The Stone Coyotes

Fire It Up

by The Stone Coyotes

Released 2005
Red Cat Records
Released 2005
Red Cat Records
  • 03:40 Lyrics All Dressed Up
    “Mirror, mirror on the wall”
    She said, “Tell me who’s the fairest of them all?
    I’m so tired of living on the shelf
    I spent the whole last hour looking at myself”

    Down on the avenue the night is young
    Somewhere out there is a song waiting to be sung
    Got a shine on my shoes – Wouldn’t you know
    All dressed up – Nowhere to go

    There’s a boy waiting way across town
    The club he used to go to got torn down
    Putting on a shirt, said, “ It’s just my size
    A girl once told me it matches my eyes”

    The music is loud and the lights are dim
    He smiles at her and she smiles at him
    He said, “You look like an angel – I ain’t tellin’ no lies”
    She said, “You know that shirt just matches your eyes”


  • 04:05 Lyrics Rock On
    What’s that in the sky?
    It’s a bird of prey
    With a predatory eye
    And it’s looking your way
    You wore a suit of armor
    With a heavy metal plate
    No match for the falcon’s claw
    You learned that way too late

    Rock on, Rock on
    When your hope is dead and gone
    Rock on, Rock on
    Through the dark before the dawn
    Rock on through the driving rain
    Through the Level Five hurricane
    Rock on, Rock on, Rock on

    When the four winds scatter
    The seeds you have sewn
    Faith lies in tatters
    And you’re all alone
    Life hangs in the balance
    By a slender thread
    You’ve got a premonition
    There’s more trouble up ahead

    Reversal of fortune
    Star-crossed love
    Bad luck and sorrow
    They go hand in glove
    But there’s a voice within you
    When you hit the wall
    Can you hear it whisper?
    Can you hear it call?


  • 05:07 Lyrics The Valley of Regret
    To this day they offer consolation
    “You carry a torch, we’re told”
    In idle conversation
    Say, “Love like that scorches the soul”

    Well, just for the record
    I knew it wouldn’t last
    We might as well have been on the Titanic
    Into the frigid waters cast

    Now it’s always raining
    Here in the valley of regret
    And they all say I’ll get over you
    But I haven’t yet

    I’m condemned to remember
    You, my true and only friend
    All the rugs have been rolled up
    All the good seats have been taken

    And now everyone’s a prophet
    Everyone knows the score
    But they didn’t see it coming
    In 1994

    The ones left are the phantoms
    So superior and so wise
    But if you ask my opinion
    It’s like they’re anesthetized

    In my dreams I see you
    Getting ready to depart
    I woke up this morning again
    With a razor blade in my heart



  • 03:58 Lyrics Fire It Up
    They arranged his hands across his chest
    Prepared to lay him to his rest
    He said, ”Could it be my race is run
    When I thought it had just begun?

    But no no no, I think it’s plain to see
    There’s been a dip in the mercury
    I hear a whisper – the voice of doom
    I fear the Reaper is in the room”

    Knocked down, slapped back
    Come on, cut me some slack
    (Foundations are starting to crack)
    Hey – Hey, you know what?
    I think it’s time to fire it up

    From over yonder she hears a call
    Something beckons beyond the walls
    She stays the course on quiet streams
    But when she dreams her shy girl dreams

    She’s alone on the high seas
    Out on the deck begging, “Lord, please
    I have no compass – I have no chart
    What do I do with my wild wild heart?”

    We march in step – We walk the line
    Travelling through this life unkind
    Wrapped in chains, duty bound
    Till they put us in the cold, cold ground

    They arranged his hands across his chest
    Prepared to lay him to his rest
    He said, “I see the time has come
    My wild heart beats with the thunder of a drum”
    Time for the eagle to soar
    The serpent to strike, the lion to roar
    Time to fire it up


  • 04:43 Lyrics Rectified
    Waiting at the window
    For a daughter coming home
    The words unspoken
    “She’s on that road alone”
    Fear and trepidation
    As they watched the shadows fall
    No laughter at the gate
    Silence in the hall

    And another was waiting
    For that sweet and tender child
    Anger in his heart
    Murder in the smile
    There at the last bend
    He struck and there she died
    If we live long enough
    We’ll see it rectified

    The forest kept watch
    Till the breaking of the day
    When that cold still form
    Was gently borne away
    And echoed through the trees
    “Men, let’s saddle up and ride
    If we live long enough
    We’ll see this rectified”

    They rode through the day
    And they rode through the night
    Came upon a campfire
    Still smoldering white
    And echoed again through the trees
    “You can run but you can’t hide
    If we live long enough
    We’ll see it rectified”

    They found the coward trembling
    With voices hard and low
    They said, “We could kill you here
    And none would ever know
    But we’ll take you to a prison cell
    Dream of gallows high and wide
    We lived long enough
    To see it rectified”

    There’s a long stretch of highway
    With weeds overgrown
    That hide a marker of pale grey stone
    It tells the story -
    Here she lived and here she died
    But they lived long enough
    To see it rectified


  • 03:19 Lyrics Stars In Her Eyes
    She’s got a wild imagination
    Ignited by the moon
    Talking to the constellations
    All alone in her room

    Oh yes, she’s a dreamer
    She’s a small town girl
    Making big plans
    In her own little world

    Ain’t no doubt about it
    It’s a word to the wise
    Look out for the girl
    She’s got stars in her eyes

    “I might be a ballerina
    And then for a change
    I might be a cowgirl
    Riding out on the range

    Or I could be a writer
    Putting words on a page
    Or I might be a singer
    Standing up on a stage”

    She gets a standing ovation
    They call her name out loud
    Complete adoration
    From an imaginary crowd

