The Stone Coyotes

I Sympathize With You

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Look around – Tell me, please

Do you feel a sense of unease?

Something’s wrong – Feel it in your bones

Truth on the scaffold, deception on the throne

You can’t decide who’s to blame

The focus shifts – The subject moves out

                                                    of frame


Oh – I’ve felt the same thing too

That’s why I sympathize with you


You keep thinking it’s such a crime

And the thought goes ‘round and ‘round like

                                            a nursery rhyme

Something’s stolen – You don’t know what

Some essential has been severed and cut

The screen flickers – The gear slips

The word “Danger” on children’s lips


Your sleep disturbed by a distant drum

Is it the cadence of revolutions yet to come?

Or is it a ship in distress, tapping out in code, S.O.S.?

Hear the shout, “Search and destroy!”

While we’re just looking for our comfort and joy