonight as you were entertaining guests. But... made my night!!
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the April 10, 2010, 7:00 pm performance at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck. This was our first visit to Houston and our second Stone Coyotes show. Thanks to XM radio’s Deep Tracks for playing “Land of the Living” back in October 2008 whilst I was driving from Denver to Colorado Springs in a rental. That was all it took to hook me. It took the 3 County Fair show in September 2009 to hook my wife, part of an extended visit to my New England home after a 38 year absence. April plans to ski and visit relatives in Colorado were made all the more sweet with a weekend trip to Houston to see/hear choice selections from the new album performed, buy the new album and graciously receive signatures from Barbara, Doug and John. Special thanks to John, for his overwhelming generosity in response to the vast geography of our Stone Coyotes live show attendance during the past 7 months. Keep Rockin!
If I could put in a request I'd ask the Stone Coyotes to add a bit more psychadelica to their moosic. I'm 64 years old,live alone with eight cats and a packrat in a ghost town in the Mojave Desert. And have a huge collection of 60s acid rock albums. Before you ask,I'm perfectly normal having survived the 60s in primo condition. Please add more psychadelic-type moosic to your songs.
i am looking forward to seeing you guys for the third time at the duck on saturday; 1st show. as always, i'd love to hear "sailors song" if you can work it in.
I discovered you guys on Deep Tracks on Sirius/XM. There aren't many groups post 1980 that I like, but you guys are really good. Thanks for making some good music.
Fantastic R'n'R. Have all releases. Great toe-tapping tunes. Can't wait for next CD. How a tour to Eugene, Oregon? We are a great music town...
Would like to see you play Wichita, Kansas.
Adriana-Makes me weepy every time I hear this one. Sounds personal. My hubby says "Peace of Mind" will be played as he leaves this world. We are looking forward to the newest cd. Take care on your upcoming visits to Texas. One of your Okie fans, Danette
hey ya got any bumper stickers? : )
You guy's will be in Califonia Playing at The MINT in L.A. in April. You guy's really should Play The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, Ca. while your here. It's a Great Venue that Draws a Rockin' Crowd. You Guy's Rock!
Damned glad I had XM before the dreadful merger---loved XCountry and that's where I got turned onto your music several years ago. I have all your music and I'm looking forward to more---hope to see you live here in Colorado or somewhere!!
It;s Steve, old sound guy from Theodores. I am at the Northampton Center for the Arts now. It would be great to see you guys. Take care and be good.
Love your Music. Shook me to the core. Absolute great stuff, keep up the good work. ROCK ON!
It's 2010,and I've fallen in love,again..with rock&roll;. I'm 52 and instantly said I've got to get some cd's of this fantastic group. I was surprised how immediately I loved the sound both vocally& instrumentally AMAZING!!
Have recently discovered your band, thanx to Serius Satellite. Love your sound! Great tunes!Please come to Canada eh!
Please come to the North East
Please come to Philadelphia! I love you guys.
Great music guys, don't forget..., You make a difference and it matters!
I have been very skeptic about newer music, but this band ranks up there in my top 10 and I have been a radio DJ since 1982, pure kick ass rock and roll... found them by hearing "bang, bang, bang, bang" while watching dog the bounty hunter.. I am HOOKED!!! Hope you tour towards Salt Lake, Vegas area because I would LOVE to see you guys live!!!
It's a holiday week and most of my co-workers are on vacation. I'm taking advantage and cranking The Stone Coyotes. I'm spreading the word in the here in the Midwest! The Stone Coyotes rock!
Loved "Pennsylvania Coal Mine"! Yuns Rock 'n'at! Gerard Rohlf
The Stone Coyotes was probably the first artist that got my attention a few years ago on X Country when I first got my XM radio. I love your sound. I called in a few request from you guys. Odessa and Death of the American Song are a couple of my favorites. I just got through listening to The Ones Who Rocked and damn near brought a tear to my eye. Mighty good stuff. I hope you will catch up with Jessie Scott for an interview and a song or two on MusicFog. I guess they still play you on satrad...I don't know I canceled my subscription to satrad after X Country got the axe. Keep rocking!
A blast from the past. I lived in Old Deerfield across the street. I just got caught up with you and your music. We had Middle Earth Music Hall for a while in town where I live. Chris could not keep it open. Merry Christmas to you all.
I would give my left you-know-what to hear the Stone Coyotes doing their rendition of Procol Harum's In Held Twas I and/or Skip Softly My Moonbeams.
I love your music. Although it must be discouraging to have several singles that are radio quality and not get too much air time, I hope that you do not sell out to the large the record companies. Please keep doing it your way! Is there any possibility of getting the chords for "Ghost of Vicksburg" and "Detroit or Buffalo"? Maybe one day you guys can some shows out west. Keep up the great tunes.
Discovered your music on Deep Tracks a couple of years ago and really admire your work. You should get to Minneapois sometime. They'd love ya here!
I have to say your music is amazing. You guys sound pure and raw which is hard to find in todays music scene. Thanks for giving me music to rock out too.
You guys are the best. I want writing lessons.
You gave me faith that it aint all garbage out there. Your the best i've found in a long time. Thank for the effort. Let me know if you ever in ny or nj.
We love so many of your songs that I don't know where to begin the list. I want to tell you about "Adriana". I am moved to tears when hearing this one every time. My favorite CD is Rise From the Ashes. "The Phoenix" is the best feel good song and my husband sings with you at the top of his lungs on it. Have a safe holiday season and we hope to catch a show in texas next year. Danette
Any chance of you coming to Western NY? Artpark has a great outdoor stage overlooking the Niagara Gorge they have a pretty good line up in the summer. Love your music havent heard you on xm since the switch.[Xcountry]
great news regarding the texas trip being in the planning process. have you ever contacted gruene hall in new braunfels for a booking. you'd love this venue. in any event, i'll look forward to seeing you in texas in 2010.
I caught you on Deep Tracks a while back, can't wait to see youy live sometime.
Hi, WKZE (Triple-A station out of Red Hook, NY) plays your stuff, which is how I found you. However, I went to order at Rhino Records in New Paltz, and they cannot get your stuff! I guess I will go online, but boo! I like to support local retail. I will order "Born To Howl" and the guy at Rhino had never heard of ya'll. I educated him.
Discovered you on BlockheadRadio...thank goodness!! Love your music, too bad you cant come out to the Pacific Northwest!!!!
just listening to "blue mountain" perfect song for dia de los muertos. gets better every listen
My cousin Johnny Rock introduced me to your band at his 50th,I loved the sound. Started playing your music and now I am hooked, Barbara your voice is awesome and the rest is kick ass.Keep on rockin'
Heyy guys i miss yall so much tonight i went to the conroe crawlfish festival and had so much fun but when i was there it made me think of yall i miss yall so much man i think of yall alot i was telling my dad on the way home we should come see you some time or yall should come down and see us i would love to see yall love you doug love you babra and john hope to see you soon:)
Your music makes me want to dance with just my shoes on. Yahoooo! When are you going to tour? I have to see you. I found you through I-Tunes and immediately bought three cds. I love you and am promoting you through my connections.
I'm just an old hippie who just discovered your site & your music while researching "Free the People" which I thought was a Delany & Bonnie song. To my suprise and delight I discovered your music. Great stuff.
WOW! heard Blue Mountain on deep tracks(thank God for satellite radio)loved the tune and ordered Dreams of Glory online.what an amazing album! you guys rock!!! hope to see ya in canada soon.
Caught my self howling today.Turning up the tunes in the garage made my dog go for one so of coarse I had to join in.Replaying all the good Olde stuff , mixed in with the new.We miss you guys down here.
thanks to my wife karen that watches dog i heard your tunes cought my ear i like the story lines of the outher realm of life see you on the astro plain
I live in a desert ghost town. So thrills are hard to come by what with the blowing sand,heat and isolation. One biggie is listening to the Stone Coyotes' version of Paranoid compared to Black Sabbath's version. I can tell you that ST knocks it out of the ballpark. The instrumentals are to the max beyond perfection and Barbara's vocals take it to outer space category. Any time I hear a song..ANY SONG..I'm thinking how would it be if the Stone Coyotes did it. It would be a heck of a lot better that's for sure.
while watching DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER , I happened to hear a little of your music and suddenly became a fan
I've been a fan since I heard you on XM Deep Tracks. Keep up the good work. I would have never heard of you if I had to count on commercial radio for music. Waiting to hear of you coming to Connecticut.
I heard your song "Blue Mountain" on Sirius radio the other day. Great track and I'm happy to have "discovered" your band. Original Member - Jupiter, Florida Fan Club
first saw you guyz, as The Coyotes, at Theodore's years ago ! Keep it up, you're doing a fine job !
great song - live and die in a pa coalmine.
im so glad the stone coyotes sniffed around my dying corpse and woke me up its to bad it took me so long to find a brillant band like yours hope to cya in ireland im spreading the word about ya cheers
I knew right off the bat long ago that the Coyotes aren't following the standard marketing route. I read their bio's,especially Doug's and understood why. It's a sea of sharks out there. In today's entertainment industry one can attain instant success,fame and fortune but you may have to sell your soul to do it. The Coyotes are doing it their way which I think is good.
This is to all the fans of TSC..... Are we doing enough to spread the word about this great band!? I first heard them on xmradio three years ago. Now, after the merger, you almost never hear them. Let's 'Fire it up' a little and send some emails, make some phone calls to Sirius. We know how good these guys are people need to discover them also. Long live TSC!
Thank you for reminding me of that Paranoid song. Dug it out from my pile of Stone Coyotes CDs. Caused a cerebral meltdown. Temp here in my desert ghost town today is 124F today so cold beers and Coyotes moosic gets the job done. Now on to Season of the Witch for a total bwain nuke.
PPS: Your version of "Paranoid" is up there with the original Black Sabbath
"The Ghost of Vicksburg" is utterly amazing. I am writing a book based upon the Northern and Southern "Armies of Tennessee", your music and lyrics to this song captured it all, the heartbreak and torment of the Civil War in Mississippi. I have down loaded (from I-Tunes) over 20 of your songs. You have a fantastic sound and even more substantive lyrics. Steve Burkhalter Nashville, Tennessee
I would pay big bucks to hear Barbara sing the song Gloria like the Doors did it. Not funky but a combo of country/psychadelic.
I was hauling an oilfield closing unit from Alderson, Ok. to Ardmore,Ok. listening to Deep Tracks when I heard your song,"A Charmed Life". It's now my new favorite song of all time, please keep up the good work. your new fan, Robin
or u guys going to be in vicksburg soon?
Are you going to be in Ohio or the area this summer?
hey there, it's your old hairdresser patrick! remember me? it's great to see that you're still going strong! look me up if you're ever in san francisco!
I have been searching for a forum like this for a while and I just wanted to say thanks. There is so much high quality information here that I have been looking for. Keep up the good work and I look forward to making some new friends here.
Back in 71 I heard all along the watchtower on an FM station, and i was a fan, the DJ said that this album was available in the discount bin as some stores. I found it the next day. For so many years I always wondered what happened to you. You were so great and ahead of most artist at the time. I turned as many people on to your music and just recently i found you on youtube. You are truly the queen of rock. Love Ya Barbara.. and glad i found you again... Dennis
Heard you on "The Dog". Looked you up. Great gig. Hope to see ya live somewhere >>>Good Luck
Barbara's voice kills guys rock! Please come to VA!!!
How come nobody has ever heard of you guys before? Holy Toledo..........this is some great music. SO......when are you coming to Reno? Send me an email...
Love your tunes. Come to Boston you will do great.
Got "a Rude Awakening" last month and haven't really listened to anything else since. I think it's your best work-and that's saying a lot...I own all other eight cd's.
Please don't get mad at me but I would add to my moosic request the Stone Coyotes doing remake of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Andrews Sisters and Till Then by the Mills Brothers. I would'nt ask this of anyone not capable of achieving it. I know you can do it.
You can shoot me for saying this but I would pay big money to hear Barbara singing her version of Patti Smith's 'Horses' song. I think it would knock the socks off the entire planet.
i enjoy your music so much,that i just bought 5 cd's.
barb,doug&john---great show at the roadhouse last night-wonderful to meet danica--jim
Hey, hold on a second there. Texas is also HOME for TSC. And yes, we are jealous.
CAN"T WAIT TO SEE YOU TONIGH!! It's about time you played close to home.......Hope Texas is jealous!!
Hey, I'm on the air doing my radio show ODD ROCK as I type... A DEEP ABIDING LOVE is on the airwaves/web. Keep rockin'!! Cap'n Barney WMHB 89.7 FM Waterville, ME
Love the new CD! You guys have your sound down. The remake of "Thunder On The Left" and "The Rivers Mouth" are very good.
Barbara singing 'Odessa' knocked me flat. So many of us out here identify with her story. I'm 63 years old and have lived that story. The song brought back vivid memories of facing oblivion in youth,overcoming obstacles then finnally against all odds attaining hard-won success.
barbara, doug and john u remember how i told u how the new song "reunited" was my favorite because it grabbed my heart because we remember our loved ones that past, i'm glad that others are out there that feel a song, thanks "freehill". its one of those songs where ur driving jamming on stone coyotes and it comes on and tears start to flow.
TSC, I am so very impressed with your words on this CD like all your others, However tears worked up in my eyes as I read and listened to Reunited...... You are truley a special gifted American Poet. Thanks so much.... Loss for words... WOW, wow, man Great job you Guys... May there always be peace in your lifes!!
Heard you guys AGAIN on "Dog the Bounty Hunter". You guys should do the theme song! Keep Rawkin!
You guys are Frickin' awesome.Heard one of your songs back in Nov. 2008 now I own all your Albums and will be getting "A Rude Awakening" ASAP.
To the band: I have your entire catalogue, and I anxiously await "Rude Awakening" to appear at iTunes. I've sampled your latest work and it is nothing less than outstanding!! What a great band.... A loyal fan always; Randy Smith
I got the new CD A Rude Awakening. Why do people look at a 62 yr old guy with the truck stereo cranked up loud like I'm weird?
the loss of x-counrty from the merger of xm and sirius is the biggest blunder on the radio i can think of as of late. they think they replaced it with outlaw country but there's really no comparison. the texas music scene should be up in arms about it. STONE COYOTES-you guys (and Gal)are the best thing i've heard in years. I can't believe you aren't more widely distributed and heard. Ya'll rock!!! Keep it up. Great job!!!
Been listening to you guys and seeing y'all live since the 6th grade. I'm a senior now and still rock out to the Coyotes. Come back to Houston sometime!
Just heard you guys if on Serious radio Deep Cuts. I'm an instant fan and have ordered two cd's to start! Do you guys ever come to Canada?? Great stuff and love the bio. Really cool! Best, Colin.
Dear Coyotes, Heard you for first time in 2008 on Cross Country XM. I am in love with ya'll and have been telling everybody I talk to 'bout you. If you ever consider adding blues harp, give me a crack at it. I have a lotta wind and a wicked sustain. There is no other band I would rather get off with! Ya'll PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Virginia. Be safe! Peace
I live alone with nine rescued cats and a packrat in a ghost town in the desert. Stone Coyotes moosic gives me major jollies. I would like the Stone Coyotes to do their rendition of the 1967 song The Time Has Come by the Chambers Brothers. I'd pay serious money for that. So would a million others.
Love the new t-shirts....picked one up in San Antonio from a friend. You guys always have the coolest graphics on everything!
RUDE AWAKENING is rock and roll. Wow. Another GREAT album, more great music!! Thank you STONE COYOTES!!
I just love your music. You gotta come to Denver. Hope to see you in concert here!!!!
You guys are awesome! I've been listening to your music for years and have never had the chance to see you live. Any thoughts about coming back to the Cleveland OH area? Lots of coyotes fans here that I'm sure would love to see you guys as much as I would.
We couldn't make it to any of your Texas shows, but picked up "A Rude Awakening" at our favorite record store; Cactus records in Houston. We listen to it every single day and keep finding different favorites. You guys are unbelievable!!
Just listening to all your music. GAWD you guys are GOOD! This stuff makes me want to get up and dance around like a crazy woman. That's always a good sign. hahah....
You guys ROCK. I'm not easy to impress but you DID it. ROCK ON! Come to Naples, FL.
I found my way here by way of Dog The Bounty Hunter. I love everything I have heard so far. Great Stuff.
Saturday evening at the Bugle Boy in La Grange, Texas was superb. Great rock even in a quieter setting and attending with only 50 others was great (the Bugle Boy is a small "listening room" which only seats about 50). Thanks for the effort to get there and the music.
That Dosey Doe event got rocked that Saturday night by you guys,the sound was amazing.I would have to say the rafters were movin upstairs with that sweet sounding new cd .An Encore was thanked by all.
Miss you all on Sirius/XM 12. I have called several times and requested your music t ono avail. Will continue to badger them.
What a great show down in San Antonio at the Cove! Barbara, thanks for signing all my CD's and bringing the brand new one with you. I'm headed to Lagrange tomorrow to catch you at the Bugle Boy before ya'll head home....Hope you've enjoyed the blue bonnets...We be some lucky folks down here in TX!!!
Sure wish I could have afforded a trip to TX. When is the new CD going to be available from your site? You are the greatest.
The Stone Coyotes never cease to amaze! Your live show at the Mucky Duck was one of your best ever. Our friends and long time SC fans who were seeing you for the first time were blown away. On top of all that, we left with a brand new CD that was filled with new favorites. All I can say to those who have yet to experience your sound is buy any CD, (you can't go wrong) and find a time and place to see this incredible band live!
