The Stone Coyotes

The Changing Of The Guard

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Can you hear it?
Can you hear the sound
Of a heavy tread?
Can you feel it in the ground?

All we held dear
We have set aside
But with victory near
We will not be denied

It's the changing of the guard
It's the marching to the drum
To the beating of our hearts
Here we come

Past farm and field
Mile by mile
With a sword and shield
Lord, we're the rank and file

We've come to visit
Yes, we have come to call
We've come to see
Your empire fall

If I should not return
And in some far-off kingdom lie
Here's a single white rose
To remember me by

And oh, darling
Don't look that way
'Cause if you do, it will haunt me
Until my dying day