The Stone Coyotes

It Kept Me Up all Night

The Stone Coyotes


Two o’clock in the morning

Got a feeling of dread

It seemed to be coming

From a voice in my head

It started to chatter

Made me weep and moan

I said, “You’re mad as a hatter

Leave me alone”


It kept me up all night

 Till the dawn’s early light

It took a toll all right

It kept me up all night


Four o’clock in the morning

Does it happen to you?

You think of all the things

You did and didn’t do

A noise outside my window

A tap at my door

Is it my imagination?

I can’t take it anymore


Six o’clock in the morning

Almost time to get up

Pretty soon I’ll be reaching

For my coffee cup

I’ve been looking in the mirror

Not the picture of health

A disturbing reflection

A shadow of my former self