The Stone Coyotes

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


I don't know why I'm tattered and torn
Don't know why I'm the object of scorn
Don't know why I keep playing the fool
Held up to ridicule
I don't know why I've got a monkey on my back
I said, "Come on now, cut me some slack"
Sometimes I think it's all too much to bear
But then again I'm too lazy to care

I don't know why - I don't know why
I like to rock - I don't like to cry
Flying blind - I don't have a clue
I don't know why I love you but I do

I don't know why I look so strange
I'm hoping that it's subject to change
Don't know why you got under my skin
I built a wall but it's paper thin
I'm unschooled in self-defense
Completely lacking in common sense
What's your secret? What's your trick?
I should know by now but the lessons don't stick

I don't know why I'm seeing double
I don't know why I'm always in trouble
Don't know why I'm viewed with disdain
I stand accused of raising Cain
There you go trying to catch my eye
I know how to dance but I'm kind of shy
I might be persuaded to step out on the floor
Maybe if you ask me just once more


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


One night as I lay sleeping
And everything was still
I dreamed I saddled up and rode away
To the top of Dead Man's Hill

I could see from the horizon
To the stars in the Milky Way
I could hear a lone dog crying
And the turning of wheels on the highway

I'll ride out tonight when the moon is high
Ride away from the world
And I'll ride out down the Chisholm Trail
I'm a plain American girl

I looked to the east and I looked to the west
Far as the eye could see
I saw a man - he had a plow in his hand
And he said, "What will become of me?"

Indian maid, why do you stand so still
By the streams that used to flow
She said, "My Gods have told me secrets
You will never know."

We ride out tonight when the moon is high
Ride away from the world
We ride out down the Mohawk Trail
I'm a plain American girl

These ghostly apparitions
They were so eerie and so strange
I saw the cowboys drive the cattle down
Shadows and dust on the range

And a soldier lay where his blood was shed
He said, "Don't weep for me
My men and I - we still ride
at the call of Reveille"

We ride out tonight when the moon is high
Ride away from the world
And we ride out through the waves of grain
Through the mountains and the valleys and the plains
The Mississippi River runs in my veins
I love the saddle and the feel of the reins
Because I am and I will always remain
A plain American girl


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


When he was young his mama always used to say,
"Your movie star good looks gonna take you a long way"
But he hit a little detour on the way to the silver screen
Now he's out on the boulevard looking for a woman of means

Oh it all went south somehow
He said, "Mama take a look at me now."

He's got a picture in his wallet of when he was a high school kid
The women still like him but not as much as they did
He's been looking in the mirror feeling like he's over the hill
He'd go under the knife but there's no one to foot the bill

All his life he thought his star was gonna shine
Now he'd sell his soul for a bad bottle of wine
He said, "Mama mama mama I really did try to behave
But the way things are going I'll be lying in an unmarked grave"


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


One day by chance as I sat by my window
I happened to glance down to the street below
At people passing by as they appeared and
disappeared from view
I saw a girl she was smiling, she was laughing, she was talking
To a boy - arm in arm they were walking
He turned to hold her close and I saw that it was you

And you ask me where I'll go
I tell you I don't know
Maybe any way the wind blows

At first I denied it - I refused to believe
That you could betray me that you could deceive
But now I see that our love has come to an end
I want no more of these conversations
I've had enough of your explanations
I say never, never darken my door again

North South East West
The four corners of the world - I won't rest
'Til every sea, every mountain I have crossed
And some day you might feel a breeze
A slight shiver in the trees
And remember the girl you once loved and you lost


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


I had a friend down in Huntsville
Call me up today
He said, "You've gotta help me
They're gonna put me away
I swear on the Bible
I'm an innocent man"
I said, "Heed my advice
Don't take the stand"

I call your name
Somebody help me
Slip the shackle
Throw down the chain

He said, "I've got a new warden
The Wicked Witch of the West
I'd like to get out of here
I'm under house arrest
She wears a lot of make up
She likes it overdone
She wears rings of sapphire
On every finger but one"

He said, "I've got to whisper
She's in the other room
I've got to tell you
She's the goddess of doom
She's some kind of lover
I'm under some kind of curse
Can't judge a book by its cover
Underneath she's even worse"


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


We've all seen it
Read about it
Beg borrow steal
It's part of the American Dream

Rich people
They've got yachts in the harbor
Fountains on the lawns
Champagne in the limousines

Oh yeah I wonder
Why they have all the fun
And we're still under
Under the gun

Oh yeah it seems kind of funny
I know it doesn't grow on trees
They've got a whole lot of money
They never give it to me

Well ours
Is a different story
We're working all week
And we barely make enough to get by
It feels like
All guts no glory
We can't get ahead
No matter how hard we try


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Maybe when we look behind us
Darling, when the thaw has come
When we have no snows to blind us
Can we repair the damage done?

