The Stone Coyotes

My Turn

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


I got off the road and I felt so wired

Mama said, “I’m worried ‘cause you look too tired”

“Yes, I know, Mama, it’s a jungle out there

But I’m livin’ a dream and I just don’t care”


Got music to play

Got a fire to burn

Every dog has his day

And now it’s my turn


Got to the club, setting up our sound

The owner rolled his eyes, said, “Can you keep it down?

It’s a mellow crowd – Don’t know how much they can stand”

We said, “For cryin’ out loud, we’re a rock and roll band”


Then the man from the label walked in

Said, “We’ll sweeten up the tracks with some violins”

We said, “No, no, Mister, let’s cut to the chase

What you hear is what you get – guitar, drums and bass”