The Stone Coyotes

Creepin' Like a Cat

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


When the sun’s gone down and everyone’s closed up shop
When all the dancers know it’s time to stop
When shutters bang and shades are drawn
Gentlefolk go home and put their bedclothes on

Something stirs and birds take flight
Shadows elongate in the white streetlight
It jumps from the wall without making a sound
Says, “This is the hour when I own this town”

Watch out, World, I’m comin’ through
Now what do you think of that?
Down the avenue about half past two
I’ll be creepin’ like a cat

While you’re all dreaming your sweet little dreams
Remember nothing, no, nothing’s what it seems
I’m shakin’ the city off my paws
I mean you no harm – I’ll retract my claws

I’m hunter and hunted and that’s fine with me
The laws of the universe fit to a T
I’ve been here forever breathing perfumes of the night
I feel it all and I feel all right