The Stone Coyotes


The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


I don’t know what it was the other day
That brought you freshly to my mind
It might have been – yes, maybe it was the way
Someone laughed like you laughed from time to time

And it took me back to our favorite hill
Where the weeping willow stands
I said, “Tomorrow and tomorrow we will be here still”
And you said, “No, I think God has other plans”

Our pretty bird has flown
You’re sleeping under stone

In a room all white, gathered at the bedside
And you would get that look of mischief in your eye
You’d say, “Why the long faces? Why the solemn expressions?
You’d think I was going to die”

And sometimes still I strain to hear
Your sweet footsteps in the hall
Even though for years
You’ve been just a picture on our wall