The Stone Coyotes

Bang Bang Bang Bang

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


All alone the curtains drawn your head bent down in sorrow
The walls are closing in you said you dread tomorrow
Now I lay me down to sleep my tears could fill an ocean
Hey someone's come to call what's all that commotion

Bang bang bang bang
The whole house shook - The doorbell rang
Knock knock knock knock
Open up in the name of rock

Go away and leave me be I don't want to hear it
No we will not be denied we've come to raise your spirit
There is no time to waste given your condition
Ready or not, here we come, we've got the ammunition

We've picked the lock we came to rock we're looking for the sleeper
Your traumatized, paralyzed because you fear the reaper
So we come with bass and drum to interrupt your slumber
Take the chance time to dance we've got your number