The Stone Coyotes

My Turn

by The Stone Coyotes

Released 2010
Red Cat Records
Released 2010
Red Cat Records
Tenth studio album, featuring nine new originals and one cover song
  • 04:26 Lyrics My Turn

    I got off the road and I felt so wired

    Mama said, “I’m worried ‘cause you look too tired”

    “Yes, I know, Mama, it’s a jungle out there

    But I’m livin’ a dream and I just don’t care”


    Got music to play

    Got a fire to burn

    Every dog has his day

    And now it’s my turn


    Got to the club, setting up our sound

    The owner rolled his eyes, said, “Can you keep it down?

    It’s a mellow crowd – Don’t know how much they can stand”

    We said, “For cryin’ out loud, we’re a rock and roll band”


    Then the man from the label walked in

    Said, “We’ll sweeten up the tracks with some violins”

    We said, “No, no, Mister, let’s cut to the chase

    What you hear is what you get – guitar, drums and bass”

  • 04:57 Lyrics The Boy From the Rodeo

    The townsfolk spoke about her, told me all they knew

    Said she’s not much one for talkin’

    She’s been in Oklahoma now since 1962

    You’ll find her out on her front porch rockin’


    She saw me comin’, kickin’ up dust as I got near

    Watched me with her eyes of faded blue

    She asked me not unkindly, “What are you doin’ way out here?

    No one takes this road unless they have to”


    It was a long, long time ago

    The day she fell in love with the boy from the rodeo


    He tipped his hat to me that day at the Tulsa County Fair 

    He told me, “Bronco ridin’s what I do”

    Even though he didn’t know it, I swore right then and there

    He’s the only one I’d ever give my heart to


    With every ride I prayed he wasn’t riding for a fall

    Till the day he drew the horse called Satan’s Son

    For a moment there it seemed like he’d bust that devil after all

    But in a flash he lay there broken, my darling one


    She said, “I ran through the crowd and the dirt and the mud and I heard my own voice scream

    ‘Lord – Please don’t let him die’

    One horse, one ride, one fall, one hoof, two hearts with trampled dreams 

    Now I live with the prairie wind and the southern sky”


    I left her on the porch with the shadows growing long

    She waved goodbye and watched me go

    She turned to face the sunset and rocked to an old, old song

    On the breeze I heard, “Ki-yi-yippie-yi-yo”

  • 04:37 Lyrics I Sympathize With You

    Look around – Tell me, please

    Do you feel a sense of unease?

    Something’s wrong – Feel it in your bones

    Truth on the scaffold, deception on the throne

    You can’t decide who’s to blame

    The focus shifts – The subject moves out

                                                        of frame


    Oh – I’ve felt the same thing too

    That’s why I sympathize with you


    You keep thinking it’s such a crime

    And the thought goes ‘round and ‘round like

                                                a nursery rhyme

    Something’s stolen – You don’t know what

    Some essential has been severed and cut

    The screen flickers – The gear slips

    The word “Danger” on children’s lips


    Your sleep disturbed by a distant drum

    Is it the cadence of revolutions yet to come?

    Or is it a ship in distress, tapping out in code, S.O.S.?

    Hear the shout, “Search and destroy!”

    While we’re just looking for our comfort and joy

  • 03:59 Lyrics Ship of Fools

    Yes, I know I was asking for trouble

    No need to go through the wreckage for clues

    All the kisses grown cold – It’s the same old story

    Play Cupid’s game and you’re bound to lose


    So, Love, hey thanks – Look what you started

    Made me weep and wail – How could you be so cruel?

    I joined the ranks of the broken-hearted

    Set sail on the ship of fools


    The moon is a silver-tongued devil

    A smooth-talking rogue with an eye to romance

    Dazzled in its glow as he whispered low

                                                            such sweet words

    Found myself saying, “Sure – Let’s take a chance”


    Swept away, and now I’m stranded

    Every bridge burned, no return ticket to be found

    The bloom’s off the rose – I’m just one of those


    Here I sit where I hit the rocks, ran aground

  • 04:15 Lyrics Threw a Rock in the River

    I was in the congregation

    And I heard the preacher say

    “Give in to sin and temptation

    There’ll be hell to pay

    Fire and brimstone

    Ten thousand degrees”

    I shouted, “Lord, have mercy

    Bring Satan to his knees”


    Threw a rock in the river

    Threw a stone in the well

    Put my ear to the ground

    And I heard the devil yell


    He said, “You’re causing a commotion

    Stop making such a fuss

    I’ll blow up the ocean

    Grind the mountains into dust

    How dare you defy me?

    Don’t you know who I am?

    Gonna shake you like a rag doll

    I’m the king of the damned”


    The devil stood before me

    Said, “Prepare for your demise”

    So I loaded up my slingshot

    Hit him right between the eyes

  • 02:57 Lyrics Set the Wheels in Motion

    Countdown – Hear your heart pound

    Pray to Heaven on high

    You took a last look

    In the rear view mirror at the clear blue sky

    It’s real – You feel

    Fear like the blade of a knife

    You know – Uh oh

    You’re in for the ride of your life


    This is it  - Can’t quit

    Yeah, you’re under the gun

    Get ready – Hold steady

    Set the wheels in motion


    Side by side – Three wide

    You know every note of the engine’s song

    In your ear you hear

    Up ahead something’s gone wrong

    Blown tire – Ring of fire

    Split second to make up your mind

    It’s all right – Hang on tight

    Let it chatter but hold the line

  • 04:18 Lyrics Almost Sounds Like California

    I’ve been thinking for a while now

    Something’s gotta give

    What do you say we make a vow?

    Find the spark we started with


    How about you, amigo?

    Shall we go dancing cheek to cheek?

    We could scale these prison walls

    You’ve still got that wild streak


    There’s a wind outside my door

    It’s an old familiar friend

    Almost sounds like California

    Saying, “Stranger, where you been?”


    We all have our souvenirs

    Something held apart

    A little treasure tucked away

    In a corner of the heart


    A flower pressed in paper

    A letter in a drawer

    Mine’s a seashell from Laguna

    I can hear the Pacific Ocean roar


    Let’s trip the light fantastic

    Go hear that crooner sing

    “Where the Blue of the Night

                        Meets the Gold of the Day”

    The Santa Ana’s calling

  • 04:38 Disturbia
  • 03:08 Lyrics Spin Around the Sun

    Little sister has her best dress on

    Getting ready to dance till dawn

    Talked to Johnny just the other night

    Can’t make it – Got cut in a fight


    As we spin around, spin around the sun

    As we spin around, spin around the sun


    Down on the corner of Sunset and Vine

    Saw a man – He carried a sign

    “The world will end on the First of June”

    Sang “Amazing Grace” and he sang it in tune


    Billy drove through the old side of town

    Streets torn up and buildings torn down

    Poor Billy – Now whatcha gonna do?

    “Goin’ down to Macon in my Blue Suede Shoes”


    People talkin’ on the telephone

    Don’t want to stand on this rock alone

    They need affection, someone to care

    Lost the connection – Is anybody there?

  • 03:20 Lyrics Roses and Bones

    I had a little friend in my childhood

    The fairest flower of them all

    The kind that blooms in the springtime

    Then is gone long before the fall


    I’ll show you the pathway to take through the pines

    I’ll tell you the names on the stones

    But I won’t go to the graveyard – No, I’ll stay behind

    Too many roses and bones


    There are those who do find comfort

    When they see their loved ones’ resting place

    As for me, I prefer the memory

    Of the way sunlight played upon her face


    I am told we’ll all be together

    Young again on that distant shore

    Joined with the dearly departed

    I’ll see them then and not before