The Stone Coyotes

Don't Come Cryin' to Me

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


You’ve got a lot of transgressions

Where do I begin?

When my chips were down

You liked to rub it in


I’ve been the soul of discretion

I’ve been a true blue friend

But what good did it do me

In the end?


No – No – No – No

Don’t come cryin’ to me

Don’t come cryin’ to me

Cry Cry Cry Cry baby, cry


Always at your beck and call

Why’d you have to alienate

The only one who ever loved you at all

And now it’s too late


It’s just a matter of time

Before your bridges burn

I might sit on the sidelines

And watch your bridges burn


You should’ve seen the light

A long time ago

The old saying’s right

You reap what you sow


So don’t expect me to send you

A sympathy card

I’m sayin’ Bye Bye baby, goodbye

Try not to take it too hard