The Stone Coyotes

Thunder on the Left (remake)

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Somewhere out there I hear a church bell ringing
Somewhere out there a widow starts to weep
Out of nowhere a single flash of lightning
Somewhere out there a sentry’s fallen asleep

I’ve got a nagging suspicion
Something’s not quite right
There’s an old superstition
Thunder on the left – Trouble tonight

What’s that sound like the pounding hooves of horses?
Who’s that in the shadows lurking at the gate?
Rouse the guards – Marshal all your forces
Send out a warning – Pray it’s not too late

Somewhere out there a ship sails on a dark sea
Somewhere a drummer boy’s far from home
In my mind I see a ragtag army
Kicking up a cloud of dust on the road to Rome