Thanks for a wonderful show @ the Mucky Duck. I could have listened to you guys for hours. Wish i could follow you to LaGrange this weekend. My only complaint is that John is too sexy for his guitar : ) Thanks so much for stopping by. We all adore you in big H!!!!!!!!
We'll never forget Saturday's show at the Mucky Duck. Barb - you are AMAZING. You completely outdid yourself with your stunning singing. Oh, and your guitar playing is sick. You ARE the first lady of rock. Doug - what you do with two drums is genius. John - you are tight yet creative and unconventional. We are your fans forever, please don't ever stop!
Since I first heard the group on XM deep tracks I've raided iTunes for albums. My usb chip has many of your songs. You guys rock. What a sound you have. You are up there with the great 3 person bands. Hendrix, ZZ Top, CSN. Barb I've been looking for that missing female fiery voice since Joplin died and I've found it. Oh i'm 62 but still rocking.
I really love your songs May i invite you to play somewhere in Europe, in Toulouse (south of France) for instance. It would be great
THE NEW CD KICKS ASS! a great time had by one and all at the cove and i was feeling it the next day. thanks again for never letting this old rocker down and making me feel ever young. peace out and keep on rockin'
We sure are missing our Stone Coyotes. Please, Please record a live CD this season..... Why not? Now that the powers that be decided to discontinue the most popular show on XM Radio, we , the fans, need a fix!!! A live recording will do. Maybe add your radio interviews from Pittsburgh and such to the web site???? Anyway, we miss you and look forward to the next show. Have a great Texas time.... The Fans, Charlie and Angela, and new baby Brady.
when are you coming to Memphis? You know its the home of the blues and the birthplace of Rock and Roll.
good friday's upon us and san antonio is ready to rock, been too long for me and mis compadres from seeing the best band live and in our town. anyone close by swing by the cove and rock the joint. peace
Wish you would play somewhere besides the south or east coast.The midwest needs to hear you too! Chicago perhaps? Thanks
Looking forward to your Texas shows.Gonna make as many as I can afford. Remember the Rhythm Room?That was my first time with the Coyotes.Back in 2001? 2002? I've been doing pro photography since 2006. I hope you'll allow access to get "up close and personal".Email me about arrangements. "When Parliament Convenes" , "Lucky Day" , "I Want to Rock" ,and "If You See the One" are my faves from S.O.C. "Little White Lies" from church. "Shake" , "The First Lady of Rock" , and "American Child" from B.T.H. And of course "Tic Toc Lounge" from Ride. Later , Hookman Brown
I think "Hammer On The NAil" is one of the most awesome songs ever recorded. I am looking forward to hearing more from this band. Do you ever get to the east coast? Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Hershey perhaps? There's a terrific little club in Lancaster, PA known as the Chameleon that would be a smokin' venue for The Stone Coyotes. Best wishes for your musical future.
Do you plan to come to Atlanta sometime this year? Would like to see the band live.
Sure wish you would make it out to the bay area,maybe someday. Every once in awhile I'm awestruck by the music coming out o my speakers. Keep up the great work I do like being i awe.
good friday is close and i'm ready to rock the cove. its been too long a time without coyotes baying and howling and shaking the lowly dogs of summer approaching. lets rock!
would you consider coming to the southwest, i.e. four-corners area, i.e. Durango colorado, or even better, Mancos Colorado
Great music, Awseome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hear you on DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER like every single time I see it. Nice job, sounds cool!!! When are you going to ROCK OUT Tucson??
Mucky Duck only charges $15 to be in the audience up close and personal with the Coyotes? I spend more than that on a sandwich. Dear Coyotes,please come to California so I don't have to drive so far to see you.
Great your coming to the Houston Area! Will Be There at Mucky Duck.
Just heard your music on Outsight Radio Hours on luver(dot)com, and I have to say that YOU ROCK!!! You're awesome! Tom said that you played in Toronto, and I used to live there. Wish I had known about you then. Did you ever eat at the Stem diner down from the Horseshoe Tavern? I was a waitress there for a couple of years before it closed down last year. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your music!!!
Looking forward to seeing you in April at the Duck.Last time was at the Rhythm Room on Washington. And that's too long.
I can tell you that my life here in the desert ghost town of Trona,Ca would be fairly dismal without Stone Coyotes moosic. I have all their CDs and can hardly wait till the newest one is available. I'll be 63 years old soon and Coyotes' moosic spans generations. Whether oldsters or kids,we're all jumping and jiving to it. Bless you,Coyotes.
You guys Rock!Ive been in the biz for about 20 years and its very refreshing to here something so pure and real.Ill be keeping an eye on your tour dates.Hope to see you in the southeast soon.
We got our tickets and we're coming from Seattle to see you in Texas. I guess that's sort of meeting halfway!! Can't wait for the new cd! LONG LIVE TSC.
Went to dinner at my dad's house Sunday...he was wearing your T-Shirt. I asked about it and he told me that it was your band. I didn't think much of it. Then last night I was watching Dog with my son and saw that you were the band on the show. Great music. I called my dad to confirm that it was the correct band and he said yes. BTW my dad is you cousin. Look forward to hearing more.
Can't wait to see you all in Houston! We've had a bit of a Stone Coyote drought, and it hasn't rained much either!
We have seen you every time you come to Pittsburgh. No dates this spring? It doesn't seem fair. We love you either way, but come on! Can't wait for the new stuff!!
Just purchased a few singles on iTunes from the 2 CD's I don't own. FYI to all, the album reviews on iTunes for SC music are simply outstanding. They really put this great band in the context of today's pretenders to the crown. I went back and read every review of all 8 CD's and found it informative, interesting and spot on...and reconfirmed the reason I love this band. Can't wait to see you in TEXAS...
wow, after listing to rock for years and burent out on just about everything what a refreshing thing to here. pure rock and roll straight forward and thanks to dog the bounty for this new excitment i have on music. thank you stone coyotes.
Just wanted you to know I heard your song hammer and nail on Dog the Bounty Hunter and really liked it.
Please, come on down to Tucson, AZ.
Come on up to Dallas, PLEASE!
Hey! I can't wait for the new music! Oh, and say 'hi' to Heather/Magic8Ball when she stops by to see your show at the Mucky Duck. I steered her to your music and she's now a big fan! Keep rockin'!
I can't wait to see my all-time favorite band ever at the coolest venue in Houston. Sorry for you guys it's not Paris in the spring, but boy did we Houstonions luck out
Johnny, Hue Da Man! That will be a Good Friday, for sure. The Cove is a truly unique venue and last year's show was terrific. New CD or not, it's all good. I plan to follow 'em around for the month of April and catch a couple of shows, till my kitchen pass expires anyway.
HeY Johnny R., We get 'em in Houston too!! It's going to be a good spring--with a new cd I hear!!
the words out april 10 san antonio, tx the place - the cove be there and rejoice, rocknroll back in town get yer yayas out and come down to sa
No upcoming dates?
I kept seeing references to the Stone Coyotes in a computer discussion forum I partcipate in. I'd never heard of the band until then. I went to YouTube and the first thing I listened to was "Death Of The American Song"---I was blown away!!! I bought about 45 of your MP3 downloads and have been listening to nothing else since I discovered the band. You guys are simply astonishing---the vocals, the writing, the musicianship---all absolutely first-rate---I don't know how I've managed to miss you until now. I'm a 65 year old guy from Louisiana who was there for the birth of rock & roll---you guys are "rockers" in the best sense of that term---keep it up. A few favorites, other than "American Song", are "Shake"; "Adriana"; "The Mark Of Cain"; "The Ghost Of Vicksburg; "Tic Toc Lounge"; "Call Off Your Dogs"---oh hell, I like 'em all!!! Can I have some more? Please?!
Someone was raving about Stone Coyotes and I picked a song at random. I listened to "Which Way The Wind Blows " , and thought what's all the fuss about,she sounds too much like Stevie Nicks. I decided to listen some more, and I'm hooked. I've listened to every song in the SC discography without stopping. IMHO, the best band fronted by a woman ever ( that includes you, Pearl ). Can't wait for a new release, and I hope you come to Knoxville soon. In fact, I am going to talk to my son, Steve Greene with AC Entertainment ( those folks who bring you Bonnaroo ). Why don't you give him a call ?
And where at you here Rss the channel? Give references please
I will sure be glad when you return to hte Houston area! By the way, I need more bumper stickers. I just bought a scooter and want to put them on it.
How about you folk coming to nyc nj area PLEASE
I really like the KC idea. Columbia would be even best. For me anyway...
I would love to have you play in Kansas City. We are opening a place called Royal Bar. We will be in touch.
Heard you guys on 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Awesome!
Now this is pathetic. I lived in Texas for 35 years and I don't hear your music until I've been in Chicago for almost two? How did this happen? Anyway, if you guys EVER come to Chicago, my girlfriend and I will be there with all of our friends. Come soon!
the ramones stole my heart, and the stone coyotes reminded me what it means to just rock... "first lady of rock"... i'll say... rad.
Just purchased your cds all of them love the music, and this is a guy who got a huge collection know willbe playing yours for years to come brilliant and nice to hear theres still good bands out there lyn from uk
I heard your song "Ain't Nobody Home" on Sirrius deep cuts and became an instant fan. I'm going to buy a CD today, just not sure which one.
I agree, need to get you to Cleveland! Happy New Year!
You have to come to Cleveland, Ohio soon. We need you to warm up this cold winter season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
saw u a few years ago in conroe,texas at the catfish festival. hurricane "ike" took all my cd`s from me so my girlfriend is goin to replinish my coyote stash 4 me at christmas. cant live in nashville, tn. please get a gig here so i can get my fix!
Love your stuff...would also love to see you play in upstate ny someday. You guys are awesome!!!
The new station sounds like novelty country radio. I would not have known to buy Stone Coyotes, other than from listening to Xcountry. Pandora can justify lower royalty rates but linking listener's preferences to purchases on Amazon and iTunes. I have certainly purchased more music based on Xcountry than any other source. They need to get their marketing and programing departments together. I am not going to buy Tammy Wynette novelty trucker songs after listening to the new station.
I just recently heard your music and already have purchased two of your CD's. I love you guys. Why aren't you at the top yet? Your music rocks!
Heard you guys on XM Radio Deep Tracks a few times and love your music. When are you coming to Toronto, Canada?!?! I'd love to see you live.
Was turned on to the band by Sirius/XM Deep Tracks. Didn't know what I was missing. I worked up more than a sweat listening to "Born to Howl" at the gym today. Keep on rockin'.
Just heard "Trouble down in Texas" on XM Deep Tracks- I love your style. Looking forward to receiving VIII in the mail. Dan
Enjoyed all the you tube videos but of course partial to the one filmed at the Iron Horse in May. Made my voice heard at XM and Sirius, too. How dare they mess with good programming? So glad you are working on another album; I know it will be marvelous.
yes it is a sad day xcountry is off the air,i cant believe it. i want to thank xcountry for introducing me to stone coyotes and many other talented artists i probably would not have heard of without them. keep up the good work and lets get xcountry back on the
please let xm no we want Xcountry back so that we can hear bands like the stones coyotes
you're mentioned on the prairie home companion website.....
ok so sirius xm merged and now where do we go for our coyotes fix. well people time to actually email phone whatever and get those folks to play the coyotes on any of the rock stations, underground garage rock, alt nation, classic rock, the loft, coffeehouse, etc. the coyotes have songs that can be played on any of these as well as outlaw and other country stations. be diligent and remember we pay the bill at the end of the month to play what we want to hear, not the other way around. long live coyote rock!
heard brand new car on sirius deep tracks today..gtreat tune!!!
Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.
And we would love to have you come play at the new 'Iowa Speedway.' Newton Iowa, central IA right on I80. They have awesome concerts there. If not there, we have more! Please come to Newton!!!
You are the real "First Family." I've turned a fair number of people on to you that love you.I could ramble on about what I love about your band and music. And I put a big bug in Steve Earle's ear to play you on Outlaws.Love. Harold Keller
I was on Amazon and listened to a Sample of your Music and then I bought 50 songs....Great Stuff Keep The Coyotes Howling.
I love The Stone Coyotes, my dad and I heard them on X Country and have been obsessed ever since! Feel free to come to Minnesota!
the big 50 came and went still feel like 25. played ur sounds for my guests, and now u have new followers waiting for u to come back to san antonio. loved the shirt. i wore it for all to see! rockin on
I though all the music had been written untill i heard you guys for the first time on XM Radio about a year ago. Ive since bought most of your albums and looking for more. Your sound is amazing, the lyrics fantastic , just figured out the chords to Sailors song cant sing it often enough. Wish you would publish tabs, chords with your lyrics. keep it commin.
Please, please come and play Denver, Colorado.
starting hearing your group on xm radio and the love affair began. you guys and gal are absolutely incredible. my husband and I were in boothbay harbor, Maine and felt certain we could find your music there, alas, to no avail. I wanted to listen on the ride home. the internet order is just a few key stokes away. thanks for the beautiful music. told Mark Stover to see about booking you guys at the opera house there, greats names have already been and you all need to be added to the list.
hello, I am a jockey @ Portland Meadows. I am a women in a male dominated sport. As I am sitting here gearing up to ride for the day and listening to one of my favorite 'stoke me up' bands I just thought perhaps a little thank you note would be in order. If you have time to check out the jockey standings(, you will see that these boys haven't been able to steal my thunder lately! :) Cheers debo PEACE
Barb, Doug, John, thanks for putting up with your NY fans who drove 2 1/2 hours to see you @ the Iron Horse, posing for pictures and signing and all...I brought all 8 c.d. covers but didn't want to impose that bad, so only went for the signing of your 1st cd but next time I hope you'll indulge me and complete my collection (hopefully you'll have cd #9 out by then)...way too short of a set there but understood the problems with the double show in Northampton and was glad just to hear you guys play....That was us yelling from the back that we were there to see YOU!!....your guitar out of tune was twice as good as the band you "opened" guys rock and we look forward to a full show, hopefully on your next cd release and you can be assured we'll make the trip again!!
Still every bit as much in love with you as ever. No luck on the DVD filmed May 17th? I finally had to take one TSC cd out of the changer when AC/DC put out Black Ice. What do you thing, Barbara? Can Malcom and Angus still fire those guns? I know you all can! Your loyal fan from Meigs County. I was so excited at the May show that it's a lucky thing I remember any songs, but you are so right, you started with Party Down The Hall and I knew if I tried to dance to that, I'd not last the night. But it was a great show, and as I said, well worth the 14 and 1/4 hour drive. For all those out there who are waiting on you to come to them...
First heard you on XM Cross Country and love our sound. Any chance you will be coming to East TN anytime soon?
I am more than moved by your music! I am a deep fan thanks to Earle Bailey at XM!! Deep Tracks got be hooked.. now I have to get my daily dose. I absolutely love you guys! Barbara.. your vocals touch my soul and that rip roaring guitar feeds my spirit! Thank you thank you thank you!
I know you guys stay pretty close to home but keep hoping you make it to the midwest some time...Minneapolis, Milwaukee. Chicago! I'll keep hoping and i'll keep checking the schedule. Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!
got to know you on XM's Deep Tracks. Love the sound and have several songs on my Inno.
XM Radio turned me on to a great band this year: the stone coyotes. if your ears insist on tube amplifiers and you love classic rock with a modern edge, then the stone coyotes are for you. they are the real deal. 'nuff said. ~austin, tx (the only city in TX that matters!)
i heard you guys for the first time last night...been a long time since a bands sound made my head snap around and take notice..very exciting for an old rokker like me :o) thought those days were long past me...thanks!!
I want to hear all of dance band by stone cyote. Love it.
I am a 55 y/o guy who let life come between me and music. Anyway, thanks to X-M and I Tunes I have been finding it more convenient to find time to find music. I am sorry to say that I had not heard your stuff before last month. But, now I have found you and you have found a new real fan. Great stuff. I will be loading all four albums this week. Thanks for the enjoyment. jp
hey barbara.doug and John' hope you,all are doing well! we got slapped pretty hard by "IKE" n TEXAS but we are all fine.the weather here z great 'no more heat!!!the mucky duck vidieo is awsome! who ever shot that should get a raise.... lol! hope that you get down here for some show's .TEXAS misses you guy's! stay well! go redsox'z Johnny n Sunita *
Hi Doug, It's Nancee Lynch McDonell thinking of you for some reason!!?? How are you? Do you ever come out west? I'd love to hear from you. Fondly, Nancee
We love your music & wish you would come back to Houston again to play. We never get tired of the lyrics your tales tell and the beat "has ahold of us" for sure. Thanks for some great and gutsy sound in a sea of mediocrity.
Keep working ,great job!
More than an interesting tale. Born in 1946 my haydays were during the 1960s. The Stone Coyotes are a rarity in the realm of modern musical artistry. They actually deliver. They're not the usual garage band one-hit-wonders. And such an immensity of talent. I never get tired of listening to their CDs in my desert ghost town. I credit their music with keeping me alive.
Very interesting tale
I just in the past year have become aware of you all thank's to xm radio, I live in michigan(sorry) but did live in Dallas for 5 yrs. in the late 70's just wanted to say what a great band and what fantastic lyric writing, right up there along side of Patti Smith and the rest, have bought every cd on amazon and you guy's are pretty much all I listen to, keep rockin!
