The Stone Coyotes

Memory Lane

B. Keith/D. Tibbles


It’s the third house from the corner

                        with all the shades pulled down

Where sunlight isn’t welcome anymore

And a man on dry land is just about to drown

Amid the empty bottles on the floor


If he answers when you come to call,

His face is blurred and grey

Indistinct, like you’re seein’ him through rain

And behind the faded curtains

It’s always yesterday

He will drink until he joins her

At the end of Memory Lane


Pictures on his wall tell the story

A young man – By his side a pretty wife

Standing proud in all their former glory

Whiskey cannot bring her back to life


He had no premonition when he saw

                                          the flashing lights

The sirens he will hear forevermore

No, he didn’t know he lost her on that

                                         cold November night

Until the fateful knock upon the door