The Stone Coyotes

The Tic Toc Lounge

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Oh no - I don't want to go
Through another Friday night
Watching the clock -No way to rock
It just doesn't seem right

I'm not going to sit home all alone
Waiting for the telephone to ring
No, I don't want to be a bird in the cage
That never gets to sing

I know a place where the dance floor shakes
Where the room's getting ready to roll

I'm going down
To the Tic Toc Lounge
Keeping time to the beat
People there are clapping their hands
And tapping their feet
I want to join in
I want to join right in

I turned off the TV - Nothing to see
Put away the book and marked the page
I fixed my hair and got down there
In time to see the band take the stage

One two three four and I was out on the floor
So glad I had come
They set the groove - They made us move
With just guitar, bass and drums

Well what about you? Do you want to go too?
I guarantee a party's going on
To tell the truth, we're gonna raise the roof
From the midnight hour 'til the breaking of the dawn

Down the line to the end of time
Every boy and every girl
They just want to rock around the block
In every town and all over the world

I know a place where the dance floor shakes
and everybody's ready to roll
We're going soon to the Rhythm Room
Down on Washington Street
You and me and Martha Reeves
We'll be dancing to the beat