Listened to "A Prairie Home Companion" today and someone sang "The Bramble and the Rose:" I was stunned to find that you wrote that! I remember hearing Mary McCaslin's version years ago and never knew it was your song! It was incredible! Come to Bend sometime and play! Our boys (yr. 2nd cousins) would flip out fer sure!
Looking forwrd to hearing you all again in the rte 63 Roadhouse in Mass but would also love to see you in the Birchmere in alexandria VA - Northern VA fan who has traveled many miles to hear you guys!!
Hi Guys XM cross country is the best. They play your stuff all the time. You should come to San Diego. There is a club in Solana Beach called The Belly Up. Many of the XM bands play there. Cross Canadian Ragweed, Reckless Kelly, Dave Alvin, Rodney Crowell, Lucinda, Steve Earl,Alejandro Escovedo to name a few. You would fit right in, the West Coast is ready for you. Greg
I'm obviously a late comer since the Stone Coyotes have been around for awhile. Heard "Not Right Now" and went home and bought the album on iTunes. Now I'm a fan. Bought another album 2 days later. Come to California so I can see you live!
My 81 year old mother passed on the 25th of August She had 6 boys and 1 girl. Perfect! 6 to carry the casket and her little girl to carry the flowers. We all picked music for the service. She loved Patsy, Tammy,Lorreta. She told me that you reminded her of them! My choice was, Death of an American Song, and Mamm, let me tell you, you had them all in tears.Thanks. You made alot of new fans. I have never bought a CD from you. I am sorry for that. I will buy them all in time. I have alot of wreckage to repair before i am ( Moneyed up enough}. I will have them all. Thanks again jay have a great day, no matter what!!!
Excellent material. a big fan
Hello to members of this site please to have joined your forum.
Pardon me but I've been living under a rock. Heard you last night on XM singing Trouble in Texas. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You guys rock. From the lovely UP of Michigan. Thanks.......
Wow! Just bought VIII and Dream of Glory. If you are ever near Binghamton or Ithaca NY my whole family will go.
Having been rocking through your discs since receiving them. Thanks for making me believe in the future of rock and roll again. G
When are you guys coming back to Houston Texas?
i heard you on the xm you are one of the best bands i have heard thanks for music
o.k...I give up..bought 3 cds on Cdbaby and couldn't decide which I liked guys are going to break me, but I just sent for the other your stuff, please come to NY (Revolution Hall would be great)...keep rockin, I didn't think indie bands like you still existed
HOw come no tour dates are listed on the site??? Would love to see the band live!
Heard you guys this morning on XM deep tracks. Played charmed life. I rewound and played three more times. Love it! When are you coming to NY???
Love yas!!!!!! Way up north Sault Ste Marie Canada!!!
YaaaaaaH!!! Come to England! We love you here!
Hey there! I did sound for you a few years back when you were in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Hope to see you back up this way soon!
Please tell me that you are going to be in Steamboat Springs in January. Ilove the music and the lyrics. They are real! I feel the Pain,the Faith,the Hope, and the Love. Thanks hope to see and hear you guys in Colorado in january. Jay
XM X Country clearly loves you, as do I. Hope you do more touring.
heard you guys on xm radio and i must say you sound great. i,m goona reseach you a bit more and i think i,m gonna continue to like what i hear.
how did i never hear of you guys when i lived in worcester? wtf...
just picked up 3 cds @ cdbaby....come to upstate NY anytime and I'll find you...or anywhere in NY for that guys got it
Heard y'all on that new-fangled fancy ass world-wide XM satellite radio contraption. When you're freezing your asses off in the dead of winter in Mass....take a break and come on down to Georgia to me. Come see us !!!!
Love ya'll!!
We need you in NYC
Please come to Southern California! We've been waiting a long time!
I first heard you on Dylan's Theme Time Radio, (The Beat's Got a Hold on Me) and I was hooked. I just got VIII from iTunes, and I love it. Thanks XM Radio!
Yes! Please come to California! check out the Westside Theatre in Newman CA the perfect place to book a gis between San Fran & LA appearences!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to California....
I too heard you on Deep Tracks, just bought VIII Come visit Miami, FL!
Love your tunes...come see us in Roanoke, Virginia
love yall's music love it
You're welcome in Oklahoma anytime. Great Music!
Heard you a couple of time on XM's Deep Tracks. Brand New car and The Beat's Got a Hold on Me are great. I just bought VII and Born to Howl. Awsome band, Please consider coming to the DC area.
Hello, I heard one of your songs on (a Live365 internet radio station), and I was sold to your music straightaway. Thank God for the internet, I located a store where I could listen to your albums, listened to them all day long,... and bought them all. If you ever come to Europe, bring your instruments; I'll mobilize the audience!
Heard your music on a tv show last night and my girlfriend tracked you down on the web. awesome stuff . bought two whole albums.
Heh, looks like I'm not the only one who heard one of your songs on XM (XM40 in my case) and got hooked. I love "VIII" and will be checking out more of your CDs in the near future. Come to Minnesota!
I heard "Not Right Now" on XM Radio XCountry and immediately bought VIII. Now I must get the first seven. Thank you for your music!
I first heard Stone Coyotes on XM 12. It is the only place I have heard. I think you are Great.You have a very distinct sound and the vocals are awesome. I'll be looking at your calender and for your albums your Great! Bill
Hey guys, first caught you at Theodore's, years ago, glad to see you're still rock'in ! Your gift is timeless, keep it up !
I heard one of your songs on my way to work this morning and loved it. I would like very much to see you in Chicago some time soon. I will look for your cd. Keep it going, you are a great band.
I think this is your Finest album by far! Can not stop playing. Man the hook in "If I new How to Dance" Keep it up you guys!
Hello ,, I can't believe this ,,, I'm such an idiot! I have been looking for your Music,, for a months ,,and now find your right here in massachusetts,,! I am a country/southern rock Texan livin on Cape Cod! Your song Ghost of Vicksburg sends chills down my spine ,, I have loved everything of yours I ever heard! YOU GUYS NEED TO COME DOWN AND PLAY THE MELODY TENT!!!!!!!!! Where are you going to play ,,this summer??? If your ever on Cape call me (Karl - 508-255-9),, several of my friends spend Monday nights in my livin room jammin'!! It would be my honor to have you join us! Thanks ,, and keep kickin out the music! Karl Rolsten
Heard you on X Country. Wow! Just bought VIII and Dream of Glory. If you are ever near Binghamton or Ithaca NY my whole family will go. (And we almost never leave our farm)
Stumbled upon yous from and glad I did. My dad and I are on separate coasts and now I'm inspired to ask him to jam with me when I visit. We both play but never had time on our side to play 2gether. Love your smooth and raw sound. Pls come to san diego sometime. I can recommend good venues for yous. Dawn Marie
Had the cover of "Ride Away From The World" made onto a tatoo on my arm. Very rad! Came out amazing!
VIII has moved up to #6 on XM Channel 12-Cross Country's Top 50 weekly chart. Last week at #12.
Heard "Blue Mountain" on XM Radio Deep Tracks so I bought the Album,liked it so much I got 4 more CDs and I liked them too,so I will get the rest of them,and could you please tour here in northern Va a lot of Blues artist either play at the Birchmere or Blues Alley,,,thanks
this is be cool 8)
Heard "Trouble Down In Texas" from VIII June 29, 2008 on XM. What a great song. Where have you been? I have never heard your sound before and am really impressed! Immediately downloaded it from Zune. Get the rest of your music on Zune! Now! lol! Keep up the good work....and the great sound!
Heard the band on XM last week for the first time. Loved the sound of Land of the Living, made a note to myself and bought VIII on Amazon. Totally hot!!! I described the band to friends as Talking Heads or No Doubt meets Keith Richards, but I like the ACDC meets Patsy Cline tag better. Classic sound all their own, with witty lyrics that tell stories and entertain... Awesome. Pure. Fresh.
Great sound! Come down to Florida if you get a chance. Would love to see you guys down here. XM Deep Tracks rocks as well!!
Found you on XM. You are my new favorite band! Please come to San Fran!!
Okay,call me wierd but I'd give a gazillion bucks to hear Barbara and the Stone Coyotes do their renditions of Zager & Evans' In the year 2525 and Patti Smith's Horses song. I would'nt ask this if I thought the Stone Coyotes wer'nt capable of putting their own spin on the songs to the betterment of humanity.
I would pay good money to listen to Barbara and the Stone Coyotes do her rendition of the 1963 hit Dominique (The Singing Nun) by Jeanine Deckers. There would'nt be a dry eye on the planet.
I'm a dj at a college station in Durango, CO. I worked at WBCN in Boston during the 80's. I only recently came across the Coyotes about a year ago. I CAN'T stop listening to them. DAMN good music. Always get calls when I play them. Keep the records coming!
Smokin' version of Bad Luck on Dreams of Glory. Dare I say, better than the original. VIII is a great addition to the collection. Come visit us in Canada sometime. Jeb in Ottawa.
Love your sound...Thanks to X Country on XM Radio.....Very Cool!!
From the first song I heard from you all,I knew you had a great journey with your music.The way you compose the songs and guitar rifs are like no other,and the lyrics tell the whole story.(very discriptive) I think Barbara's lyric are great,and you three work very hard to get the songs played in your own way.The first song I heard was My Little Runaway go figure,I was sold on Ya!I don't think you've been up this way yet I will get ahold of couple radio stations and go from there. Your Friend Mark
Great music.
Love your music!!! I had no idea, now I am hooked.
just got my new t-shirt and VIII,another great cd! take john hyatt at his word and consider " going south"- would love to see you down here.thanks for the bumper sticker too....rock on!!!
I heard your songs on XM40. I am hooked thanks for restoring my faith in Rock and Roll.
Just heard "Brand New Car" on Deep Tracks. Me like very much...I want to hear more. Come to the west coast and play for us out here!
You guys kick a**! I'm with Don B. it would be great if you did a show in Minnesota or North Dakota....Got every album, including Barbara's solo (Just ordered VIII and Dreams of Glory) ...Keep it goin'!!!
Have been hearing some tunes on XM deep tracks early in the morning. Caught my attention. A friend had also played some a while ago. Same band. GOOD STUFF! Would be cool if there was a live show in Minnesota! Just ordered the new release.
Been a long time since i've been captured by a particular group.Any chances you will visit the deep south anytime soon? Keep rocking and God bless America and XM channel 12!!!
Bo Didiley Sound with a Bo Didley Beat! RIP
Loved the Iron Horse show! Worth every second of the 14-1/2 hour drive from the Ohio River. Great tunes from a GREAT band. Hope the DVD filming came out as you wished; hope I get a chance to see it. Of course I'd love it if you came out this way - Ohio U in Athens maybe, or the Lakeview Tavern on Route 32. Keep that music and beat coming.
Just heard "land of the living" on the radio, Didn't even know you had a new cd. Just ordered it! San Diego LOVES you.
Just a shout from South Carolina. You all ROCK. Love your music. When are you coming to South Carolina? Take care.
Love your music, lyrics are amazing hope to see you in Mass. Would like it even better if you could get a gig in the Albany NY area, also turning everybody I know on to your stuff proably wont be a big increase in cd sales. All the best Larry, Saratoga Springs NY
Hey just heard If I Knew How to Dance on XM Radio and had to hear more. Love that voice, dig that sound, good stuff thanks!
You guys sound awesome. Thanks XM radio XCountry XM 12
First heard you on Roots Rock Radio podcast. Having gone to school in Western Mass. I consider you my "hometown band" even though I'm smack dab middle in Kansas. get yourselves out here...PLEASE!
I live in a ghost town called Trona right up against Death Valley,Ca and would dearly love for the Stone Coyotes to do a concert out here. This would be the biggest event since 1860 in my ghost town.
XM Deep Tracks introduced me to you - Had to buy the album (are they still called albums?). Anyway - great work! Thanks, D.
Heard you for the first time on xm Deep Tracks. I know Seattle seems out of the way, but you should look into coming out here. There are a lot of venues I think you guys would be good at.
I love your music! When are you going to come out with a live DVD so I can see you at home whenever I want to....better still, when are you going to come to Greensboro NC? I'll be somewhere there up front when you do!
Super, Super, Super! God bless XM! Looking for you live in Texas... Stay hard. 48 in Dallas
hear you guys on xm 12 all the time.keep up the great music .ps amazing vocals!!
can't sing along to ghost of vicsburg without a tear. you rock!
So glad you are back in New England. Will be at the Iron Horse Music Hall on the 17th. Looking forward to a great show. Ann
I got turned on to you all from XM's Cross Country. I am 64 and you all are great. Keep rockin. Jim
I have been hearing your stuff on "Deep Tracks" on XM radio. I love it, it takes me back. I love the nostalgia(sp?), and being a 3 chord bashing songwriter, your stuff inspires me. I have looked around in SoCal and can't find any of your I guess I have to look on line. I really love the stuff from "viii". Your music is not just about songs....they tell stories. Ed
I know the expression 'class' has become outmoded since my birth in 1946. Say what you will,it's still here with us. I'm listening right now to the Stone Coyotes' Party Down the Hall. That's class. And the Coyotes do this as a family unit which in itself is amazing. If my family tried that we'd all be killing each other o'er who's more famous or less famous. The Stone Coyotes are the right moosic at the right time. That they have been able to achiev this inspires me and should inspire others.
heard brand new car on xm radio. bought the other albums and they frigging rock. take care and keep rockin. ROLL TIDE from Knoxville,Tn!!!!
You are my favorite band. My sister loves you too.
At 70 I thought I knew a lot about music but you caught me by surprise when I heard you on XM Deep Tracks. What a pleasant surprise, indeed. Given the dreck that's being foisted off on the public, it is wonderful to see that someone other than Van Morrison is still writing and playing really good music. I hope you get to New Mexico some day. I'm telling everyone I know about you so you will probably have a good fan base here.
Heard you on 'deep tracks' and bought three of your albums. Wasn't enough-buying the rest today. Thank you for new and great music!
I just discovered you on XM Radio. Thanks for a both nostalgic and refreshing sound! I love the music!
Let me echo Preston though we only traveled 110 miles *S*...outstanding as alway guys, and the Bugle Boy is the perfect venue for your music whether you're rocking the house with drivng guitar, bass and Dougs solid drumming or treating us to the softer side of your music with songs like The sailor Song, Adrianna and Detroit or Buffalo. Get back here soon... we already miss you.
WOW! What a great show at the Bugle Boy!! The set list was outstanding, the performance tight but fun....well worth the 277 miles by motorcycle to see ya'll, though the ride home on Sunday in the rain was not so much fun...We'll reluctantly give MA their Coyotes back for a while, but Texas is your second home and you're welcome to come back any old time and stay a little longer....
Really like the new CD! Between listening to all your CD's and XM (esp. Ch 12-Rogue Calls) I've got a lot of Stone Coyote music to keep me company as I truck my way across the country in the big rig. To follow the Stone Coyotes on XM go to Click 'Now playing' (upper right) Put 'Stone Coyotes' in the search box.
Sooo excited about your show tonight!! My boyfriend and I bought tickets when it was first announced so we'll be right in front!
That XM radio for turning me on to your music and for this 57 yr old guy, it was a treasure. I just ordered your last two CD's.
Hi,good site!
Sorry we will miss your April 2008 Texas appearances. Catch you next time.
WOW!! I have just found an outstanding band that my kids will be listening to right along with me! When are you coming to Nebraska?
Hello, excellent site, very rich in content and correctly carefully thought out
Saw you at the Stingaree fest--OH MY GOD!! We had know idea What to expect. You guys brought much needed excitement. Barbara you ROCK! We LOVE yyour band.
Let's be straight about this. Barbara could sing Mary had a little lamb and we'd all buy the CD. It's her voice and wonderful musical accompanyment that knocks my socks off. Since the 60s died I've awaited some group other than the usual get rich quick garage band that puts out,like,one or two good songs then goes vaya con dios. I have all the Stone Coyotes CDs. Every song on them gets my ya-yas going. I'm 62 years old and live in a ghost town. Stone Coyotes moosic is greatly appreciated.
LONG TIME FAN- The Cove rocked, Johnny Rock and all, just like comin' home...You're gonna kill 'em at the Stingeree, no doubt. We'll see ya for the farewell in LaGrange at the Bugle Boy. This is a terrific venue, like havin' the Coyotes in your living room. Last show there, the sound was soooo goood right up front, really hard to believe...I'll be lookin' for a sleep over in LaGrange if anyone has a spare couch and place to stash my scooter...see ya then. PJ
It's been a while since I've gotten excited about a band I've just been introduced to. What a great sound you have. I'm spreading the word, buying all your cd's and have tickets to the Mucky Duck show. Rock On!!!
OUT FREAKN'STANDING!!!!! a breath of fresh air in world of stale elevator smell. Keep kickn' out the Jams and please come to the west coast.
I First heard "Rock It" on Satalite Radio X Country. Now I have It Saved on My XM Radio and Jam out on my bike with it. I already had 3 other Bikers asked me what band I was listening to.I simply replied The Best Damn Band In The Land...Stone Coyotes.
I have finally found the perfect combination of rock and country. Thank you!
Sat on the Front row at Dosey Doe with my brother and our wives. Great show, We couldn't have enjoyed it more! Hope I get to see you agian soon, will sure be listening. BTW, Thanks for playing our requests. Ghost of Vicksburg still echoing pleasantly in my head.
Whoa, Dosey Doe! If you see this barn a rockin', don't bother knockin' ... SRO full to the rafters. Best album yet! What a great show! Kids had a blast and so did their Dad. Look out Texas, Betty Lou's still many a man's Waterloo.
