The Stone Coyotes

Powder Keg

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


When he was born his Mama said

“The moon turned black and the clock stopped dead

Lord have mercy – What have I done?

Did I give birth to the devil’s son?”


Wild from the cradle – He was never calm

He hit the streets like a ticking time bomb

A chip on his shoulder wide as a mile

Two clenched fists and a dangerous smile


Here he comes, dyin’ to fight

Watch out ‘cause he’s wound too tight

He can’t wait to take you down a peg

Don’t light a match – He’s a powder keg


He served five years doin’ hard time

Setting him free was the real crime

He’s hot wired and runnin’ on rage

They should have kept him locked up in a cage


He flies off the handle at the drop of a hat

Says to the blind man, “What are you lookin’ at?

I’m a psychopath – I’ve got nothin’ to lose

I’m a raw dog – Don’t light my fuse”