The Stone Coyotes

Sally in the Doorway

by The Stone Coyotes

Released 2017
Red Cat Records
Released 2017
Red Cat Records
The band's 14th studio album. 14 songs - 10 originals and 4 covers. For song lyrics, hover over song title, then click on "Lyrics" box that pops up to the right.
  • 04:21 Lyrics Sally in the Doorway

    Who’s that singing? I want to know

    Sounding like a thousand years ago

    Sally in her hand-me-down clothes

    Deep brown eyes with a faraway look

    Just like something from a picture book

    There’s Sally in the doorway

    Singing about a “red, red rose”*


    She sang so sweet - She sang so wild

    Like a woman gone mad - Like an innocent child

    Sally in her hand-me-down clothes

    I said, “Are you an apparition or flesh and bone?”

    She said, “I’m no one at all and I’m all alone”

    There’s Sally in the doorway

    Singing about a red, red rose


    Singing in the back yard, singing in the hall

    Singing in the lane by the old stone wall

    Sally in her hand-me-down clothes

    She said, “In the Highlands before I was born

    They sang about the flower, sang about the thorn”

    There’s Sally in the doorway

    Singing about a red, red rose


    She stopped and I heaved a sigh

     “I fear this world’s gonna blow sky high”

    Sally said, “Nobody knows”

    I said, “Sally, can you help me? Nothing makes sense”

    She said, “That’s of no consequence”

    There’s Sally in the doorway 

    Singing about a red, red rose


    Sally, why do you sing Fare thee well?

    She said, “I know but I can’t tell”

    Sally in her hand-me-down clothes

    Of all my days I’ll remember one

    “Till all.. the rocks melt with the sun”*

    Sally in the doorway

    Singing about a red, red rose


    * from poem by Robert Burns, “ A Red, Red Rose”

  • 04:28 Lyrics Walkin' on a High Wire

    Livin’ on the edge and you don’t know why

    Why is it always do or die?

    Tell me now - How you gonna cope?

    Got to keep your balance up on a tightrope


    Oh - Watch out

    One false step and you hit the ground

    Far below hear them shout

    You’re walkin’ on a high wire - Don’t look down


    Over the world you swing and sway

    Left foot right foot day by day

    Do you ever wonder?

    Will you make it through or be torn asunder?


    Yes, you’re playing a dangerous game

    What a pity, what a crying shame

    Hush now, baby, don’t you cry

    Rockin’ in the cradle way up high


    Who’s gonna catch you if you fall?

    Can you read the writing on the wall?

    I’m falling, falling, falling

  • 04:19 Lyrics Ballad of the Boonville Bridge

    He came through town and she caught his eye

    She was sweet - She was shy

    For him it was just a game

    Not for her - What a cryin’ shame


    Down by the Boonville Bridge

    They found her by the water’s edge

    Poor girl - Did she die for this?

    The boy with the poison kiss


    Sad but true - Love is blind

    She left her kinfolk far behind

    With his coal-black heart and golden hair

    He said, “Prove your love - Meet me there”


    Missouri River, do you know

    What happened here so long ago?

    Did she jump for love of him
    Or did that devil throw her in?


    River wide - Water deep

    Tell the secrets that you keep

    Is there some reflection there

    Of his coal-black heart and golden hair?

  • 04:41 Most of the Time
  • 04:30 Lyrics Rhythm Guitar

    Little baby moving to the tick of the clock

    Doctor on duty said, “He’s born to rock”

    Got a guitar when he was just ten

    Been hitting it hard ever since then


    Oh no, he doesn’t want to be a star

    Stayin’ in the background

    Playin’ that rhythm guitar


    Working in his room till he had the chords down

    Started a band and word got around

    In all these years and in all those shows

    He never once struck a rock and roll pose


    Standing at the side of the stage all night

    Always in the shadow, out of the spotlight

    Stoking the engine, feeding the flame

    “Come hell or high water”, driving the train

  • 04:41 Burning Down One Side
  • 04:52 Lyrics Here Comes the Hurricane

    I heard the news

    They said you better run

    A hurricane’s comin’

    And it’s a son of a gun


    It started churning’ in the Gulf of Mexico

    I heard all about it on my short wave radio

    Here comes the hurricane

    Here comes the hurricane

    Rain and wind, wind and rain

    Rollin’ over Galveston like a freight train


    Everybody take cover

    It’s got its eye on you

    South Padre Island

    And Houston too


    You better board up your windows

    Board up your doors

    A hurricane’s comin’ 

    Like we’ve never seen before

  • 03:45 Up to My Neck in You
  • 04:38 Lyrics The Lion's Den

    When darkness falls I recall

    Their voices filled with laughter

    Now with faces pale, their plaintive wail

    Will haunt me ever after


    Children, where have you been?

