The Stone Coyotes

The Grey Robe of the Rain

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


When I was young I read words on a page
I didn’t understand – I hadn’t come of age
But when I was older I heard the refrain
I wear the grey robe of the rain

I call to the sun in the sky
Dry the silver tear in my eye
I feel the dig of that chain
I wear the grey robe of the rain

I saw a lady – She walked through the town
She had dazzling jewels and a rich velvet gown
But I looked in her eyes – There was no need to explain
She said, “Yes, I wear the grey robe of the rain”

Once in my travels I came upon a child
With the pallor of one who has never run wild
Thin face lifted to the light all alone
Like a flower that grows through the cracks of a stone

I’ve squandered and scattered and wasted my days
Everything of value I have gambled away
Now I’m hollow and haunted and I can just bear the strain
I wear the grey robe of the rain

Time’s whip left a welt – Life’s grip left a bruise
No doctor can heal and still I refuse
To wither, to bend, to succumb to the pain
Someday I’ll throw off the grey robe of the rain