The Stone Coyotes

B. Keith


At first we thought it was some kind of joke

Then the screen went white and nobody spoke

The skies turned yellow and the storm finally broke

I could hear you

The fuses blew and I felt my heart sink

All was darkness – Somebody cut the link

A whisper brought me back from the brink

Lord, I could hear you


You said, “Don’t give up – Don’t let go

I’m holding you in my arms, you know

Remember I told you so”

I can hear you


I had scores to settle, letters to write

I had to drop them all overnight

Danger to my left, death to my right

I could hear you

An alien rain was beating like a drum

While the wind was shouting about Kingdom Come

I had played a lone hand, thought I had no one

Lord, I could hear you


In turmoil, trouble and pain

Streets of fire and rattling chains

In a world unraveled we struggle in vain

I can hear you

Soldiers pounded with rocket and shell

Chased by the hounds of Hell

Through it all a voice calls like a chiming bell

I can hear you

B. Keith


We have worked this land

And never asked for more

Every generation

Since before the war

I turn the dirt under

I lay the seeds in

Rise before the sun does

I have discipline


But I woke up this morning

Put my boots on

Checked my fences

My horses were gone


I ride tall in the saddle

I was raised up right

Though I might drink too much

On a Saturday night

But then I buckle down

Because a job well done

Always gives me



I’ve seen creeks dry up

I’ve had crops fail

I’ve seen floodwaters rise

And I’ve been whipped by hail

I’ve had kinfolk die

Seen my mother wear black

But what’s been taken now

I’m takin’ back


But I know I’ll find them

Yes, I surely will

I can hear them runnin’

If I stand stock still


I looked in I looked in Oklahoma, I looked in Alabama, I looked in Louisiana, I looked down in Texas, I looked in Massachusetts, and I looked in Indiana – My horses were gone

B. Keith/D. Tibbles


He fell head over heels for the girl who moved in next door

He was mesmerized by her eyes and a smile to die for

But the story took a turn as soon as the wedding bells rang

She put two holes in his jugular, each about the size of a fang


Oh yeah, now the deed is done

He’s a bona fide red neck blood-suckin’ son of a gun


He paid no attention to the rumors comin’ through the grapevine  

How she howls at the moon and you never see her in the sunshine   

He was dead set against all the negative things they say about her

No way his sweet little angel might be downright sinister


She’s got a rattlesnake tattoo- Looks like it’s crawlin’ up her arm

And a necklace made of black cat bones is her good luck charm

She’s got two big wolfhounds, named them Jekyl and Hyde

He said, “Put ‘em on leash and we’ll go walkin’ on the wild side”


Now they sleep in a queen-size coffin instead of a bed

Hangin’ from the rafters watchin’ Night of the Livin’ Dead

Behind a black picket fence they’re still the talk of the town

So everybody lock your doors when the sun goes down

B. Keith/D. Tibbles


It’s the third house from the corner

                        with all the shades pulled down

Where sunlight isn’t welcome anymore

And a man on dry land is just about to drown

Amid the empty bottles on the floor


If he answers when you come to call,

His face is blurred and grey

Indistinct, like you’re seein’ him through rain

And behind the faded curtains

It’s always yesterday

He will drink until he joins her

At the end of Memory Lane


Pictures on his wall tell the story

A young man – By his side a pretty wife

Standing proud in all their former glory

Whiskey cannot bring her back to life


He had no premonition when he saw

                                          the flashing lights

The sirens he will hear forevermore

No, he didn’t know he lost her on that

                                         cold November night

Until the fateful knock upon the door

B. Keith/D. Tibbles


I’ve been waitin’, walkin’, wanderin’ all around this town

I’ve been waitin’, walkin’, wanderin’ -Checked the lost and found

There was a penny in the gutter and an old love letter

That somebody tore in two

But oh – I couldn’t find you


I went down to the station

Found a rider on a southbound train

Sang the blues in the night

Left a tear on the windowpane

When I heard the words “Born to Lose”

