The Stone Coyotes

I Can Hear You

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


At first we thought it was some kind of joke

Then the screen went white and nobody spoke

The skies turned yellow and the storm finally broke

I could hear you

The fuses blew and I felt my heart sink

All was darkness – Somebody cut the link

A whisper brought me back from the brink

Lord, I could hear you


You said, “Don’t give up – Don’t let go

I’m holding you in my arms, you know

Remember I told you so”

I can hear you


I had scores to settle, letters to write

I had to drop them all overnight

Danger to my left, death to my right

I could hear you

An alien rain was beating like a drum

While the wind was shouting about Kingdom Come

I had played a lone hand, thought I had no one

Lord, I could hear you


In turmoil, trouble and pain

Streets of fire and rattling chains

In a world unraveled we struggle in vain

I can hear you

Soldiers pounded with rocket and shell

Chased by the hounds of Hell

Through it all a voice calls like a chiming bell

I can hear you