The Stone Coyotes

Mary, Where Were You?

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Dead man on the village green

A killer got away unseen

You’re out of breath – What does it mean?

Mary, where were you?


You answered so evasively

I said, “Do not lie to me

It’s murder in the first degree

Mary, where were you?"


Mary, where were you that night

When the shots were fired and the birds took flight?

Your alibi, it don’t feel right

Mary, where were you?


You told me you were home in bed

That’s not what your sister said

Your plain white dress was stained all red

Mary, where were you?


Six-gun down at the bottom of a well

Sister swore she’d never tell

Now she thinks she’ll burn in Hell

Mary, where were you?


Rumors spread – Suspicions grow

Now the sheriff wants to know

On Friday night a week ago

Mary, where were you?


Tell the truth – Tell it straight

How a woman spurned lay in wait

Undying love turned to hate

Mary, where were you?