Let the warm soft winds of summer
Lift you high and carry you through
Otherwise the cold hard winter
Just might get the better of you

Change of heart, change of season
We've been taken by a killing frost
Somehow the ice feels like treason
Come to tell us all is lost

The simple words - You know I'll miss you
From now until we've turned to dust
Tell me, is it too late to kiss you
Amid broken branches and splintered trust?


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Every day we leave the light
For the world below
The way our fathers' fathers did
A hundred years ago

With blackened hands and tired eyes
Accustomed to the dark
We swing the cold-forged picks
'Til the walls begin to spark

Now and forever
Our number it is nine
We live or die together
In a Pennsylvania coal mine

What is that I hear?
A warning shout
"Water's coming in
Get out! Get out! Get out!"

There's no escape for us
This dungeon is too deep
We think of those we love
Our courage we must keep

But the cry, "The water's rising!"
Sent a shiver down my spine
We live or die together
In a Pennsylvania coal mine

Two hundred feet above us
The battle has begun
We make a resolution
To live or die as one

Hard-hearted limestone
Will not let them through
Still the water's rising
And there's nothing we can do

Now and forever
Our number it is nine
All tied together
In a Pennsylvania coal mine

What is that, oh Lord?
Is it an angel's face I see?
No, wait, these are the arms of men
I feel lifting me

Then I'll see my darling
To her the tales I'll tell
Of all the silent prayers
And letters of farewell

I won't sleep tonight
I won't close my eyes
'Til I see the morning light
The sweet sun rise

And when someday I die
And they lay me in the ground
My soul shall rise and it will be
The second time around


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


All you people live in cities
Got your bright lights shining down
In your home sweet home so pretty
We sleep on the cold cold ground

And underneath the white moon rising
Something's stirring, on the prowl
Can you hear coyotes crying?
Singing, " We were born to howl"

If you should wander in the hills at night
Where every path deceives
Is that something coming up behind you
Through the shadows thick as thieves?

We hail from an ancient dream
We heed a different call
We sing the song of things unseen
We sing for no reason at all


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Saw your light
From the street
As I passed by the other day
And I was scared
My knees were weak
Forgot what I had come to say

Free the people
From the fire
Pull the boat out of the raging sea
Tell the devil
He's a liar
Come and save the likes of me

A sinking ship
On angry waters
Heaven help us carry on
Hear our cry
Your sons and daughters
Give us hope when hope is gone

So if you see me
In the alley
Looking like I don't belong
You can put me in your greenest valley
I'll still be singing
The same old song


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


We have been so close together
Each a candle, each a flame
All the dangers were outside us
And we knew them all by name

Now see how the bramble and the rose
Love grows like the bramble and the rose
Often cruel often kind
('Round each other we will wind)

Now I've hurt you and it hurts me
Just to see what we can do
To ourselves and to each other
Without really meaning to

So put your arms around me
Yes and sing a true love song
One that we can sing together
Just to last a whole life long


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


Oh no - I don't want to go
Through another Friday night
Watching the clock -No way to rock
It just doesn't seem right

I'm not going to sit home all alone
Waiting for the telephone to ring
No, I don't want to be a bird in the cage
That never gets to sing

I know a place where the dance floor shakes
Where the room's getting ready to roll

I'm going down
To the Tic Toc Lounge
Keeping time to the beat
People there are clapping their hands
And tapping their feet
I want to join in
I want to join right in

I turned off the TV - Nothing to see
Put away the book and marked the page
I fixed my hair and got down there
In time to see the band take the stage

One two three four and I was out on the floor
So glad I had come
They set the groove - They made us move
With just guitar, bass and drums

Well what about you? Do you want to go too?
I guarantee a party's going on
To tell the truth, we're gonna raise the roof
From the midnight hour 'til the breaking of the dawn

Down the line to the end of time
Every boy and every girl
They just want to rock around the block
In every town and all over the world

I know a place where the dance floor shakes
and everybody's ready to roll
We're going soon to the Rhythm Room
Down on Washington Street
You and me and Martha Reeves
We'll be dancing to the beat


The Stone Coyotes


The Stone Coyotes
D. Burnette
The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


I wonder if you've noticed
Or am I the only one?
This attention to the here and now
Is a little overdone

It seems like we just follow
Whatever's all the rage
Even the moon looks artificial
Lit on some Hollywood stage

I long to be going
No trace to remain
(Forever to remain)
A silhouette in the window
Another face on the train

You tell me that I'm bitter
Sad and weary of the scene
I beg to differ
I don't know what you mean

No act of desperation
This is no tearful retreat
No, this is liberation
And the taste is oh so sweet

Whose keys are these that jangle
In a pocket that I check?
Whose pictures that dangle
In a locket 'round my neck?

The belongings of a stranger
Getting ready to depart
I only took what I could carry
On my back and in my heart