First heard ya'll a year a go on 91.7. Saw and meet ya'll last night at the dosey doe in the woodland. Thanks for playing real rock music. I love you guy.
Saw your great show at Cactus Record Ranch this afternoon in Houston. Thanks for bringing your terrific music and super voice to Houston! Texas loves the Stone Coyotes!!
I've been a fan for years listening on XM but I was really impressed when I met ya'll in Willis Texas. The three of you are great and I look forward to taking my eighteen year old daughter to see a performance by ya'll. Keep rock'in.
Hi from Kansas City.
Hello folks! I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great music. I listen to XM all day at work and crank your music when it comes on Deep Tracks. I graduated FROM Greenfield High School and was extremely pleased to hear that you announce that you are from Greenfield. I will be purchasing your music so I can share it with all my family and friends, and I hope to have the chance to see you soon. How about the Rte. 63 Roadhouse? Thanks again, and keep it up! Wayne
Long time fan, first time reviewing their web sites. Awesome! Where does the name come from?
Used to be easy to get in to your shows ... now you sell out before my 53 year old hand fed mouse can track your soon to be whereabouts. Glad you guys are still coming to The Woodlands. Dosey Doe is filling up fast...the Duck is iffy...Cactus looks like our best bet. Hope to get the children in to see you somewhere. We're still all over you. Rock on.
Have tickets for the May 17 date at the Iron Horse. Show still listed on your site but not theirs. Show still going on, I hope?
what a great night! fantastic weather, food, great venue, great sound and the best band to hit san antonio, the stone coyotes. the beer flowed with family and friends. everyone had one hell of a time. thanks again coyotes!
I'm putting together the entertainment for our annual Waterfront Day in Rhinecliff NY, and wanted to find out if we can get you on the of the show is Aug.16th, from 11am to 45min set per, fun and good times....get back ....thanks ....Tom
I am too jealous of my family (Johnny Rock's neice) that will dancing and enjoying you guys on Sat in San Antonio. I luv the new cd....wish I was there to hear it live!!!
Simple Great. I like Trouble Down In Texas
Saw your first show of the tour in New Jersey friday night. Come hell or high water we are going to make it to another one...hopefully in texas but probably in Northampton Ma. You are the real deal.
Great show last night! Coyotes rock. JK
one week till my coyote live fix is resolved and my life will be complete till another fix. the cove is happening and the place will be rockin, final four is here but the coyotes is what san antonio really needs. viva coyotes!
I stopped off today at Ridgecrest,Calif's only 25,000 watt radio station that plays somnambulent cowboy truckstop moosic. Told the station's head honcho that XMsatelitte radio plays Stone Coyote music and so should they. The honcho appeared to be taking my advice to heart. Out here in the desert we need good moosic. There's only sand,rocks,sagebrush and deadly rattlesnakes. Keep belting those songs out,Barbara. What I'd like is a CD done of what the Stone Coyotes would like to do versus what marketing experts say they should do. Take off the gloves,Stone Coyotes and give us your best unhindered by political correctness.
When you coming to the upper midwest? Like Chcago or Madison, Wisonsin?
We've been hearing the new album on KPFT. Going to wait to buy it at Cactus records (Like to support those guys) We can't wait for your "in-store" there; It's the best show for us because my daughter and her friends aren't too young to attend. You Rock!
You guys have been the "house band" of my head since a student took me to hear you live in someone's livingroom. I don't think you have a single CD of which I haven't bought multiple copies. Heard "Land of the Living" in my car, and rocked out enough that people were honking at me. Then I sent a copy of VIII to a friend who just got out of an ER the night before her birthday.
Do you ever play arond Southern New Mexico(Las Cruces)? Or maybe El Paso, Texas?
I really like the music. Nice site too.
Just heard your new songs on XM. F****ng unreal. Please play in FLA!!!
Just got introduced to you guys from a buddy of mine on Crystal Beach, and looking forward to seeing u live at the Stingree Music fest later in April. You guys are an awesome power trio, keep it up. Good to see rock and roll alive and kickin ass!
HOLY COYOTES!!! I have not been this excited hearing new music since Shelby brought home Church of the Falling Rain and Born to Howl six years ago. While I've never been disappointed with a Stone Coyotes CD, and every effort has new favorites, you've really outdone yourselves with SC VIII. It starts with three rockers that rank with your best followed by one of your prettiest ballads ever. In my opinion, you sound better as a band on this album without diminishing the star power of Barbara's voice. There's something for everyone here. I could go on and on, but I'll just add a word of advice to the others - buy several copies and give them to your friends. They will love you for it!
Yep, you guys are hot. Come up to Idaho and we will throw out the red carpet for ya. (Of course, we will have to take it out of the trailer first) Your song Dance Band really inspired me to get em up and keep em up. Thanks
Where have you been all my life and why was it only since I've been listening to Deep Tracks that I discovered you guys (and Gal). I love your music and sound. Just bought all your CDs off Amazon. You ROCK!! A new TRUE FAN...WHERE near DC will you play? I want to add you to my seen list.
the new cd is playing right now and sounds great. haven't found my favorite song but trouble in texas is up there
Saw you at the stingaree concert last year. So Excited for this one (with better weather I'm sure!) You are awesome!!
one day less than a month for my coyote fix. y'all come down to s.a. and rock out at the cove. viva coyotes!
Can't wait to see you in N.J.---you are going to love the new venue.
Ok,here's the dilemma at Casa Lane...where to see the Coyotes...Houston, San Antone, MA??? It is giving me stress! If Tex had his way, it would be all of the above - however, I told him that was very stalker-like...never fear, we'll see you somewhere in the coming months. ROCK ON!
I think you and the foo fighters are the only rock bands left in the country. Love DEEP TRACKS!
I'm a new fan of this group. I first heard your music on XM Radio, on Deeptracks, Channel 40. Your sound is awesome! I've been a Steppenwolf fan for 40 years, and have always had a diverse taste in music as well. I think I've found a NEW favorite band. Keep up the good work. I've bought 3 of your albums, and will complete buying the rest of your catalog very soon at iTunes. Thanks for the great music!!!
Barbara ,Doug and John ,great to hear your coming to Dosey Does in April ,if you need any assistance from me and Johnny youve got it.It was our pleasure during the I Fest ,it was really a great time.Well heres to you and yours ,The best ,DAVE.
We first saw you at Dosey Doe in The Woodlands (Texas), maybe in April 2007? We have eagerly awaited your return to Texas, and we are excited you are appearing at Dosey Doe again! We will definitely spread the word. All the best with your new record.
i love your music. will you ever come to north carolina?
Just got a USB record player for xmas and dug out my old albums. Kanagroo was the first one I picked to play. Now I am linking through the web trying to find them all. Barbara your still the greatest!
Love your music. Told the "Candor Shop" record store in Winnipeg MB to check you out and get you in. Thanks to X-country for playing your songs!
Excellent songs.Thanks to xm radio I get to listen to your work.Good job!!!!
I hope one day you play in France. Souvenirs of Provence.
love you. xm radio has changed my life. X Country turned me on to you and before that I had thought a good three person band was a thing of the past. You are EXCELLENT.
Saw you guys Last weekend at Route 63---Hands down the best live band I've seen. And the three of you couldn't have been nicer to talk to. THAN YOU.
I'm a 58 yr old country music fan. Heard one of your songs on X Country, bought a couple of CDs and I seldom listen to anything else now. Feel like I've found something that's been missing in my music. You guys need to come to Lexington KY.
This is so cool. I was listening to my Casey Kelly LP, did a search, which lead me to a Silver Meteor", which had Barbara Keith on it, & your LP was one of our favorites back in the day. The guy who turned us on to that at Millenium Music in Portland said "She quit the music biz" & I hadn't heard a thing until today when I found the Barbara Keith disc, & thence the Stone Coyotes on Amazon. (Although some BK tunes get played on the KFAT archives). You guys are hot!! Any plans to come to the Pacific Northwest?
what a great band. i've been into music since elvis hit the scene. i've been through the beatles and the rolling stones. i endured the 70's and remerged in the 80's. i was enchanted by the 90's...then rap took over....the harbinger of the death of music. then i heard the stone coyotes on x810 via direct tv. i was enthralled by the intensity of vocal rendition and music artistry. their sound has haunted me ever since.
My husband heard you on 'Deep Tracks', XF Radio and I've been searching for your CD. I'm glad to find your web site!
The utter remoteness and desolation of this tiny,desert ghost town I live in is relieved when I listen to Stone Coyotes CDs. Have got The First Lady of Rock on now from the Born to Howl album. Born in 1946 there's SOO many bands I've listened to o'er the decades that BS themselves to temporary success,then quickly fade to non-existence. That won't happen to the Stone Coyotes. Keep belting them out,Barbara.
Heard you on Roots Rock Radio podcast and went right to itunes and downloaded last two CD's. Great stuff that an aged rock 'n roller can really enjoy. Would love to catch you live if you ever make it to the Atlanta area.
list jolene as mp3 short clip so my mom can listin tois
Heard you on the radio in Ashville N.C.---Tracked you down on myspace and finally bought your cd's here. Haven't been this happy about new music in a while. THANKS.
wish you would come to charllote N.C.
Great Rock and need to say more!
I was on CD Baby looking for something new when I came across your albums. The art work caught my eye but the music blew me away. I now have 4 cd's and looking forward to getting the other 3 soon. Hell, I even went and read Elmore Leonards book "Be Cool" because of you guys. Keep rockin'.
discovered you guys on xm 12-- blown away-- loaded almost every song off napster. too cool-- new favorite band! buyin the shirt too!
I heard y'all on XM a picked up a couple of CDs. GREAT STUFF!!
auburn, alabama loves you do i get a cd?
I walked into Cactus Records in Houston three years ago and the artwork on your CD's jewel case got my attention...I didn't know what a treat I was in for. I was so knocked out, I went back the next day and purchased the entire catalog. You soothe the soul of one who longs for the days that were about singer-song writers performing their work with integrity...before talent was confused with label accountant's ledgers and special effects in the studio. God Bless you!!
Weather has cooled down since August. Winds only blowing 45mph tonight. My desert tortoise have gone into hibernation deep underground in their den waiting-out the coming winter. I am here alone in my house built I don't know how many decades ago of cement,brick and stone to withstand the elements,listening to Jolene from the Born to Howl CD. The Stone Coyotes' music transcends all places,age groups and situations. It is to travel to other places and times,listening to Stone Coyotes songs.
Love your tunes... Would be cool to see y'all book a gig with Frank @ Knuckleheads Saloon.. All the BEST from Kansas City
I have just got your Church of the Falling rain. It is bloody great give me more of it please a mad englishman living in Canada sk
just got back from the Artic circle and beyound,had your music with me, ABig thankyou ,thankyou ,thankyou. Ghost of vickburg,the sailor song ,johny rocks cantina ,Barbara what a voice.
We heard your music months ago on XM Radio. We are in heaven with your sound.. Keep makin' 'em and we'll keep on as fans!!!
just got turned on to your music about ten minutes down the hall and then I listened to your cover of "ace of spades" now that took some big ones covering motorhead I agree on the hint of acid rock but its added in the same way a great chef adds his secret ingredients...just a pinch here and there... new fan forever !!!as we still like to say in alaska..RIGHT ON!!!
no texas dates?? i think i can survive knowing that your next cd will make up for it. no pressure. will it be an epic album with stories of chupacabras and witches and love lost and found and journeys of the mind and spirit with lots of tequila shots and cantina travels. ramble on coyotes and i'll follow. peace/love/happiness
to Steve Fant: There's more than a hint of acid rock to the Stone Coyotes' moosic. I don't think that's accidental. I'm flabbergasted that a group composed of family members can put together all that's required to produce albums of such stunning complexity and power as to boggle the mind. We are all so tired of the get-rich-quick garage bands which sprang up thruout the 1970s till the present. Lots of noise,sparkles and promotion;empty of substance and delivery. Keep belting it out,Stone Coyotes. I intend to buy one of those newfangled things that play songs thru tiny earphones so I can listen to the Stone Coyotes while working my mine alone way out in the desert. Try Season of the Witch from the Situation out of control Coyotes' CD. And Where the old oak grows. Sure beats listening to the wind whistling thru the sagebrush.
I think Fred got it right with the hint of acid rock comment. The sound is right on. We'd love to see you down here in Jacksonville or St.Augustine.I just got Dreams of Glory! Can't wait for the others!!!
Hi guys... very sorry to see you will not be here for this year's Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival.You will be missed, but we will hopefully see you this winter. Thank the good Lord for CD's & MP3 players! :)
Stone Coyotes has got to be one of the best bands I have heard in decades. Barbara your voice is wild and scenic as are the lyrics....Hope you come to Nevada City, California before I turn 50....I am giving you some time to buy your plane tickets... Peace
Love that blue mountain! Wow, come play Florida or North Carolina!!!
Heard y'all on X Country, XM Radio, rollin' down Hwy 42 here in Oregon. Heard two songs of y'all's and fell in love. Can't think of better music to cruize to. You guys have the sound I love, me 'an my wife are your newest fans. Keep it up. Thanks for the music. Later- Cadillac John
Thank you for the music.
Nach fast 30 Jahren habe ich meine große Stimme wiedergefunden.Durch eine Schallplatte von Damals.Diese wunderbare,einzigartige Stimme erkennt man immer wieder.Jetzt habe ich mir schon neue 2CD`besorgt und es werden nicht die letzten sein.(wohl dem Internet) Vielen Dank Barbara Keith
Wow Wow Wow! The new album is absolutely perfect. I put it on my ipod and then got on the treadmill last night. I couldn't get off until the last track had played. Thank you Coyotes for getting my butt into shape!
I discovered Yuor "Family" on XM I love what you are doing. Thanks Jay In Wyoming
To Tex: I live n a ghost town called Trona. We've got 200 residents all blood related for the last hundred years,nine strange churches. Charles Manson used to live here. Some of his girls still live here. Think the movie Bad Day at Black Rock,The Hills have Eyes,Caligula and Banjo Boy from the movie Deliverance. I'm a 61 year old newcomer to this region. Arrived here in 2003 and am trying to fit in with the locals. Spend my days working excavations for gold,silver and artifacts dating from the 1800s into the 1930s. I donate historical finds to museums. Daily temp here during August tops 120F. By mid August will exceed 128F. The Stone Coyotes moosic keeps my 60s memories of good times going. Dare I say out loud that their music has a heavy tint of acid rock? Barbara reminds me of other musical artists of that innovative era. And don't we all miss that during these Orwellian times of correct-think? Yes,we do.
Rock On... It's two and a-half Stone Cotyete's albums from Fernidina Beach, FL to beautiful Vidalia, Georgia. Rock it!!!! If ya'll ever play Death Valley, I want to come..... You know, the Stone Coyotes, mining for gold and beer in the desert.... I'm there. Hey dude....I want to come out and pan.... Another 'Gold Fever' fan here in south Georgia.... Thank God for satillite radio..... I met alot of interesting folks in Pittsburgh. Nice, nice folk. Kinda like mid-western friendly-ness. What are you people like out in the Death Valley region? may be as crazy as south Georgia crackers!!!!! But beer makes it all ok..... Hey, Stone Coyotes.... I told another person about your music today. Just can't get enough, she was a pretty, pretty friend from Kansas...., and I too, am ready to hear whats next. My next show may be Houston-town. ...I'm scared of you in the day-time..... Festival or Continintal Club? BOTH. Northfield sure looks like it would be a pretty place. But how do we get there??? Last I heard on XM was a live 'Stone Coyotes XM studio' ... It sounded like an acustic of Pennsylvania Cole Mine. Many Thanks.... Many Thanks.... Tex
I'm out here alone in the boondocks working a mine. Things become interesting in Places/environments like this. I've just spent the last several hours playing CDs of my favorit 1960s acid rock moosic whilst guzzling cold beers. I can state without reservation that Barbara belts out her songs with such accuracy and gusto as to equal and in most cases exceed anything I listened to back during the 60s. I'm an old hippie and it sends me into a huff that all the good 1960s songs are now being used to sell automobiles,time-share apartments in Hooterville,etc. You kick butt,Stone Coyotes.
Love your sound....come on up to Canada...or at least close enough to drive to. :)
montreal, mont tremblant...c'mon up!!!
when do you anticipate the new album will be finished??
Bumpskey love u! you must come to his radio show! pretty plz with music on top
Looking good John! Let me know when your going to be in Boston Again!
Heard a live 'in studio' song of yours on XM. Are you going to play live there again. Hope so.
There's nothing to do in Death Valley except work like a slave mining gold then going home and drinking cold beers. I am drinking cold beers now and hitting repeat for the last two hours on Situation Out of Control's Where the Old Oak Grows,Season of the Witch and Saw you at the Hop. Barbara belts'em out like we used to hear back during the 1960s. This is a really good thing. The Stone Coyotes' music reaches young,old,cityfolk and grizzled desert rats like me. All who listen to it identify with it.
Awesom cant wait to share with the world my exictment on new Harry Potter movie! Recomended highly!
I just started hearing your music on X Country on XM and really love your sound. your voice is unique!
Love your music. Please hurry with your new album. But don't hurry just to please me. Please yourself with your usual perfection. Your band is so good I cant believe that more people haven't had the pleasure of hearing your music. John Chalus
bought time for another texas visit?? lots of fun venues here in the hill country; yall can stay with me here in new braunfels!!!!!
