The Stone Coyotes

The Hard Hills

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


I’m alone below a desolate sky

You’re all the way to Abilene

I started to write you a song of farewell

But I express so much less than what I mean


Out here in the hard hills

Your song has gone astray

Yes, words are the devil sometimes

They wouldn’t do you justice anyway


There’s a vicious wind tonight

Made me lose that muse of mine

The verses run away and hide behind my back

Laugh and refuse to rhyme


Once again I pick up the pen

To say I miss your sweet embrace

Then I cross it out and tear up the page

It all seems so commonplace


It’s no use, no use at all

I’ll love you in silence till I die

While the moon looks down on a poor little fool

Who can’t even say goodbye