The Stone Coyotes

My Horses Were Gone

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


We have worked this land

And never asked for more

Every generation

Since before the war

I turn the dirt under

I lay the seeds in

Rise before the sun does

I have discipline


But I woke up this morning

Put my boots on

Checked my fences

My horses were gone


I ride tall in the saddle

I was raised up right

Though I might drink too much

On a Saturday night

But then I buckle down

Because a job well done

Always gives me



I’ve seen creeks dry up

I’ve had crops fail

I’ve seen floodwaters rise

And I’ve been whipped by hail

I’ve had kinfolk die

Seen my mother wear black

But what’s been taken now

I’m takin’ back


But I know I’ll find them

Yes, I surely will

I can hear them runnin’

If I stand stock still


I looked in I looked in Oklahoma, I looked in Alabama, I looked in Louisiana, I looked down in Texas, I looked in Massachusetts, and I looked in Indiana – My horses were gone