Hallo. Beim surfen bin ich über eine interessante Seite gestolpert. Und zwar beschäftigt sich dieser Link mit dem Thema
Starting hearing Stone Coyotes on Deep Tracks (Xm 40). The songs put a hook in me.
Hear you all the time on xm. Finally got of my lazy arse to check out your site and myspace page--More awesome than I thought. Keep it up.
I am looking for copies of: Live & Limited Volume 1 & Captured Live In Texas - Live & Limited Volume 2 Please Help! and come back to Philly!
I heard Blue Mountain on Celtic Pub Radio and was immediately hooked. The blend of powerful rhythm and haunting lyricim is unforgettable. Hope to hear more from you!
great music
You're putting together a new album. I'll buy that soon as it's available. Would be nice to hear a song that covers the angst we all feel re the future. There's few stupid people out here. We know what's going on.
Info on your upcoming live performances would be appreciated. With your CD's in heavy rotation on XM12 and XM40 would you consider Arizona as a venue? It's great in the dead of winter....think about your tunes! Tucson John
Three days ago I heard your "party down the hall" for the first time. NICE tune. I must buy this CD. I called the radio station to find out who you were. Called two music stores trying to find that song. Don't know anything about your band, but love your sound!! Fred, 56 years old
You guys rawk man.... Vampirism rawks, lycanthropy rawks... AooooooaAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I won two of your cds in a radio contest. Although I had heard OF you, I had never actually heard much of your music. I haven't taken them out of my car system since then and it's the only thing my daughter wants to hear every day to and from school. THANKS!
F*** yeah!
Hello - I just recently got turned on to your great music - and would love to hear you in person!! Where might you be playing towards Kansas City???
why doesn't the Pennsylvania Coal Mine song play when clicked? I've wanted to play the song for many of my Pennsylvanian fans, in addition to our families who were watching. Can you help me? Thanks, Val from Pittsburgh
luv u guys. 'preciate the casbeers show. next time louder guitar (my hearing not to good) but us old rockers can say that with appreciation. thanx to all who came and made the coyotes feel the love. my family and friends will always be torn asunder by the first lady of rock and dance band. keep on rockin till we drop
You're on your way back to Massachusetts today and, yes, we wish you didn't have to go. Great to see you at Borski's and Dosey Doe's - wonderful shows at both of these intimate venues. I'm sure you were appreciated at Houston's I-Fest as well. Now we await Fall - the return of cooler weather and The Stone Coyotes.
Thanks so much Coyotes for making a trip to SA during Fiesta week. Once again you have re-inspired me musically; after almost 5 decades of playing you are exactly the shot in the arm I needed. I really appreciate y'all and what you are doing. Muchos ! Come back soon, we love you.
You rocked Casbeers (Johnny Rock's Cantina) in San Antonio again! Thanks for all your good cheer and indulgence when I ask for the same songs every time! (Rock it! and House of Confusion) And to think you even played Jolene! Keep it coming, we can't get enough in San Antonio!
great evening at casbeers in san antonio in such a great venue. thanks for your down-to-earth approach and your out-of-this world rock!! also, thanks for taking the time for the picture.
Hey. i found you guys thru the podcast of Jenny May and Dave Tommos. Those guys rock. I really dug the song on that podcast. You guys have that cool twang that I've always appreciated in rock music. Great vocals too. Thanks for rockin out. You can check out my stuff at All the Beat, Tim.
fiesta wednesday, beautiful day after the storm tuesday. didn't stop the loonies from niosa and other fiesta events. the big day thursday will bring friends and family to the best fiesta event-my good friends the coyotes are in town for the biggest fiesta blowout in town. see ya at casbeers and bring your happy feet and thirst so we can party down. viva fiesta!!!!!!
I LOVE y'all thanks to XM radio, can't wait to see you in SA TX on Thursday!! It's been a long time coming!
fiesta monday, the crazies will be arriving from who know where to party down in s.a. but the cool ones will be at casbeers thursday for the real fiesta fun! tell one tell all.
Loved the Dreams of Glory CD I bought recently. Yesterday,Born to Howl and Fire it Up arrived. Right off the bat I can see the transitional aspect. The Stone Coyotes' music goes from major-good to primo. I was born in 1946,had fun during the 1960s. Anyone who's lived thru that era got burned with the one good song record followed with junk records. Three bucks a record back then. Hourly wage $1.25. I still have a huge pile of totally useless San Fernando Valley garage band records. Thank you,Stone Coyotes for giving us better music as time passes.
Any Northwest Shows in the works?
coming into sa on tuesday....just in time for some awesome music and making more memories at casbeers with my tio johnny rock!!! if there is any other women who swear they are 'the first lady of rock' casbeers is the only place to be on thursday!! can't wait can't wait!!!! liz from san antonio
Heard you on XM, Love it!! Come to Columbia SC We will come!! Love it , Love it !!
fiesta has arrived but the best part will be casbeers thursday nite. be there or be square. yeah-i'm that old. but never too old to rock n roll. guys totally ROCK!!! I'm really diggin' it, been catchin' it on xm deep tracks... THANK YOU !!! every time I hear one of your songs I think "thank god (whatever your perception of that entity may be) somebody out there still remebers how to do it!"
Saw you at the stingaree and lucky me you will be at willis- see you there!
You guys are rolling! Awesome music! Xm is doing a great job on Deep Tracks with your material. Headed to TX to see you for the first time from VA. Rock on!
Come to the Ventura Theather, Ventura CA "THEY WILL COME"
Just discovered ya'll and am in rapture. Will be flying to San Antone from El Paso to catch you as Casbeers.
i heard you on xm radio for the first time yesterday i love your music song was great debra merritt
Thanks again for booking a date in Pittsburgh!...can't wait for the day to arrive!
Great Stuff all the way around.. vocals reign supreme, rhythm and guitargod riff. This 56yr old Dylanfan says hang on and thanks for it all. Hope to see you in the NY,NJ Pa area. ---steve
17 days to go for the FIESTA COYOTE concert special. y'all come on down to good ole san antonio and have a rockin great time!
ya all rock!! I love your stuff. Keep it up. Hope to see you in the midwest someday. Thanks to 12 X country for turning me on.
Can't wait to finally see you guys live in concert!! Our daughter has XM radio and turned us on to you last year. See you in Houston!
very good!
You're looking for deals? What a cheapskate.
Listen to your songs on Deep Tracks. Nice sound and am now searchin for deals on your CDs. As a 60's musician, its gotta be a bargain, or I don't need it ... Peace!
Come to Virginia! I've got to see this stuff live! Rock and f'n Roll.
This is a really great site Thanks! I ll be back soon!
Stone Coyotes your the best,, I would like to know if you ever tour the west coast. Im in Seattle and I know the people here would welcome you here with open arms
Barbara, when I first heard the song Party down the Hall on XM radio I thought WOW,I heard what I though was a young female Bob Dylan. so I looked the band up on the net and found out that your an older hip chick from the 60s.. I love the sound,definately great music with some soul, where have you been all my life? STONE COYOTES are on the way up. Thanks Old dude from the 60s
Born on April 1st,1946 I'm kinda old for the folks who frequent this site. But I know that the moment I listened to the Stone Coyotes on XMsatelitte radio I had seen the elephant. =================================== To forty-niners and those following, no expression characterized the California gold rush more than the words "seeing the elephant." Those planning to travel west announced they were "going to see the elephant." Those turning back claimed they had seen the "elephant's tracks" or the "elephant's tail," and confessed they'd seen more than enough of the animal. The expression predated the gold rush, arising from a tale current when circus parades first featured elephants. A farmer, so the story went, hearing that a circus was in town, loaded his wagon with vegetables for the market there. He had never seen an elephant and very much wished to. On the way to town he encountered the circus parade, led by an elephant. The farmer was thrilled. His horses, however, were terrified. Bolting, they overturned the wagon and ruined the vegetables. "I don't give a hang," the farmer said, "for I have seen the elephant."
I agree with Mike below. I caught you on XM too and went out and bought all your albums on iTunes and got them on my iPod now. Church of the Falling Rain is one of my most favorite songs (and album). If you ever plan on coming to Birmingham, Alabama, let me know. I am going to get front row seats!
jesus! where have I been. I caught you on XM raido and had to pull over to write the new songs down. Love your sound!I am ordering your other CD's now. Hopefully, see you in Houston!
fyi, the lyrics for "on the riverbank" come up as the lyrics for "my little runaway". i am looking forward to seeing/hearing you at johnny rocks cantina in april.
fast approaching fiesta here in s.a. y'all rockers need to check out casbeers(johnny rock's cantina) for a fiesta coyote blowout. why get caught up with crowds at college nite at niosa when all the fun will be here. rock on!
I mine radioactive substances in a remote location in the Mojave Desert,Ca. I fabricate jewelry from it that glows like a 60s headshop poster when exposed to UV blacklight. I love the Stone Coyotes. Especially after a hard day's working the mine with a few cold beers down me. Good rock music died circa mid 1970s with few exceptions. From then till now the music industry has been a wasteland. Everone knows that so let's stop kidding ourselves. The Stone Coyotes take us back to the old days of musical innovation. Take notice,music industry. Garage band fly-by-nights no longer bring in big sales. The Stone Coyotes rank genius in my book.
GREAT MUSIC!!!! Keep up the good work. I'm taken ya back to Iraq with me.
the stone coyotes rock!!! can't wait to see them in april everywhere in texas!!!
Just heard you guys on XM 40 Deep Tracks and went right to the web to find you and your stuff!! Incredible sound and even more incredible blend of styles!! The Coyotes were MADE for the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (The Boss's old stomping grounds). Book it and they will come!!!! All the best for '07 and beyond!! GH
Darren got it right. Barbara's numero uno of what makes the Stone Coyotes rule. In large part because she elucidates well. I'm an old guy working his mine in Death Valley now. But during the 1960s I had hair down to my butt. I still have my collection of records from back then. Started buying CDs recently when I walked into a record store,asked "Where are the records?" and a bratty kid behind the counter told me "They don't make records anymore,old dude". I speak from experience when I say spending three bucks on a record only to find there's but one good song on it and the rest are junk won't make you happy. And even the one good song sounds like jibberish. When Barbara belts them out you know what the words mean.
Great music!!
Doug, The last time I saw you was at State Beach. We were both involved on a production for Fox Studios. They had just called a wrap. Somehow you called out my name in the dark and we talked briefly (A wrap was a big thing in my end of the business at that time), and I've always regretted not jumping off the truck and freezing some time to talk ever since. Glad to hear you're still drumming, Joe
Discovered and still rockin' with The Stone Coyotes on WYEP, 91.3 FM, Pittsburgh PA. Don't get jealous Doug, but Barbara, I love you! Keep on rockin' - all 3 of ya!
Thanks for a great performance last night at the Route 63 Roadhouse in Millers Falls, MA. You played all my favorites! I just discovered you guys last year. I was hooked immediately. The introspective lyrics of a folksinger and the rock sound I've been looking for but hadn't heard anywhere else. Thanks so much. I hope to meet you sometime. Chris.
Why don't you ever come to Washington State?
I discovered you music on XM radio. Love it. Thanks to XM for exposing me to the Stone Coyotes.
Caught you guy's on Deep Tracks, great sound and lyrics. With bands like you coming off the XM I can handle the drive from Longbeach Ca. to Mohave Valley Az. every seven days. Thanks again, Larry P.S. I'll be 52 in June. Thats not old.
Now that you've achieved success my advice is invest your monies wisely. Moments ago I websearched 'Whatever happened to Pat Benatar?'. I read the result and my hair turned gray. You do NOT want to be selling batteries and junk food in your old age.
Have a couple of your cds and really enjoy them.Thanks for the music.
i heard a couple of your tunes this weekend on xm (x-country). excellent stuff!! just purchased a cd from texas swing, come a little further north to northwest arkansas....tha land of walmart!
Barbara, Doug and John: We discovered you when I won a free CD from 90.1 in Houston, TX (Ricky Escardo was the DJ that morning - love him too). It was meant to be. My husband and I have seen you many times since, and really love y'all. I was really thrilled when John gave us his chair to sit in at the Mucky Duck. I felt like you knew us. (But then management said we couldn't sit there; fire hazard - whatever). Thanks anyway John. You rock! Adriana is my favorite song. I don't know why. But we love it all. Will see you in Bolivar in April. I used to spend my summers there. Or maybe in Willis. But we'll be there. It is my husband's birthday (Charley Crowder) on April 21st. He'll be 52! Just a wee lad!!!! See you then!
I love it!! brings a tear to my eye to hear every word of your band! Every song holds a special meaning to me and me alone for all different reasons. I apreciate all of you. 28 yrs old st. petersburg florida. tour here huh?
I discovered you this week too. I was listening to Paranoid covers on iTunes... after i heard your interpretation, i had to buy your albums. If you ever come to germany, let me know. I have to see you on stage :)
Only just discovered you this week... what can I say? Real music played by real people.... your version of Jolene is a classic! And I've only just spotted you did a cover of Ace Of Spades... as Motorhead are my favourite band and Lemmy has been my bass playing hero for the last 30 years, I have to hear your version! Keep up the great work... and if by any chance you can afford it... come over to England!
How about a tour through N.California's old mining town Nevada City and a dip in the Yuba River this summer? We adore you!
i will be 60 on 2/23; my 13 year old grandson introduced me to you. i love your real rock and roll; keep it up. i intend to see you at casbeers in april; we live in new braunfels. why dont yall come to gruene hall?? thanks for th music.
When are you coming South (Atlants). Love to see you.
When are you guys coming to Norway?? Barbara's voice sooths me just fine :) Keep on rockin' coyotes!!
Heard the band on XM radio. Bought one cd. I now have four and will buy more. Great rock and roll
I ran into the Stone Coyotes kind of tangentially . . . surfing around iTunes looking for alternate versions of Season of the Witch . . . well I found it . . . good job . . . now I can't get enough of them.
love ya tunes!! love your voice!!found ya on my xm,can't get eough!!
Hey, from your fans in Kansas City!! Love the tunes... Catch & request you often via XM X-Country Channel 12!! We hope you'll book a gig here in 2007 @ Knuckleheads Saloon!! Kevin W. Peery Of Marshall/Peery (ASCAP)
Love the band and the music. Can't wait for the next album. How about a t-shirt for each album cover. John
Without doubt, the best discovery I made in 2004 was during a long road trip from North Carolina to Oklahoma. I listened to XM's XCountry (12) the entire trip and, luckily, got to hear several tracks. That led to CD purchases, and the excitement brewing via Elmore Leonard and "Be Cool." Too bad that Hollywood went a different route with the music and story. What a surprise. Hollywood ruining a book. Anyway, how about coming on down to North Carolina for a few shows? All the best.
I have been listening and I am HOOKED! Great sound! Former Albany, NY gut now in Myrtle Beach, SC. Come down for one of the many events! I and others will come! Best of Success always!
i absolutely love you guys!! you are too damn good!!! ahhhhhh :)
really good stuff. i heard "party down the hall" on "xm" and checked you guys out.if this was 1975 you guys would be superstars. keep on rockin, somebodys gotta do it.
to all u coyotians, FELIZ NAVIDAD y UN PROSPERO NUEVO ANO. heres looking to 2007 and new coyote music.
WOW! I heard your stuff on Deep Tracks. I should say I felt your music not just heard it. I won't try to compare you all with any other artists. It wouldn't be fair to you!
if you could send me dates when your in San Antonio, Texas. Your Family Rocks. Merry Christmas to You and Yours Thank you
hey! i haven't posted in a while
Long story short... Your rhythms kick, hooked me from day one. XCountry junkie. Been trying to hunt you down for months (too stupid to just do a web search!) You walk the Indie walk, proud of you. Will be looking in mailbox until first two discs get here. Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah
The Stone Coyotes are primo desert music. I'm out here alone in my cabin,big storm coming. Winds are whipping at gale force,temp rapidly dropping below freezing. The mountains surrounding me will be covered deep in snow tonight. This is a good place to pop my Coyotes CD into the stereo,laugh at nature's fury. Got my furnace turned to 78F and my ten rescued cats huddled on my bed over one of those fancy modern day electric blankets. We're happy as clams at high tide.
I've been promoting your band. Barbara, you are The First Lady of Rock. I like everything you do. When I discovered The Stone Coyotes on XM's Deep Tracks it was reminiscent of the first time I heard the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and many other great bands. Only great bands can make me turn up the volume every time I hear the them. You make me turn it up!
Saw your show in Houston at the Mucky Duck with my daughter. We both enjoyed it alot!! How about a guitar version of Highland Boy? Hope you'll be coming back here soon.
Just looking at your site for the first time. We had no idea there was a real "johnny rock"! Love that song! It's a little more country sounding than the others, but is like one of our favorites. First heard you on KAXE last forever!
all right now! finally have my face on the web with the greatest band east of pecos. luv u guys. keep on rockin
I love Desperate Times!!! Great song.
Greetings Doug and Barbara. It was great fun to meet you the other day at McCuskers Market. You got me thinking about Ella's acting 'career'. More just appreciated the compliments. She's a blast to live with. Hope to see you around town and/or come to one of your shows when your performing near by. All the best, Felice (Wolfzahn)
Yall kick ass.
My My I heard you on XM40 - Deep Tracks - they hooked me up with your web site & I'm so pleased you people can rock!!!!! Am going to spread your music to all my friends. Thanks again for such great music.
