The Stone Coyotes

Out Of Harm's Way

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Come away from the window
Be sure the blinds are drawn
I've got a feeling in my bones tonight
Another mother's child is gone

Another soul departed
For the sweet unknown
In the arms of angels
Bound for Heaven's throne

We lie down on a bed of thorns
Walk through fire on feet of clay
Read a book with the pages torn
Sayin', "Keep us out of harm's way"

For every starry-eyed dreamer
For every warriors' truce
There's a madman in the alley
And a killer on the loose

Can we be delivered?
Can we be saved
From a fatal blow
And a shallow grave?

History's been written
With a pen dipped in blood
Held in a hand that trembles
Amid the tempest and the flood

With those who've gone before us
And those to follow bye and bye
Add our voices to the chorus
Of the everlasting cry