The Stone Coyotes


The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


“Should old
Acquaintance be forgot”
Lately I’ve
Been giving it some thought
And it seems
To me unjust
That time and circumstance
Should separate us

On this January day
Remember what was said
We will be

I heard
The bell toll
And it chipped the paint
Right off my soul
Left it exposed
To the rain and the wind
Got me watching the door
Waiting for you to walk in

“Death shall have no dominion”
Isn’t that what the poet said?
And you know, he was right
He’s really not dead
Though he sleeps
Behind abbey walls
His voice still lingers
And we hear it call

The way a hawk
Goes into a dive
Makes us shake our heads and say
“So that’s what it’s like to be really alive”
And things
That make us laugh out loud
The way we’d look in white robes
Holding hands in a cloud

And then –
Like an actor in a play
So as not to overdo it
Throws his exit line away
With a small salute
A wink and a nod
Walks off Stage Right
Into the arms of God