    “We’ve been cryin’ in the lion’s den”


    When they saw the tooth and claw

    They tiptoed past in vain

    They could not sleep - They heard it creep

    Across the grassy plain


    The cat’s eyes hypnotize

    Too late to feel alarm

    No arms enfold - No mother holds

    Her babe away from harm


    Hush, little baby, don’t you cry

    In the lion’s den

  • 04:03 Lyrics It Kept Me Up all Night

    Two o’clock in the morning

    Got a feeling of dread

    It seemed to be coming

    From a voice in my head

    It started to chatter

    Made me weep and moan

    I said, “You’re mad as a hatter

    Leave me alone”


    It kept me up all night

     Till the dawn’s early light

    It took a toll all right

    It kept me up all night


    Four o’clock in the morning

    Does it happen to you?

    You think of all the things

    You did and didn’t do

    A noise outside my window

    A tap at my door

    Is it my imagination?

    I can’t take it anymore


    Six o’clock in the morning

    Almost time to get up

    Pretty soon I’ll be reaching

    For my coffee cup

    I’ve been looking in the mirror

    Not the picture of health

    A disturbing reflection

    A shadow of my former self

  • 04:53 Lyrics C'est la Vie

    I was dreaming on a corner

    Of the Champs-Elysees

    And the Parisians passing by

    Never once looked my way

    I might as well have been a mannequin

    For all the notice they took of me

    They turned the music up

    C’est la vie


    I dreamed I was a grey fox

    Caught in the headlights on the highway

    I made it to the side of the road

    In time to hear the driver say

    That might have been an animal

    And then they thought no more of me

    They turned the music up

    C’est la vie


    I dreamed I was

    A single drop of rain

    Studying the conversation

    On the other side of the windowpane

    It was all in pantomime

    They spoke animatedly

    Then I slid down the glass in a long silver line

    C’est la vie


    I dreamed my hands were always cold

    I wanted to warm them by a fire

    I stole into a church

    And listened to the choir

    I watched the congregation

    As they filed out solemnly

    Turn the music up

    C’est la vie


    I dreamed I was Italian

    Joining in the laughter and the wine

    I saw the Seven Hills of Rome

    And I felt fine

    Then I saw the universe

    In all its majesty

    Turn the music up

    C’est la vie

  • 04:08 Lyrics The Beat of My Drum

    I’m the seventh son of a seventh son

    Gonna play till my day is done

    Marching on to kingdom come

    To the beat of my heart, to the beat of my drum


    Like thunder rolling in the night

    He hits the snare with all his might

    Drives the soldiers through the fight


    He said, “I have no sword - I have no shield

    I play on ancient battlefields

    Till I die I shall not yield


    Drummer boy on a distant shore

    Calling out in peace and war

    “One two three four!”

  • 04:11 One Hit to the Body
  • 04:37 Lyrics It Moves You Again

    Ever since she went away

    You tell yourself the sky’s not grey

    You walk alone - You need no one

    You do the things you’ve always done

    You tell your friends you’re doing fine

    Life goes on - Stars still shine

    Suns still set - Tides still rise

    You don’t miss her dancing eyes


    You’re through with these

    Foolish memories

    Oh - but every now and then

    A song from long ago

    Comes on the radio

    And it moves you again


    Yes, stars still glow but listlessly

    They’ve lost their luster - They sing off key

    You refuse to face the fact

    You can’t admit you want her back

    You pretend that you don’t miss h

    Her sweet embrace, her tender kiss

    You live a lie day after day

    Her photographs you throw away


    And too late you realize

    She was the one who lit the skies

    You cry out loud on bended knee

    “Please come back - Come back to me”