The Stone Coyotes

Throwin' Off Sparks

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


In a Monte Carlo ridin’ low

Hollywood Boulevard the place to go

All the people up and down the street

Dressed so fine – Yeah, they look so sweet


The sun has set

And it’s getting’ dark

Bumper hits the pavement

Starts throwin’ off sparks


There’s Crazy Mary and Peggy Sue

Friday night – nothin’ to do

They’re on the corner

Just hangin’ out

Then Crazy Mary – She starts to shout


“Don’t you know

We glow in the dark?

Come on, let’s go

Watch ‘em throwin’ off sparks


Then Peggy Sue – She starts to sing

“My baby gave me a diamond ring

He kissed me once – I couldn’t talk

He kissed me twice – Electric shock”


We’re live wires

We glow in the dark

Down on the boulevard

We’re throwin’ off sparks