Hi, Heard Party down the Hall on XM while on the road and couldn't write down Stone Coyotes fast enough. I immediately ordered dreams of glory. Fortunately for me I'd just installed a new hot shot receiver in my rig and I listened to the cd twice through. I suspect it's kind of like chocolate cause you can't get enough. Thanks for the bumper sticker too. By the way when I went out to the rig yesterday I see a wolf had put down tracks in the snow, probably not long after I'd finished listening to the new cd. I guess he must have liked the howling too!
Discovered you guys on XM Cross Country. The music, & the vocals are so unique its refreshing to hear. When your songs come on the radio, I don't leave til its finished. Keep up the "Great Work!"
Great shows again at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival and Borski's. Doug, I hope your shoulder is better, but you couldn't tell it was a problem by the way you played... except for the kindling you made of your drumsticks:) Hope to see you back here soon. God bless, Brad
Like the others, heard you on XM and found your music on I-Tunes. Being 50 and stuck in the "old" music, your music is a breath of fresh air. You played the 400 bar in Minneapolis (4 blocks away from where I sit writing this) and I missed it. Please come back!!
The time you spent in Texas was too short for us. Loved you at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival and Borski's in Willis last Saturday. Thanks for dinner and we can't wait to see you again soon. Love, Dave & Peggy
We saw you at Borskis in New Waverly,/Willis Tx and you guys were great!!! We listen to your songs on KPFT 90.1. in Houston Tx. We live in Willis, Tx It is almost to good to be true to be able to hear a great live band as great as you are here in a small rural town as we are. Keep singing you were great we enjoyed it. I took my son and his friends to hear you tonite he is turning 30 monday an he enjoyed you also. An thanks to your friends that made your concert a great evening!!! Look forward to seeing you again when you come back to Texas!!!!
Heard it on the X (xm that is). Sounded really good so i ordered "Ride away from the World". Comin' to 'Bama any time? Hope to see you soon! James L. Wetumpka, AL.
Just now got my 2nd Dreams of Glory album in the mail. Will send it off to my Serbian friends Vojislav,Lillian and Uros in Belgrade,Yugoslavia. I made friends with them in 1999 via Internet. They're hot on martial moosic by Boban Markovic. Very East European. Wait till they hear the Stone Coyotes. I will use an online Serbian/English dictionary translator so they can understand the words. If your CD sales suddenly skyrocket in Yugoslavia I'm the reason why.
Heard your music on Sat radio, was impressed, decided to check it out further.Can't wait to hear more
Heard a piece of you on DeepTracks. You got my attention!
Ditto below, heard a song on xm today, came home immediately went to i tunes and started downloading songs.... soul is moved.
discovered you folks on xm radio--my guess is that i will end up with all your albums--thank you for the info--"born to howl" has been ordered--by the way george taylor morris has high praise for you--mark
just heard you for the first time - Party Down the Hall - on XM. cool. just bought the CD.
the casbeers gig was great! all my compadres y familia that were there had a great time and u know i surely did. thanx is too short a word. luv u guys. see u in april?
Glad to see success has come to the Stone Coyotes. Love the music. I'm 60 years old. Spend my time mining radioactive 1920s/30s glass. Learned about the Coyotes thru XMsatelitte radio.
Saw you at the Mucky on Friday night. You blew me away as usual. Glad to get the new CD and bought cd's for my friends. Keep the fires burning
thank you, thank you, thank you...saw you at the duck last night. Whew, better than sex !!!
Love Your new logo/look. Happy Halloween. See yall tonight
I've been watching you 3 for years at the Rythme Room & Continental Bar We even tried to see yall at The Lone Star Rally** but it rained on yur equipment so, you shut her down Thank God-- It is a treat to see yall.Looking forward to tonight. Finally
Heard John And Barbara on the radio this morning and tried to win tickets for tonights show--Of course I couldn't get through. Hope to get SRO tix this afternoon, but you HAVE to come back to Houston soon! The new cd is awesome.
Still excited and delighted from your performance at The Bugle Boy in LaGrange,TX last Sunday with our friends Wes Davenport and Madeline Johnson. My wife and I saw you at The Mucky Duck several years ago and then a couple of years ago, but being with you at the Bugle Boy was the best. You were having such a good time, it was infectious. You wailed !! Never say anyone play like John on bass electric; there's Doug, THE rock drummer, and then there's all the rest; and yes, Barbara's indescribable verbrato, soaring rise to the next note, and little wow moves and dance bring me joy tears and meaning to my life with her and Doug's poetry. And not only a great performance voice, but an authentic lead guitarist. Pete Cronquist has introduced me to a lot of all kinds of music, but he outdid all of it when he first mentioned The Stone Coyotes. Bless you all now and forever.
Xm Turned us on Now where do we buy the cd"
Houston native luv's your music
I attend the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival every year just to see Stone Coyote! They rock!!!
Thanks to XM X-Country for playing you guys. Received first CD. Will be buying more. Fire it up! Thanks! Atlanta, GA
Found you guys on XM Deep Tracks...Hooked at once! Awsome sound, brings me back to the days when music made me feel something!
My wife turned me on to the band. Only took a couple of listens for me to buy all six CDs. Can't wait for them to get here! Hope you get to Western NY in the near future.
I'm loving your vibe!
my psych prof recommended you hooked
I heard Pennsylvania coal mine on X country and had to stop what I was doing to go write down who you are. Looked you up today. I promise I am a fan for now on. you can all crash at my place if you come to the Springs.
I have never been a groupie to any band and then I heard your music on KPFT in Houston,Tx. I can't wait to see you at the Duck!!! I feel very lucky that you guys are so connected to this strange city. See you soon. Kristina
we saw you perform in pittsburgh, pa a couple years ago...wish you would consider coming back!...please!!!!...the "rosebud" closed, but "club cafe" is a great venue..we see lots of shows there... looking forward to seeing you return to the 'burgh to play for us.....thanks!..val
see y'all in conroe next month. 'bout time you got back. dave
Also heard you on Deep Tracks. Desperate Times is a classic. Just getting acquainted with the two cd's that cme in the mail today .... fast shipping I might add ....Dreams of Glory and Born to Howl and had to say how impressed I am. Just great stuff. Won't be long until I order the other titles! Keep rockin' and good luck with the Texas tour.
Been hearing you everyday on XM-still can't get enough, had to order three of your cds-each one as good as the next. THANK YOU.
Very cool music I've been hearing on XM satellite lately by the Stone Coyotes.I originally heard of the band name from googling Coyotes on the inet. I used to play in a band called Crazy Coyote and was curious to see if there were similarly named bands.Well recently I started working at a place that has X Country on most of the day.Well I got turned on to both Xm and the music of your band.Keep it up and try to make it down to Maryland. I'd love to see the band.Dino Delray
Pleeeeez come and play in Arizona. You have more fans than you even know. GREAT NEW CD!!!!!!!
The Stone Coyotes tee shirt & hat I ordered just arrived. Far out. Many thankyous. I am alerting all the desert denizens about the Stone Coyotes. Got the sheriff in my ghost town dancing to Desperate Times. Trona,Ca would be the perfect place for you folks to do a concert.
Found you on myspace-you were linked to Billy Joe Shavers friends list-What a find!! I ordered three of your cds from Amazon. I'm so excited...I just love your songs!
recently discovered what was missing in my life STONE COYOTES plan to make all the texas dates i can rock on
My Dreams of Glory CD arrived minutes ago. Have been listening to Desperate Times repeatedly. I live alone way out in the desert in a ghost town working my uranium glass mine. Today is 9/11. Born on April 1st 1946 I know what desperate times means. And these are them. The song,understanding what it meant,left me hands twisted into tightened fists. We're all of us drifting far at sea sharing a lifeboat.
Hey Coyotes it's me. I heard that you guys have a new record and I bet it's awesome. I'm bringing some friends to see you in Conroe. Well, good talking to you guys. Josh
I still have stars in my eyes. I love that song so much and listen to it all the time. I love you guys. Jamy YOU ROCK!!!
My one hour commute through Houston each day is oftimes ho-hum. Fortunately, KPFT radio brightened my 6:30 am Thursday morning bell with a new Coyotes tune. New CD and a Houston trip ... the darkening days are becoming brighter. Looking forward to some Texas style howling.
you guys simply rock.. It is awesome to hear you guys on XM radio's X Country. - Miami, FL
gregg from austin, why don't u come to s.a. and i'll buy u a beer. rock on
I live in a ghost town called Trona,Ca. Way out in the desert. I heard the Coyotes' Desperate Times song on XMsatelitte radio. Bought the album on the spot. Living with Death Valley up the road from me,Poison Canyon behind me,a lake (Searles Lake) that dried up 10,000 years ago beneath me and military bombing ranges to my left and right plus rattlesnakes and poisonous spiders 'Desperate Times' made me dance a jig. Mucho thankos.
You guys are great! Keep it up. Why are you coming so close to Austin in October and not stopping?
My husband calls you a genius........for once he's right on.......absolutely love your music.
love you guys!! wish you'd come to cleveland!!
I love your new song Party Down The Hall!
Thanks for the follow up comments Snadman and P. Murphy. I will listen to both songs. But particualr thanks to the Stone Coyotes for the prompt delivery of my cd orders and the personal comment on the back of the sticker you sent me. Come to LA. I will bring at least 10 people. Everybody else pitch in!
Stone Coyotes are the real deal. Thanks for all the good times.
I found you guys in the oddest place, the soundtrack of Mighty Ducks D3! I heard The Changing of the Guard and it knocked me over, so I searched you out on the internet. What a treasure I found! See you at the Cajun Catfish Festival in Conroe in October. No one touches my Coyotes CDs!!
request for all u coyotians! email or call xmradio and request stone coyotes. being #1 fan here in san antonio i know u guys will support the band. call ur local college radio and independent stations and give this the band the support and love u have. rock on. see u at casbeers
Went to the rt 63 last night. We loved your music, the spirit of rock and roll lives. Hard to find around here. Barbara you rock woman, and love your lyrics! We'll be back for more...
Got the new one as soon as cdbaby (a great site for wonderful eclectic music) the outstanding !!! works continues. Don't forget us down here in D.C. on your next concert go round. (Jammin Java owned by The Brindly Bros.) KEEP ROCKIN.
Correction for Damon: The song P. Murphy means (with line about being a surfer in California) is called "Rock It" and it's on the "Born to Howl" album. "Rock Harder Than You" is on the "Rise From the Ashes" CD. It has California in it but no surfer.
Hey Damon, (The guy with the entry right below me) You should check out their song "Rock harder than you"--Off the album "Fire it up" I think--- It has a lyric about being a surfer in California. I also am totally inspired by this music that I found quite by accident.
Wow. I consider myself an aficionado of obscure and hard to find music. I live in LA and listen to KCRW, mostly the Open Road with Gary Clalamar. I first heard your stuff on RootsRockRadio when I heard your song "Lucky Day." I don't mean to be morbid but I added it to a playlist I call "Funeral Music" meant to be played at my wake. Anyway, I just heard "Party Down the Hall" and I am blown away by your music. When are you coming to concert in California? I fucking love your shit. It is like I finally discovered the music I would make, the ideal music, if I actually had any talent, which I don't. Thank you for existing! I am a lifetime surfer and your music makes me want to find the biggest wave in remote indonesia and just go crazy. Consider me your biggest fan on Pearl Street in Santa Monica, Califronia
I ist heard desperate times on xm radio.i liked it enough to search for and blew me away so i bought two more of your cd's and was knocked off my feet.I just purchased three more,this time directly from red cat.Thank God for XM and thank God for the Stone coyotes,Nashville loves you.
your texas mecanic say's hello ! 1430 rayford .rd spring.TEXAS 77386 go red sox's
My friend in Houston turned me on to your music! What a Good friend he is!! I'll be coming back in Oct to see you live. Keep Rockin.... Poe
I was listening to xm radio and heard that you were #6 on their top album chart. COOL! Love your music.
I just spent the weekend listening to Cds #3 through #7 and thoroughly enjoyed all of them! Great sound! Come back to Philly! P.S. I'd love to hear an acoustic album sometime. (Wake up, What's the Matter on Fire it up is so sweet!)
Just heard the new disk. It's rare to find a sixth disk of a band that's as good if not better than their first.Please come to Maine!
just heard digging for gold up to #12 on xm12 chart. way to go. u fans keep on requesting, let others know of a sure thing.
Barbara and Coyotes, love your sound. Honest rock and roll, baby! Enjoy Casbeers and please say "hello" to Barbara and Steve from the original bassist for Robbie G. (RIP - Love always, GMan) and Texas Roadkill. Rock on! Rick Salcedo (former) bassman, Robbie G. & Texas Roadkill McKinney, TX
dig your tunes, keep it up.
it took me 34 years to find barbara again.i bought the vinyl in 1972;and since i try to find what happen to a such talentuous ladie. THANKS GOOGLE Richard chabert.French living in Bali
truly one the best bands i've ever heard. y'all just blow it out for me everytime. put me on list/something and let me know when you may make it to texas. DR Corpus Christi, Tx.
you rock!! I just heard "party down the hall" on the roots rock radio show. and I was sold. So i immediatly bought the "fire it up" and "dreams of glory" cd's. Keep up the good work and let the american rock rolling. -> PJ (Belgium)
dance band got me rock on
i have'nt heard a band i like, this much,in over 20 years.i first heard you on xm deep tracts and it's my loss that i missed your nashville show last year.i'm telling all my friends about you and please come back to nashville.rock on!
Can't get enough of your special sounds. Don't stop doin' what it is your doin'!
Love the new CD! Its right there with your other CD's. Good job Stone Coyotes! I hear you regularly on XM's 'Rogue Calls" and at other times on X Country and Deep Tracks.
i just heard you for the 1st time on xm was love at 1st sound.i have'nt heard a band this exciting in the last 20 years.I'm 49 and grew up on led zep,who,beatles and most of the 60s & 70s.can't wait to catch you live.i'm telling all my friends and nashville is waiting for you.
yalls new cd rocks. its one of the best ones. my personal favorite is born to howl. *~Arlene~*
coyotes coming to san antonio! all u fans need to come to casbeers and turn on ur friends to the best threesome in rocnrol. do you remember the 70s rock bands that played here like ac/dc, moxy, oz knozz, budgie, groups that moved u. well stone coyotes do just that! so come on down, it will be rockin!
Need to see you at the Rhythm Room. Not "want", "need". Can you make room when you're here in October?
heard your stuff on cdbaby and bought four cds from you. you rock! it's really impreesive to hear such good rock songs in times of MTV sounds. great lyrics, strong vocals and three people who rock & roll together. i love your sound. maybe you come to europe some day...!
Back to New York absoutely rocks. Played it so much I am pretty sure the vinyl is scratched.
first heard yoall on kpft and have been in love with your music eversince.keep it up and keep on rocking!!!
love the new album. songs are very bright, but you still rock with the best of them. keep up the good work, and do more live shows around here, eh?
Great new cd. Are you ever going to play in Los Angeles again? Come on!
You guys have done it again--No, you've outdone yourselves! I think it's the strongest album yet. It goes from the rock of "Back to New York" to the beautiful "Peace of mind"...LOVE IT!!
My Uncle Johnny Rock made sure once I was home for the summer that I had to hear the New ROCK"N cd. And let me tell you it rocks!! You guys are awesome! But of course "Johnny Rock's Cantina" is my favorite song of them all.
Wow! Just ordered Dreams of Glory, to complete my collection of Stone Coyotes music. I never tire of this music -- great songs, stories and straight ahead rock. Wish there were sixty c/ds instead of six. One of my favorite groups. Come back to Texas(San Antonio) soon!
At last the drought is over! And it's just in time for our anniversary. (19 years June 14) We ordered 5 copies from PayPal - we have to keep spreading the word. The short cuts on the website were perfect teasers. We can't wait to hear them all and for your return to Houston! w/s
as always you were amazing. being a big motorhead fan, the ace of spades cover thrilled me to no end. tony and i played a mostly coyote rock block on womr for that hour, all the live tracks on the new album- we closed our eyes and pretended you were there. we will be in touch about the beach comber in august. thanks again- ahbi
Thanks so much for playing American Child and Bone Tired for me once again. Love to see you, anytime, but miss hearing my favorites, which are you less raucous songs, mostly, eg, My Horse Has Wings, Sailor's Song, Free the People, Ghost of Vicksburg, Adriana, Death of the American Song, It's Late, etc. But I realize a club like the Pig reguires rock anthems. I do like Situation Out of Control and Torn Asunder, though. Anyway, great to see you, and glad to have the new CD, as I have played all the others into the ground. rev
It was so great to see you guys again @ The Squealing Pig. Looking and sounding as cool as ever. Talking about Slaughterhouse and Big Bang really made me wish I was back in Hamp. PLease come back as soon as you can to the Cape. xoxoxox settie
Heard you guys on XM radio for the first time last week...bought two cd's from your Amazon...And haven't taken them out of my player yet! THANK YOU! Finally, something new and interesting to listen to.
THEY R BACK! listening to the new cd "dreams of glory"-my fix is in. coyoteans-this is one of their best. opens with pure coyoteness "party down the hall" and seques into known coyote country, songs of unforsaken love,the sea, fortune and misfortune, places to remember. 3 songs flow into each other-the great icehouse song "johnny rock's cantina" (thanx guys)into down & dirty heavy overdrive of johns bass beat on "back to new york" and then get down rocnroll of "bad luck". the cd packs all the goods-the driving rhythm section of the tibble men and the wailing guitar and voice of barbara. party on! let the people know of whats playing on ur cd.