    Oh yes, she’s a dreamer
    She’s a small town girl
    In the moonlight – she’s in the spotlight
    Getting ready to conquer the world


  • 04:02 Lyrics The Ghost of Vicksburg
    In answer to your question
    Where do I come from
    I died in Mississippi
    In 1881
    But let’s go back to the beginning
    When no one knew what lay ahead
    Before the mighty river
    Ran red

    I’ll paint for you a picture
    Of that summer night
    When a difference of opinion
    Escalated to a fight
    Dinner cold upon the table
    Mother weeping close at hand
    She said, “Boys, a house
    Divided cannot stand”

    Across the amber waves of grain
    We heard the cannons roar
    The caissons rolling
    And the cry of civil war
    I’ve been sent to tell you
    To find some common ground
    I’m the ghost of Vicksburg
    And I shot my brother down

    So we both enlisted
    Opposite sides
    One to march with Sherman
    One for Pemberton to ride
    We donned the uniforms
    That soon were torn and frayed
    And pledged allegiance
    To the blue and to the grey

    On Chickasaw that morning
    The light was dim
    But by the slope of his shoulder
    I knew that it was him
    He raised up his rifle
    And it chilled me to the bone
    For his shot went wide
    And mine, dear God, struck home


  • 03:41 Lyrics The Girls of America
    I met a girl - She was going on ten
    Said, “Get out your paper and pen
    There’s something stirring in my soul
    Write this down – I’m ready to roll”

    Yes, we are a hundred million strong
    You can keep your sweet love songs
    Step aside – We’re coming through
    Oh yeah, we’ve got news for you

    The girls of America like to rock
    The girls of America like to rock
    The girls of America like to rock

    I met a girl - She was sweet sixteen
    Said, “I like to dance in my old blue jeans”
    I met another girl – She was twenty-nine
    She said, “Hey hey hey let me lay it on the line”

    I met a girl – She was forty-four
    She said, “Turn it up or I’m out the door”
    Met another girl – She was seventy-one
    Said, “Don’t tell me I’ve had my fun”


  • 03:35 Lyrics No Turning Back
    Who goes there - friend or foe?
    Somebody tell me - I don’t know
    What’s that waiting behind the door?
    An ancient voice says, “My name is War”

    Every step could be fatal. Every alley is blind
    Every encounter the dangerous kind
    It seems like even the shadows are armed
    Sent to do you harm

    The lines are drawn - The bullet left the gun
    Wish me well, my darling one
    At the gates of Hell, we’re under attack
    And there’s no turning back

    Coming in on a wing and a prayer
    Our brothers and sisters are already there
    From the beginning, the beginning of time
    We stand together on the battleline

    And the universe seems to contract
    To a single moment, to the point of impact
    With victory in sight across the abyss
    Comes the memory of a goodbye kiss

    I’m not saying who’s right or wrong
    But who will sing the soldier’s song
    Give thanks for the courage, honor the brave
    Weep beside a silent grave?

    A cry comes down through the centuries
    “Deliver us from our enemies”
    And I will love you till the day I die
    Semper Fi


  • 05:06 Lyrics Dance Band
    Tell me, have you heard by word of mouth
    About a great place to go?
    Jump in the car and drive down south
    To the Gulf of Mexico

    The neon sign is broken
    The years have taken their toll
    The old P.A. is smokin’
    They really let the good times roll

    Come on – Catch us if you can
    Going down to Galveston
    Listen to a dance band
    We’ll go walkin’ on the Strand
    When’s the last time
    You heard a good dance band?

    They’re not chasing fortune and fame
    They just want to play
    You don’t even know their names
    And they like it that way

    The dance floor’s always crowded
    Not much room to move
    But everyone starts to shout out loud
    When they lock into the groove

    The room is shakin’ to four on the floor
    It sounds like a speaker’s blown
    The bikers in the corner look a little hard-core
    A cowboy’s dancing alone

    So now you know the story
    I’ve brought you up to speed
    So come on, come on let’s go
    Satisfaction guaranteed


  • 02:43 Lyrics So Long, I'm Gone, Goodbye
    You don’t care you who aggravate
    You don’t care who you alienate
    I’m tired of your heart of stone
    I just want to be left alone

    Lesson learned
    Bridge burned
    That’s why
    I say so long, I’m gone, goodbye

    You thought I didn’t see those dirty looks
    I took the telephone off the hook
    Cut my losses – Time to walk
    I’m sick of all this talk talk talk

    I used to keep it all inside
    Tryin’ to be so dignified
    I take the high road – You take the low
    Should’ve done this a long time ago

    Look look what the cat dragged in
    Just hit the bottom of a tailspin
    I guess you met your Waterloo
    Poor baby cryin’ boo hoo hoo


  • 03:57 Lyrics Wake Up, What's the Matter?
    “Wake up, what’s the matter?
    What have you seen?”
    “Nothing, my dear – Go back to sleep
    It’s something from my wildest dreams

    I was climbing up the white cliffs of Dover
    I was staring into certain death
    When oh -
    I called your name with my last breath”

    “Wake up, what’s the matter?
    What have you done?”
    “Nothing, my dear, nothing at all
    I just thought my race was run

    And it’s just – it’s just
    That I’ve tried and failed to recall
    When it was that the bullet struck
    With nothing to break my fall

    And I hear your sweet voice call
    From far far away
    Saying, ‘It’s all right – This will fade
    In the cool clear light of day’”

    Who among us has not shivered
    When that ancient wind blows cold
    And who among us has not felt
    Every terror that the dark can hold

    And cried out – cried out
    In the middle of the night
    “No, no, no, no
    Turn on the light, turn on the light!”