The Stone Coyotes

The Stone Coyotes Live

by The Stone Coyotes

Released 2010
Red Cat Records
Released 2010
Red Cat Records
4 song EP of live show August, 2010 at The Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA
  • 04:15 Lyrics Land of the Living (live)
    In too deep, I keep getting caught in the brambles
    Spun around, run down trying to walk a straight line
    Oh well - truth to tell, my life is in shambles
    Anybody asks, I say I’m doing just fine

    Hey, wait a minute – What do I see?
    Flying in low it’s an angel of mercy
    Through the Valley of Death I’ve been driven
    Now I’m back in the land of the livin’

    I’ve been scarred, got caught off guard – took a bullet
    In my hour of need start to bleed, thinking maybe I’ve been cursed
    Left for dead, hanging by a thread with no one to pull it
    Shake my fist at the sky and say, “All right – Do your worst”

    Voice of fear in my ear keeps repeating, “You’re stranded
    In the wilderness – Oh yes – with all the lost and forlorn”
    I said, “Oh no, I won’t go from this life empty-handed
    Come on, Gabriel, blow your horn”


  • 03:41 Lyrics Desperate Times (live)
    There’s a dog and he won’t stop howling
    In a way he never howled before
    I asked him, “What’s the problem?”
    He said, “Go home and barricade the door”

    There’s a shadow on the front lawn
    There’s a crack in the wall
    Where’s a soothsayer when you need one?
    Might mean everything or nothing at all

    Oh, say can you see?
    Can you read between the lines?
    Give me a kiss for good luck
    After all, these are desperate times

    Here lies a poet
    Unnoticed and unsung
    In a corner of the graveyard
    Words left burning on the tongue

    There’s a woman standing in the hallway
    Looks like she’s got a tale to tell
    She keeps saying over and over
    “Someone stole the warning bell”

    Let’s check the foundations
    They’ve fallen into disrepair
    But the way you look in the twilight
    I could die and not even care


  • 04:44 Lyrics Blue Mountain (live)
    Far above the valley
    A woman lived alone
    And for a century
    Her legend has grown
    He placed the ring
    Upon her finger
    Bid her sweet goodbye
    And she said, “I will wait for you
    Till all the seas run dry”

    Oh –
    Some say they hear her calling
    Some say they hear her crying
    Or is it just the wailing wind?
    Up on Blue Mountain

    Seven ships set sail
    Out of Charleston Bay
    When she learned only six returned
    She shut herself away
    Children in the town below
    Grew up and then grew old
    But they all heard the restless steps
    That made their blood run cold

    Still she calls in the wildest storms
    From the tallest trees
    “There’s the mast! The billowed sail!”
    As the seventh ship she sees

    The seventh ship is coming in
    The seventh ship is coming in
    Up on Blue Mountain


  • 04:41 Lyrics Threw A Rock In the River (live)

    I was in the congregation

    And I heard the preacher say

    “Give in to sin and temptation

    There’ll be hell to pay

    Fire and brimstone

    Ten thousand degrees”

    I shouted, “Lord, have mercy

    Bring Satan to his knees”


    Threw a rock in the river

    Threw a stone in the well

    Put my ear to the ground

    And I heard the devil yell


    He said, “You’re causing a commotion

    Stop making such a fuss

    I’ll blow up the ocean

    Grind the mountains into dust

    How dare you defy me?

    Don’t you know who I am?

    Gonna shake you like a rag doll

    I’m the king of the damned”


    The devil stood before me

    Said, “Prepare for your demise”

    So I loaded up my slingshot

    Hit him right between the eyes