1 day left in may. start countdown for new cd in june. all u coyoteians rejoice! also need t's cause mine r fallin apart from 2 much usage. viva coyotes
just waiting for my coyote fix. arrival june. in the meantime will listen to coyote mix cd and drink a cold top shelf margie down in here in hot s.a. go spurs go
I have heard y'all on XM Radio and I can't get enough, I have been bragging about y'all and have you on my music list on!! If Texans don't know you yet, I am spreading the word like wild fire!! Keep it coming! Love it!!!
Hey I can't wait for The Squealing Pig show in June. Right after my birthday! Yeah you guys rock.
We love your music...We live in the lower Valley of Texas...right next to South Padre Island...we'd love to hear you live in the Valley. We just can't seem to make it to the other locations. You all rock!
I heard you guys on XM Radio...XCountry. I'm an instant fan.
Why aren't you coming to Texas? Can you come to Seattle, WA?
Joe was 47. He would have wanted me to correct that. :) We were all at his house last night and I noticed that there's a Stone Coyotes bumper sticker on his daughters' bureau.
I wanted to thank you guys for making original and inspiring rock music. My uncle, Joe Murray, originally from Westfield, MA, was a huge fan of yours. He introduced me to your music during a trip to Aruba in 2002. He's seen you guys live in concert multiple times and I think he's even met you. Last night Uncle Joe died in his sleep due to complications from lung cancer. He was 48. You helped keep him rocking and rolling until the end. If he could have, he would have thanked you himself. On behalf of Joe and his family, thank you. Keep doing what you do. You're making a difference in the lives of many. Sincerely, Dana J. Bein Joe's Nephew
no tx dates till fall. o.k. the weather should be cooler anyway.
no spring break here in texas?! well, that's what i've got your cd's for *S*. God bless & looking forward to the new cd. brad (kstar 99.7fm)
who is don rice and why does he have to say yes to himself? waiting for my coyotes fix
So, I'm sittin' around here in Space City USA and wondering "when the hell are the Coyotes comin' back to H-town?" Say, you guys wouldn't happen to know the answer to that, would ya? Also I am in need of a new SC t-shirt, everyone is complaining that they have seen the others way too often. Peace, Love & Harmony, Don Rice
this music goes hand in hand with my love for dry desert environments, splatterd mesas, prickly cactus, red dirt, desolate ladscapes, and cut-throat honesty. on a different friend that has packed (animals) for over 30 years in remote environments was turned on to your band (compliments of yours truly) and he is speechless......all you have to do is close your eyes, turn up the music and rock out to enjoy this truly origional music......a gem to the world of todays "music"
You guys are in the top 5 bands i've heard in 40 years ! Have all six CDs. please do more! Above all please try to do some shows in the Washington D.C. area !Barbara is the second coming of Grace Slick. Keep rocking Don't forget us down here in the nations capital
alright i'm delisted
Yall rock man
Hey Kids- Just heard an old tune from Eurythmics and thought you might consider covering it some day. "I Need A Man" sounds like a tune you could "Coyote"-up in a greasy/rock it might turn ole Dougie on! God Bless The Coyotes and their loyal posse, H-Town misses Y'all
I got Fire it Up from your site and my 6 year old graddaughter heard it in the car. She confiscated the CD and now knows all the words. Your fan base is secure, keep it up.
You guys are popular and famous. But fame can quickly evaporate. My prayer is that u will find peace and permanent acceptance and joy in Christ. Hope u can visit my website. Thanx Peter
Hey Y'all!! No International Fest gig in 2006? Hope new CD coming along nicely.............miss and love ya, Edge & Rosie in H-Town
I've seen you at The Mucky Duck, Continental Club, Houston International Fest and the Conroe Catfish Festival. Every show was a blast. I enjoy your albums and look forward to any new release. Keep on rocking
I've heard your music for the first time on Broadjam. Odessa is quite a song. Barbara has a great voice and style. Peace. bob nesom
First heard Pennsylvania Coal Mine on XM Radio, I was swingin' the wheel of my rig all over the place on U.S.30 in Ohio and got pulled over, been hooked on yer music ever since. How in the hell do I get your Cd's?!!!
from westboro. turned on last weekend by a friend from sprinfield. my daughter and i are diggin the sounds. sg her fave! weapon, she inherited one of my strats though. if she ccc a pic i'll be at guitar center. i'm a sucker for a nice guitar.
Ghost of Vicksburg. What a great song! Music, lyrics the whole thing. I cried on the 3 rd go through. If it wasn't for xm I never would even know about a great band and others like you. Your other songs are great as well, but that one for some reason made me stop, listen again, look u up on the web and then listen one more time and read the lyrics. Keep up the good work. Tanks John
You guys rock. Just bought two more of your cd's. This is a truly unique sound. X Country XM got me hooked!
I thought I was done with Rock... you changed my mind! Now, when are you coming to Santa Cruz, Ca?
Good Stuff! I heard you on XM
I'm a big fan that has watched you guys rock at the continental club in houston. I also saw a cd release of the last album at Cactus Records. Any chance you'll be in the area let me know. I'd also love to get an autograph from you guys. What are you doing now? Michael Mann
when y'all commin' back. i needs to see the first aldy of ROCK!
I'm ripping 6 Stone Coyotes CD's now so I can put them on an iPod and play them through my big bad Milwaukee Job Site radio! When are you coming back to the Houston area???? My wife and I enjoyed your concerts at the Mucky Duck and the Conroe Catfish Festival.
FYI, they are closing the doors at Cactus Records...sad day in Houston History...When are you coming back to Houston? Love you guys! Tim
Love your music. Waiting patiently for you to come back to Cleveland.
Love your sound! when I play with friends on a Friday night, we love belting out Detroit or Buffalo. And to think I knew you back when!
Was at the Roadhouse, what a great sound and a great family, would you be interested in adopting a 58 yr old guitar player?
i need my coyote fix! hope the new cd will be here soon. waiting with anticipation
Heard you for the first time the other night at the roadhouse. I am in the "business" myself. I just want to convey how absolutely inspiring you all are. Without question the best live music I have heard in many years. Great songs, great playing, great energy, great band. Thanks.
A friend sent me, "Situation Out of Control" and I haven't been impressed by a band since I first heard the BoDeans. There is no weak spot in the effort. Lyrics. Vocals. Back up. Total rock. Come to western North Carolina. Soon....
We listen to x country daily,and you are the most liked music on RougeCalls...
Not bad for a band of migrants/nomads. Fire it up!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Who says you get better with age!!!!!!!!!! Love ya, your local fan club.
SMOOTH GROVES !!!! I dig it...
Heard you guys on Roots Rock Radio, thanks for being podsafe. I expect to buy at least a few songs
Church of the falling rain if you never heard go buy beg or steal it no fillerson it great album
Got turned on to you guys on 99.9 The Rock out of Auburn. Love what I hear. Hope to hear more.
I also discovered you accidently on XM radio. I was driving in the middle of nowhere when I heard 'All dressed up' coming out of my speakers...I literally pulled the car over. I haven't really been excited about music in years. Your songs sound new and classic at the same time...totally different, but almost like i've heard them before. Anyway, I bought all 6 cds, and there isn't a 'filler' song in the bunch. THANK YOU ...Excited about music again in Oregon!
I also listened to the countdown. Waiting and wondering where you would end up. Congratulations on #19 of 50!
Just heard XM's XCountry Countdown of Top 50 Albums for 2005. Congrats on #19... Fire It Up!
I also heard you on XM the other day. What a great sound! You have a new fan up in Toronto, Canada. I sure hope you can make it up this way sometime. In the meantime, I'll be loading up on the cd's. Thanks and keep on keeping on!
waitin' for the next gig in 'Bama
Heard you on XM the other day and thought WOW. Just found your website. Hope to here more you you. Going out to look for you CD. BJ
Snow on the roof, fire in the furnace? The heat generated at your Conroe show in October has hung around. We've been in the mid 70's to low 80's ever since. Careful or Greenpeace will set up in Greenfield and protest your contribution to global warming. Our Amsterdam family arrived the day after Christmas and after the standard "howdies", the first question with meat was "Are The Stone Coyotes playing anywhere while we're going to be here?" Looks like you guys should be heading to Holland ... we've built up a small army of loyals who need a shot of the live stuff. We miss you guys.
I bought the Barbara Keith LP in what 73. I turned everyone I knew to the album. I still have an unopened copy. You should rerelease it. It's just a different take and still holds up. I greatly enjoy the new stuff. I found out about the band from a Houston Chronicle story after wondering all these years what happened. All the best
A very nice web with helpful informations!
just want to wish you a happy holiday season and thank you for all the good music you put out. got a chance to see you a couple times this year, and am looking forward to seeing you in 2006.
nice..great music, lyrics..bass..a beat...hard to find anymore. Listen on the dirt bike...or the street, always fits.
Wow! Fire it up!!! A fan here in Michigan for only a month, but lovin' it! When you gonna come out here to the Arctic Circle and melt this damn snow? Keep rockin'....!!!!
heard your song the ghost of vicksburg on the xm and was moved. can you let me know which of your albums it is on so i can look for it. thanks. bye the way, what a great band you are.
You know what Davy Crockett said: "you can all go to hell, I am going to Texas." See you back here soon...have car will drive, but preferably in Houston.
Hi Stone Coyotes! I first heard one of your songs about a year ago on my local college radio station (88.9 WBZC) and I thought "Holy crap, that's great! Who is it?" They don't always say who they're playing, so it took me a while to find out. I kept listening and listening and every so often they would play one of your songs and I would think "Holy crap, that's good, who the heck is it?" all over again. Finally, one day they played one of your songs and the dj came on and said who you were and I went "YEAH!!!" and I found your website and bought all of your cd's (they're all great) and I got on your mailing list and waited for you to announce a tour date that was somewhere near me (near Philly). Well, it seemed like the only places you ever played were in Massachussetts and Texas and no offense, but they're just a little too far, so I wasn't sure I'd ever get to see you. But then in the spring I got an email that said you were playing up in North Jersey and I went "YEAH!!!" again and drove up and saw you play a great show and all was good. I was a happy camper. Then I got even happier when I got an email a few weeks ago that said you were going to do a concert at somebody's house (Jen and Dave's) that was only a couple towns away from my town. I couldn't believe it. I went "YEAH!!!" and went to their website and found out that the show was sold out. "NOOOO!!!" So I called them up and begged and they kindly let me come over and squeeze in. Man, that house was crowded. So I got to see you again and you were awesome. Thank you! Please come back to the area again sometime. You're one of the best bands I've ever heard.
HELLO! I am up and running.I am afraid to spell any words wrong so I will keep this short and sweet.Please write back when you get this.Have a great show tonight!This is your daughter.
What a GREAT Band!!! saw you'all for the first time at the IRON HORSE ... I'm glad I salvaged all your Church of the Falling Rain CD's from the City Gehenna in Avon, CT...what do they know here anyway....? I bought 3 more CD's and the excitement comes across even on a recording, that MEANS your UNIQUE ... Thanks!!!! for a great evening....P.S. I've done my share of screening for Radio, so I know!!!
you guys rock, never listened to country before. always ac/dc, zepplin, old school, plus what my 19 year son likes, needless ta say, i got him into down, coc, etc. i`m having trouble buying your cd`s though. can`t find them, your web (PAY PAL) WON`T take my credit card # it is good, buy the way. help! jeff white 618 center goodland ks. 67735 call me' or look me up if your ever snowed in, in kansas 785 821 4292 thanx
Hey Coyote Freaks! The place to go is : HIT "Around The Edge" on right! Check out review and photos of recent 2 stop in Houston area!!! God Bless the rockin' Coyotes and cannot wait to see 'em again...........Please give us feedback fans! Peace, Edge Ferranti Senior Editor Houston Music Review
U guys ROCK, first time i heard you on xm radio had to have your cd's bought them all. they all rock. keep on rocking
Y'all rock my sox!!! y'all are the greatest, and an inspiration to me to pick up the guitar again! I love y'all very much y'all rock!!!!! go astros
Congratulations on another terrific gig at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival and a special thank you for joining me for the much too brief interview on Kstar. Looking forward to your next trip to Texas, and in regard to that... may God multiply your miles per gallon!
John, My friends and I, Pam and Steve had the pleasure of meeting you at the famous "Berry Hill Tamales" at Kirby. We were very intrigued about your background in music and especially big fans of the 70's shows. We love your music and style. Hope to hear you live. Love the vocals and beat of the music! Lillian
I saw you for the third time this year Sat. night at the Conroe Catfish Festival. Third time is a charm. It was the best. Each time I see you it furthers my confirmation that you are the best unknown rock band in America. Keep on Rocking!
Ms Kay and I saw you last night at the Conroe Cajuan Catfish Festival. I really enjoyed your performance and thank you for signing my cd's. I listen to KFPT often and that is how I found out about the Stone Coyotes. I love your music it is clean and pure rock & roll. My best wishes and hopes for your family's happiness and success. Good luck.
Wow! What a performance last night at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival!! You rock! Bought two CD's and a t-shirt - look forward to your next visit to our annual festival.
Saw your show tonight at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival...Love your music, your style. Have your CD... Wanted you to know how much we loved your band...
Howdy! Saw y'all for the first time at Continental in Houston Friday nite. Most excellent! And do plan on seeing y'all again!!!!!
Hey Guys, Saw you at the Continental last night. Glad to see you back in Houston. We're looking forward to seeing you at the the crawfish festival, and hopefully a few more venues here in the Bayou City. Thanks for introducing some of your new songs. Enjoyed it much! Just a question, what musicians and music influenced you?
my regards.nice site.
Hello, got to enjoy you folks last year at the cat fish fest, in Conroe Tx. looks like we will see you again this year as well!! looking forward to it. Mark Donovan, drummer Malford Milligan Band ,Austin Tx. Ps... I am from a little town in Mass. called Middleton. I heard you folks are from up that way. Peace!!!
I first heard your Church of the Falling Rain from a CD I borrowed at the library. Within a few minutes I knew I had found something special. I was surprised that anyone would mention Del Shannon or the hop in any new album cut today; then I read your bio. I get it now. I think your music is clean and full of that hard drivin Texas rock of ZZ Top, the Vaughn Brothers, Debbie Davies and others. I can hardly wait to add your CD's to my library and hope to catch the upcoming show in Northampton. My biggest enjoyment now is to turn others onto what I have found. See ya soon, Larry Vincent
love the style, the lyrics and the vibe. good groove!!! i am really happy to see that yall are coming to houston. i will be there at the continental club in october in houston. say thanks to kpft radio.........they keep you guys on the the station and absolutely your music.
first heard you on xm radio love your music xm is great tkx
I hope and pray that people in Galveston will all be safe and well...! My thoughts will be with them. I know that The Stone Coyotes consider Texas as their "2nd home" and I hope you will find friends safe as well... Bless You All...!
Uh,, Hey "Steve" - You OBVIOUSLY missed the POINT, Duh... (not surprised though, with your BRANIAC comment!!) There was actually a time when a REAL Band wouldn't even SELL their properties for commercial use.
Uh, Hey "Chuck" - what about the music? Try looking at the Music/Lyrics page. Duh.
hey I think your cool im cool to
I recently heard one of the CD's and fell in love with the band. For a 3 piece band, it's great music. I hope to hear more from this band.
Cool website!
i miss you guys
How awesome! I didn't realize John Tibbles was really a rock star! Excellent!! Hope you like Hatfield!
wow... What a disapointment! Most BLATANTLY COMMERCIAL Band Site I have seen yet!! What about THE MUSIC???
hey wats up ? i found you guys while looking for coyote items on the net.YOU GUYS KICK ASS! i love the honesty and soul in your music. keep doing what youre doing. stay true zachariah
Great Site! I'll see you on September 17th -- Andy
October 7th at the Continental Club seems so far away. I cant wait. Last show I saw was at the Engine room March 18th 2005 (My Birthday Party) Thanks again for a great night. See you in October. Jason Keith Golden
I had an opportunity to hear your band play in Pittsburgh back in May for the very first time. Out of all my favorite artists, your music reached my innerself and I am looking forward to your next visit to Pittsburgh.
rev. john-i find the coyotes music to be an uplifting experience- a true conveyor of what the human soul should feel. whether religious connotations are implied, i do not know but they do move me and make me think, as well as move my feet!
Saw you at the Pig in P-town, and in the hardware store parking lot; except for the Red Sox, and you having to play mostly rock type stuff, great show. I requested American Child and Bone Tired. Wish I could see you when you did some more of my favorites, but I'll take it for now. My real favorites are Sailor Song, My Horse had Wings, and Ghost of Vicksburg, but I am warming now to Stone's Throw and Rainy Nights off the 1972 CD. I am now a singer/songwriter myself, but I used to teach theology and write articles on popular culture. I am thinking of writing something called The Gospel According to the Stone Coyotes. I wonder if any of your other fans have noticed the religious and biblical subtexts in your songs. Anyway,loved the show I got to see, and have alerted my friends in Nashville to your show there October 22. Come back up this way any time.
Read "Be cool" and knew I had to find the songs those lyrics fit to. Love your music, and hope to see you around Maryland soon.
Awesome site
Never have I heard anything more uplifting and true in it's natural state than you three playin your hearts' out!
Just saw that you guys are coming to Nashville!! We can't wait to have you! You guys are THE BEST!
Hope to see you all soon as I will be at the lone star bike rally.
I can't wait till you guys come back to TX this fall! The music ROCKS on it's own but nothing beats your shows. Houston loves you!