And how he done her wrong

I said, “Oh no

She’s singin’ our song”


I found the moon and it was only

A cold white stone in the sky

Found a room and it was empty

Left alone

And I still don’t know why

I found all the king’s horses

And all the king’s men

I said, “Please

Piece us back together again”

B. Keith


I was strolling on the deck

Underneath the starry skies

When something to my left

Made my hackles rise

It tore through the black night

And caught me off guard

It hit me from the port side

And it hit me hard


Oh no –

You’ve gone and done it now

You threw down the gauntlet

And fired a shot across the bow


You made a grave miscalculation

When you crossed the line

A blatant provocation

I must respond in kind

You did your best to shake me

That wasn’t very nice

You better reconsider, Baby

Or pay a high price


So how do you like it?

I pushed you back on your heels

The shoe is on the other foot

Tell me, how does that feel?

I used to be so meek and mild

Your anger I did dread

But that was yesterday

“Damn the torpedoes

Full speed ahead!”

B. Keith/D. Tibbles


In a Monte Carlo ridin’ low

Hollywood Boulevard the place to go

All the people up and down the street

Dressed so fine – Yeah, they look so sweet


The sun has set

And it’s getting’ dark

Bumper hits the pavement

Starts throwin’ off sparks


There’s Crazy Mary and Peggy Sue

Friday night – nothin’ to do

They’re on the corner

Just hangin’ out

Then Crazy Mary – She starts to shout


“Don’t you know

We glow in the dark?

Come on, let’s go

Watch ‘em throwin’ off sparks


Then Peggy Sue – She starts to sing

“My baby gave me a diamond ring

He kissed me once – I couldn’t talk

He kissed me twice – Electric shock”


We’re live wires

We glow in the dark

Down on the boulevard

We’re throwin’ off sparks

B. Keith/D. Tibbles


In a country shack long ago

In a room out back they turned the lamp down low

Struck the strings and began to play

Then they spread their wings and flew away


The bluebirds don’t sing here anymore


Down at the crossroads they rode the night train

Look on yonder wall – Hand them down their walkin’ cane

There’s a red house where they used to stay

We ain’t seen them in ninety-nine and one half days


They rolled and tumbled – Heard the fallin’ rain

They said it felt like a ball and chain

Hey, baby, you don’t have to go

We’re goin’ down down down to where the muddy waters flow


People came from miles around

Just to hear their little guitar sound

We keep tryin’ to carry on

But the sky is crying’ – The thrill is gone

B. Keith


A woman in the prime of her beauty

In ancient days steppin’ down to the Nile

Paused to look at her reflection

And she smiled a mysterious smile


Oh – in the sweet bye and bye

When that chariot swings down low

We’re gone and forgotten in the blink of an eye

All the more reason to rock before we go


A drifter down to the last dime in his pocket

Said, “I’ve got the world on a string

To be alive even for a minute

Is no trifling matter, no trivial thing”


I heard these words from a wise man

“We’re a puff of smoke – We’re a vapor trail

Left by a jet flying over the ocean”

I said, “Yes, I know, but I still want to wail”


So what if we’re dust on somebody’s window

Just a dot on history’s page

At least you get your dance in the spotlight

At least you get your hour on the stage

B. Keith


Oh you should have been there

All quiet and serene

I wish you could have seen it

The courtyard of the queen

There were turrets up above

And corridors below

And all her garden flowers

Grew in even, ordered rows


And they talked about it

These and other things

As they stood outside

The palace of the king


Those who still remember

Say that not be outdone

All her jewels shone light

Rivals to the sun

And the king walked in majesty

They wrote it down in song

But they had to avert their eyes

They couldn’t look at him too long


But there was discontent

There was trouble threatening

But word never reached

The palace of the king

They chanted in one voice

Hands curled around the door

They said, “We’ve waited and we’ve waited

But we will wait no more”

And they stormed all the walls down

Overturned everything

They shouted in one voice

“The king is dead – Long live the king!”