The Stone Coyotes

Train to Nowhere

The Stone Coyotes
The Stone Coyotes


Standing on the platform
Staring down the track
I felt a shiver
When I heard that clickety-clack

Heard the cry of "All aboard"
The ancient whistle blow
I've been waiting here so long
I can't tell friend from foe

Oh - - -
I'll meet you down the line
I'm on the train to nowhere
And it's right on time

The conductor was a blind man
And it caused me some concern
When he handed me my ticket
For the point of no return

He said, "You look a little worse for wear
I hate to call your bluff
But if you're going to ride this line
You must be made of sterner stuff"

I begged the brakeman, "Stop this train"
He said, "But what's the use?
You should know by now it's commonplace
For all hell to be breaking loose"

Then I heard my grandmother singing
"Hush - don't you cry
You're my little piece of Heaven
Fallen down from the sky"