The Stone Coyotes

Rock Another Day

B. Keith


When I was little baby

When I was a little child

I used to make my mother crazy

I used to drive her wild


Lyin’ in my cradle

Cryin’ in my bed

Night after night

This is what I said


The stars that burn above me

I call from far away

Anybody up there love me?

Let me rock another day


It was a near thing

It was a narrow escape

I turned to my comrade in arms

He was in bad shape


He said. “I felt the bullet

Before I heard the gun”

I said, “Come on, let’s get out of this

Dire situation”


If you see me in the alley

Lookin’ worse for wear

This Sword of Damocles

Is more than I can bear


We know our days are numbered

Dare we ask for more?

I’m not ready for the tolling bell

Or the wreath upon the door