Hey, you need more free low quality mp3 for listening. Alexei
I too heard your group on XM and took notice. I purchased CD's in your 'buy' section. I'm looking forward to seeing your group 'live' next time you play in Houston.
Love the T-Rex influence, maybe some Alex Harvey?
Very nice website. Keep up the good work I will visit again.
Finally bought an XM Radio for the big truck...found X Country...first song I heard was "Dance Band" hooked on Channel 12 & you guys....I'm 50 years old & never heard anything like this before....still amazed that there is a "sound" out there that moved me the way your music has...rock on...and Crossroads Country has done you they too are premier.
who are you guys?
I saw you play once in Lexington, Kentucky and you rocked the house! When will you be back in Houston, TX?
Thanks for taking that long drive to Grand Rapids and for giving us a wonderful performance in spite of the heat. We love your music and appreciate your generosity. My best, Annette
Just saw you guys yesterday @ KAXE's Riverfest in Grand Rapids MN. WOW!!! Thanks for comming up to see us, I enjoyed the show and dancing in the "Mosh Pit"
stone coyotes are being played on internet radio radioioelectic. how cool is that!
Hey! Saw the promo for your gig in Cleveburg @ Beachland Tavern and it had the killer photo I took at your show last October when I walked in on y'all!!!! How cool is that?! God Bless you and get your butts back to the great state of Texas soon.............Love ya, Edge Ferranti Senior Editor Houston Music
Hi Guys, just checkin' in to let you we miss you in Texas and hope to see you soon. I loved the interview with Bob Edwards at XM12, thanks for putting it on the site. The music just keeps getting better and better. Keep ROCKIN' YOUR WAY!! pj
Congrats on the #1 HIT! I cant wait to see yall soon... hopefully i wont miss you guys this time.
omg i jsut love you guys!!!! howd u get started? i have recording studio in my basement and ive been recording me singing to "house of confusion....wolves are at your door... "etc. i really respect u guys. ok gotta go byee!!
Hey Y'all! Hope you burn down the Beachland Tavern with your killer sounds in July! WISH I could walk in on ya again! Hey Doug-maybe you should bring your OWN chair this time around..........just a thought! Love ya and counting the minutes until Fall return to your HOME in H-Town.......Peace, Edge of
Please, please, please come back to P-town!! You blew me away. I now have a t-shirt, two cds, and have just ordered four more. Now I want the unavailable live album, vol. 1.
congrats! #1 just like our spurs in s.a. i'll be waiting till winter to see y'all again rock on!
Love the band - I am the number one fan in South Carolina - hope you come to Columbia, Charlotte, NC or Asheville, NC - would love to see the band live!
Congrats on the #1 X-Country Chart position!
Can't wait to see you at the KAXE festival in Grand Rapids! Rock on!
if you folks ever come near/thru Nashville, please let us know. love your music.
i recently discovered and have become addicted to xm's channel 12 and first heard you there. i love your music. what i like is original and you are that. got to get my hand's on your cd's. keep it going!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, tim burton marshall, tx
Thank you for a terrific show at the Squealing Pig. We were very excited to see you in such an intimate setting. Looking forward to the next area show. I am very sorry however, and wish to apologize to the entire family, for the unconscionable behavior of a few in the crowd.
Its know the birthday boy in Houston from the Engine Room Show in March. Yeah I know...wild night.....Just wanted to say that there was nothing better than having The Stone Coyotes play my birthday party. I love the band and can't wait to see you again. Remember....FIre It Up!!
I agree with Archie. There are som great venues here in Nashville for you. If you need some contacts, I'd be happy to give you what I got. Also, X-Country Xm is here--stop by for an live interview. YOU ROCK!!
johnny rock got me into your music and i love it! i love it! i love it! i love it!
Thank God for satellite (XM) radio! I love your music and your obvious commitment to music...your way. I hope to hear even more on XM and am very hopeful you will schedule a few shows in the Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis area soon. There are some great venues for your music in Nashville, by the way.
some of the best music i've heard in a long long time. keep it up and let me know when you are playing in fla.
I first heard you on z889 (Burlington County College, NJ) "Wow, when did Lucinda Williams learn to ROCK? Wait, that's NOT her. Who is that? WHO IS THAT???" I jotted down some lyrics as best as I could and Googled them up, but to know avail (hint: get those lyrics up soon). Then, the moment I knew you'd made it ... I heard you on 'XPN (UPenn - home of World Cafe). Keep it coming.
I have heard your music on xm and love it-are you playing in texas any time soon?
Love your music. Thank God for XM radio, channel 12. When are you coming to the Atlanta area?
You are the most original band playing today. Keep on freakin the scene! Congrats on new album and continued success!
A great sound! I went the 226 miles to Reno Nevada looking for your CD's. I wasn't able to locate any there so here I am. Please keep your fantastic sound coming. Mike
Hi, Just got XM Radio. Are there any channels that play your music? If not is there a way to request it? Keep up the good work. Your last Cd is another good one. Terry
Hey you guys, I have been after KACC in Alvin, Texas (one very cool radio station) to play some of your stuff. They say they don't have any! Can you believe it. I'm sending them a CD tomorrow!
really a very interesting site - musical greetz from vienna/austria !!
When I was 15yrs. old (hmmm.1969 or there abouts) my aunt worked for a music publishing co. She gave me some albums that were "off" the wall types. One of them had the name Barbara Keith on it. All I remember about the cover was a woman with long hair and a guitar. (Carol King-ish) ? I listened to that album over and over again through a very hard time in my life. I fell in love with the voice of the woman singing, and cried myself to sleep many nights listening and wishing I belonged somewhere in my family instead of no where and being passed around. (Yes, I was the "problem hippy child"). I've have been looking for this singer and her album since then. Stone Coyotes is the closest I've come to possibly finding the voice that made me love music and took me to a happier place in my head and heart. Is your Barbara the one? I can't find the sound bites to hear the song about the Ferris Wheel. I remember a song like that. Please Please...I would love to know what ever happen to the Barbara Keith of my teenage years. Any help you can give would be great! My heart thanks you no matter what the answer is. I will keep looking. Thank you very much. Sharon S. in Simi Valley, Ca.
Hey Rockers! PLEASE visit the site to see the HEADLINE on the site covering the Spring Tour 2005 of our beloved darlings !!!! Killer stuff. Let me know what ya think and God Bless The Coyotes..............Peace, Edge Ferranti Senior Editor
Hey guys -- Great to hang and play a show again with you last Friday at The Iron Horse. It was a blast. We look forward to future opportunities. And your fans were so nice to us, making us feel welcome. Thanks Coyote fans. --- The guys from Fancy Trash
Really sorry to miss IH the Ghost of Vicksburg! Heading out buy CD! Playing locally again this summer?
Sorry to miss your Iron Horse concert last night. I have been listening to your music on your website and am about to go out and buy your CD. Will you be playing anywhere in the area this summer? Thank you for your great music.
got your fire it up cd. greatest song is the ghost of vicksburg. done so well, that it got me looking up civil war info. great stuff. thanks.
John, Barbara and Doug, As usual, great seeing you guys again last Saturday in PGH. You were outstanding!!! Keep on Howling from your biggest fan in the 'Burgh!!! jay kuchta
The Stone Coyotes have remained, our estimation, one of the finest rock'n'roll outfits of all time. They have influenced in our song writing, live performance, and personal artistic integrity. Barbara Keith is, and should be known as the single greatest rock'n'roll frontwoman of all time. Thanks for everything gang, Rockthefuckon....The Holics
WOW! The Spring Texas Tour has FLASHED by so fast! The Borski's gig was off the charts and a fitting send off!! Stay tuned for a full review and KILLER pics (Barbara-I think you'll like these, too!) of the Tour..........Cactus Records & Continental Club posted. Is it FALL yet?! We miss ya BAD already in the great city Of Houston-The "Home" of the Stone Coyotes! God Bless! Love ya, Edge Ferranti Senior Editor
songs about electricty? I am not 2 computer litarate just learning how 2 use this thing. my head is not wired correctly and I have trouble hearing and I survive. head hurts some time. a three peice band is easy 2 listen 2. rev. horton heat.ect. are there any other three peice bands that rock a billy bob as harmoneus as you cool coyots?would like to chat if time allows drop a line.
johnny rock you are never going to die... and im so jealous that you took your "nephew" to the concert but im so stoked that he loved it. well rock on and i love u coyotes
you guys keep me rocking. casbeers gig was great. my nephew who's fifteen thought "u was bad ass"(his words). you have a new convert from another generation. keep supplying the soul of rock with ur music and i'll be rocking till i die. until we see each other ROCK ON!
I saw you in Willis last Sat. for my 1st time. Takes a lot to set me off with something new and I never put a bumper sticker on my car. But today, I have yours on there. All I could talk about on Sunday was your show. I can't wait till the next one. Regards, Kent (AKA Josh's dad's neighbor)
i am from KAXE land.after learning about you guys from the interview about a year and a half ago, ive been going nuts!! now my dreams are being answered.are you guys really coming to Grand Rapids MN in july?please bring some merchandise.i have all 7 cds and i gotta have more!!see ya at the new studio. oh yea, thanx for saving my life.
Congrats on the Texas Tour. Saw you guys at Cactus, Ifest and Borski's. Been a fan for years but these are the best live shows you've ever done. Love No Turning Back and Fire It Up from the new album. You HAVE TO add the ELECTRIC version of Jolene on your next album.....that rocked Borski's. Glad y'all decided to become "domestic" to The Woodlands. I was a little concerned over the (seemingly) shortened Texas schedule. See ya in the fall.
just wanted to drop a line or two to say thx so much for playing at casbeers this past week!!! just like everytime i've seen ya'll play it only gets freakin' better. i leave your shows inspired and of course wanting to be "the 1st lady of rock"! have a safe trip to upcoming shows and rock on!!
great seeing you in the strangest of places the other afternoon. family loves it. hope to get the guys out to willis tonight before ya'll make your northern swing. getting alot of pressure from the other 3 in my family to get em there. if we somehow miss you, have a great show and a safe passage. josh's dad & co
Looking forward to seeing your guys in Pittsburgh, Going to be there visiting Ric's family. See you there!
i luv this site can u e-mail me stuff about coyotes? thx
Heard you on XM. Investigated. Love the bare bones rock; and the family thing. Terriffic! Keep it comming. (but don't force it.)
eugenia i'll be rocking for u at casbeers. i'll have my happy feet on and all of us here in sa miss u. don't let the tornadoes get u! rock on coyotes!!
I miss the stone coyotes!!! Just one more live song! Now that i have moved from good old S.A. Texas to Kansas nothings the same... So everyone in S.A. take advantage of the concert at casbeers! The New CD Rocks and I'll be rocking it in my dorm... love yall
Just wanted to say how great it is to hear some real rock and roll music again. I'm one of the old timers whose 1st concert was The Who and Led Zeppelin in 1969 and since that day have loved real honest R&R. I'm listening to XM radio the other day and I couldn't quite believe what I heard, but Webb Wilder was playing this song that made be stop what I was thinking and listen like I rarely listen anymore. Keep it up!
Didn't know about your last-minute surprise set @ Dan Electro's Sat. night till I heard it thru the grapevine. Got there just in time. Wow. All Dressed Up.... somewhere to go.
Just happened to catch your opening set for Carolyn Wonderland last Saturday night at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (Houston) - it was the first time hearing the band and yall left me groov'n and wanting more! Keep it up and I look forward to catching yall next time around. Greg1
You guys rock! Just saw you at the I-Fest in Houston and bought your new cd... what a great album!!!!!
I'm a pretty normal guy--but when I hear Stone Coyotes I go nuts: banging the steering wheel, singing out loud, air guitar. When you coming to Seattle? I'll quit my job to hear you.
Paul from Mars Arizona here. Love your sound. Hope to catch up with you on the road this year. Rock ON!
Very cool sound/tunes. Heard you on M3radio. Pete
Hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing the new tunes in person! ~Sandy Laude
Great stuff! When are you due out on iTunes? Gotta have this for the iPod
Haven't been this excited about a new find since Van Lear Rose and American Idiot in 2004. Love it - also glad that I found XCountry.
Hey Y'all! ANOTHER killer good time was had @ the Continental Club April 16!! You guys are kickin' it up a notch and I don't just mean the volume either. Great article in Chronicle also last Saturday. Stay tuned to in the coming weeks for photos of the Coyotes Spring Tour of Texas...........God Bless ya and see you guys @ The International Fest 4/23!! Peace, Edge
Cool feature in today's Houston Chronicle! See ya at the Continental Club tonight.
Hey, just reading up on everything and it looks great. Love, Ang
I'm very bummed since I will not be able to attend your May 13th Iron Horse show. Will you be sticking around the area and performing locally?(western mass)Rt.63 roadhouse shows are great!!!
I was one of the Standing Room Only folks at the Mucky Duck in Houston last week. Fantastic show. I bought a Fire It Up Tshirt there - Now my friends want 'em. Are you going to sell them on your site?
Straight from pittsburgh to hoboken, huh? What happened to philly? Maybe next time.
To John and S. Coyotes family: The short show at Cactus in Houston will go a long way. Made many converts. Your music is consumate, well defined and just flat out beautiful. Hope to c-ya at the tamale joint again soon. Live long and prosper.
all right the band coming back to san antonio on april 28 at casbeers. everyone in the area come on down and hear the best band to rock ur soul as well as ur feet, and have some brewskis with the best enchiladas. rock on!
Welcome back to Houston. I saw you guys at The Engine Room Friday night. (Guy on barstool in the middle of the floor with Japanese girl.) The new album is the rockinest since the second and third ones. I'll probably resurface after absorbing it some more, perhaps at the Continental Club. As always I'll bring new fans. Bruce
Missed you guys at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland,OH in October '04. When are you guys coming back? You guys are a true original! Amazing!
only bought the Church of the Falling Rain off the cuff think it's great so do others who have heard it i think i got it from amazon ages ago now
internet has all the information of the world,i can be here and at the same time know what other people think and do.hope we humans know how to evolve to the right place.
I can't just call the Stone Coyotes my favorite band. They're the world's greatest and I'll fight anyone who says different. May God bless them with good health and long, rockin' lives.
cool beans, DUDE!!
I would like it if you put games on this website. It would be great!
miss u guys! when u headed back to s.a. will cd be available at hogwild?
Heard your interview on XM radio. Just found your web site. I'm so sorry that I missed you here in Austin, TX. Come back soon, please. Fantastic! (get your music on iTunes!)
Love your stuff heard of you on NPR Public radio...When are you coming to Iowa??
Nice getting to hear some of your story on XM last night, Got the CD playing in the Hippy Shop today, Man your voice and beats run right through you, Nice to have the Hair stand up on the Back of your neck first thing in the morning. Cant wait to see you again.
see ya in houston!!!
sound pretty cool thanks! the way, the new site looks good! It's coming along nicely. When's Fire It Up goin on sale?
Maybe if Chelsea looked around a bit she's lern that this is a new site and is just being (re)built. Idiot. The Stone Coyotes deserve better than twerps like that. Argh.
Heard you on XM tonight when falling asleep...almost. Had to get up and order your CD's to hear more.
My first comment was too quick. I discovered you folks on XM radio, X-Country. Ordered all of your CD's that same day, after hearing only Adriana from Captured Live in Texas. When the CD's arrived, Odessa from the Captured album blew me away. I am from a little podunk going no where remote town in Washington State. Even though I got out of there 25 years ago, Odessa brought me right back home. Thank you. Highland Boy is my favorite of all of your songs. I wish you the best.
I cannot wait for the day I see you guys live! Come to Milwaukee!
Thanks for the music. I have all your CDs, I play them on my radio shows, I can't wait to hear MORE new rock. Keep rockin'. Cap'n Barney, WMHB 89.7 FM
Maybe Chelsea can lern how to spell
Hey You Rockers! See ya @ the 3 April dates in the great state of Texas!! I'll be in "Lost wages" on 3/18, so I can't cover the Engine Room gig. Look for my better half Rosie there though......still "expecting" my LIFE-TIME pass! God Bless and KEEP rockin'! Love ya, Edge
Well, i have a sugestion to make. Ya'll need to put mp3 files or links to your music because I have stubled across your band but have no idea if it is good. Usually most people would shrug it off and forget about you, but it seems it might be good. I saw that you were coming to my town and playing after one of my favorite bands, but i don't think ill spend the xtra money, cuz I have no idea who you are.
Just wondering if Anna Poutous and I could be related. Homeland California--- Your music is great!
Big,big fan of Elmore Leonard. Just picked up "Be Cool" to reread as movie is coming out. Didn't realize before that dedication was to real band. Will try to pick up on some of your stuff.Say hi to Elmore and best of luck to you.
Anything we can do to gry your band to appear at the Rondezvous here in Kodiak,AK.? Small town of 9,000, we love good music AND... it is one of the most beautifil ppalces in Alaska !! I have Stuation out of Control and Pheonix, just really good rock music, I don't how else to define it, even my 22 year old likes the tunes. Pal / Hal - Kodiak, AK. go to and check us out.
love your music can't wait to see you live!
u suck theres nothing to lern here
theres nothing to lern on this website
I love your music! It's great!
you guys are the best! i flipin love you! the music is OUTSTANDING! best of luck in all your life. Hope to see you next time you come to Texas. CRAWFISH FESTIVAL LAST YEAR WAS GREAT! i got autographs, and i framed them on my "wall of celebreties" . may life be sterling! much love Ashley