The Stone Coyotes

Pretty Baby Jane

B. Keith/D. Tibbles


They warned her he was no good

A long long time ago

She never saw the storm clouds comin’

Or heard the thunder rumblin’ low


Now she’s crawlin’ through the back streets

Like a creature from the wild

Tryin’ to find the man she loves

Wailin’ like a child


She said, “I’m searchin’ on the south side

In the lightning and the rain

Lookin’ for the one who used to call me

His pretty Baby Jane”


She said, “I believed

All the sweet lies he told

Then someone saw him dancin’

With a girl nineteen years old


One night I saw him drivin’

A two-tone Cadillac

He had his arm around

A lady dressed in black”


She said, “The years sure took their toll

He might not recognize me now

I want to get the heart he stole

And take it back somehow


So I’m prowlin’ all around the town

Carryin’ a black cat bone

Underneath a stormy sky

Howlin’ all alone