The Stone Coyotes

A Ghost of a Chance

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Death and I have a nodding acquaintance

Met on a few occasions, that’s all

He said, “You’re close to the edge

But don’t worry – I’ll catch you when you fall”


I said, “Thanks for the offer

I didn’t know you were the chivalrous kind”

And then I ran for my life

Leaving him smiling behind


Run away when he whispers your name

Say no if he asks you to dance

Run away – He says, “This is my game

You don’t stand a ghost of a chance”


Time went by and I almost forgot him

Then once in a crowded room

For no reason at all

I felt the chill of the tomb


That night I heard on the stairway

A light but somehow ominous tread

It made me sit up and take notice

He bowed from the waist at the foot of my bed


He said, “To continue our conversation

Did you know I’m considered a patron of the arts?

I’ve been the subject of sonnets

I’ve stopped a lot of hearts”


I said, “I’m well aware of your reputation

But I must decline with regret

Your kind invitation

Some day but not yet, not yet”