The Stone Coyotes

Bound to Burn

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Bright lights - What a sight
He's drawn like a moth to the flame
Gone mad - Too bad
There's nowhere to lay the blame

Mountain top - Quite a drop
Doesn't know he's made of flesh and bone
Double dare - Doesn't care
He says, "You'll never carve my name in stone"

Hot wired - On fire
Somehow you knew he'd never learn
Mama's child - Gone wild
That boy, he was bound to burn

Trouble from Day One
He could run before he could crawl
Hard core - Foot to the floor
He's got to push it to the wall

'Round the bend - Not again
You could see all the tell-tale signs
Wheels spin - Don't fence him in
He's outside the boundary lines

Outer space - Quite a place
He's rockin' in the stratosphere
Out of sight - Speed of light
About a million miles from here

Bye bye - Flyin' high
Too close to the sun
Without a doubt - He's checkin' out
He sure was a son of a gun