The Stone Coyotes

Saw You At The Hop

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Let me see now - what was that year?
1956 comes back clear
I said to my friends, "There's a party goin' on
Let's get there late and not stay too long"

I went back home to put on my dress
I arrived later in the one that looked the best
I was tappin' my feet to a Muddy Waters song
When you walked in the door with a white shirt on

I saw you at the hop
Saw you at the party
I saw you at the hop
Saw you at the party

And I said to my friends as you walked by
"Did you see that boy? I think I'm gonna die"
My friends said to me, " He's lookin' your way
What are you gonna do? What are you gonna say?"

But time went by without a word to me
I said to my friends, "Come on, let's go
- Some things aren't meant to be"
So we went out just drivin' around
Found ourselves on La Cienega northbound

And who do you think should pull up alongside
But that sweet boy sayin', "I've been lookin' for you
everywhere - do you want to take a ride?