The Stone Coyotes

The Bluebirds Don't Sing Here Anymore

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


In a country shack long ago

In a room out back they turned the lamp down low

Struck the strings and began to play

Then they spread their wings and flew away


The bluebirds don’t sing here anymore


Down at the crossroads they rode the night train

Look on yonder wall – Hand them down their walkin’ cane

There’s a red house where they used to stay

We ain’t seen them in ninety-nine and one half days


They rolled and tumbled – Heard the fallin’ rain

They said it felt like a ball and chain

Hey, baby, you don’t have to go

We’re goin’ down down down to where the muddy waters flow


People came from miles around

Just to hear their little guitar sound

We keep tryin’ to carry on

But the sky is crying’ – The thrill is gone