The Stone Coyotes


The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Ten years is a long time
Ten years is the blink of an eye
Three chords and a million miles
With a dream that just won't die

I remember the oil rigs churnin'
Saw the world from a back porch swing
By the light of the gas fires burnin'
Daddy'd say, "You oughtta hear my little girl sing"

Underneath the Texas sky
Do you hear me when I cry?

Playin' to the radio hour by hour
Guitar too big and hands too small
Spent a whole summer pickin' Wildwood Flower
Mother Maybelle, she was ten feet tall

Kids in school used to whisper out loud
"Do you see that girl over there?
Poor little fool's got her head in the clouds
Yeah, she thinks she's goin' somewhere"

I don't care about fame and fortune
Camera in your face and a dollar in the bank
I want to go runnin' through the fields
Drinkin' hot water from a railway tank

Hotel rooms and smoke-filled bars
No, this ain't no back porch swing
I want to go home but I've come too far
Daddy, you oughtta hear your little girl sing