The Stone Coyotes

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Calling all cars
My back's to the wall
Send me some assistance
We've got a bar-room brawl

Smoke-filled, dressed to kill
Looking like a full-scale riot
When all I ever wanted
Was just a little peace and quiet

Somebody get me out of this hole
(These wheels continue to roll)
(Have mercy, mercy on my soul)
Situation out of control

Takin' the curve
At a high rate of speed
He said, "Wouldn't you know
This is all I need

Bad luck, pile-up
Praying that the brakes will hold
Don't you know
It makes my blood run cold?"

Hey, hey
Flames going higher and higher
Is it World War III?
Is this a trial by fire?

Ripstop, sure shot
Lord, they're creeping up behind
Bye bye, Baby
I'm crying on the battleline


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Somebody must have said something
To cause such a stir in the room
Have you been up to your old tricks
Singing the same same sad tune?

Crying on everyone's shoulder
Saying you're tired of it all
Watching yourself getting older
Waiting for the sky to fall

Whatever you do, don't be discouraged
Do you hear the words we say?
Something might be comin' around the corner
This could be your lucky day

Sitting in the dark on the telephone
You've got all your curtains drawn
Telling your little tales of woe
Saying how you can't go on

Well, if it's any consolation
We sometimes feel that way too
Later on you'll discover
That the black sky is blue

Take some time and think it over
What we say you know is true
You might find a four-leaf clover
Growing right next to you


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Hangman, put that rope away
Will you give me till the break of day?
Heaven help me for the fate I chose
Down where the old oak grows

Mama met me at the door that night
She said, "There's blood on your hands and your face is all white"
"Don't ask me, Mama - nobody knows
What went down where the old oak grows"

Where the old oak grows at the bend in the river
One dark night there was a breach of trust (tale of lust)
Mama, don't weep for me
It's an eye for an eye and dust to dust

See those people, they are gathered around
There's a man lyin' dead on the ground
"Where'd they find him?" "You don't want to know"
"Tell me - not down where the old oak grows"

Well, he held me down and he had his way
He said there'd be no wedding day
In a flash of anger I pulled my knife
God forgive me, I took his life

Hear the wagon wheels rollin' at dawn
Six white horses come to carry me on
Say a little prayer for the fate I chose
And bury me down where the old oak grows


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


The last thing I remember
Before they brought me in
Was whispering through trembling lips
"Take a message to my kin"

After that the only
Recollection I have
Is tracing with my fingertips
A faded photograph

I was out on the Black Atlantic
Clinging to the mast
(Sails tattered on the mast)
Praying on the windswept deck
That this ship is built to last
Calling, Crying, Shouting out your name

They say that once you've been there
You are never quite the same
My nerves are shot to pieces
I've been waiting here in vain

A ghost got in the looking glass
Who is that I see?
A shock of recognition
That poor lost soul is me

Since that night out on the sea
No keepsakes do I have
Just the thought, the dream of you
And a salt-stained photograph

Now I walk these paper streets
And all the buildings sway
The tides that shift beneath my feet
Are going to carry me away


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Leaning out the window
Callin' down to the street
"I'll find you on the corner
You know - where we always meet
The Doctor, he just called me on the phone
Who's that in the alley?
Dog snoopin' for a bone

I'm goin' out, Mama
I'll be a big man someday, you'll see
I have a vision
I've got a poet's soul inside of me"
"Watch out, my baby
You're my darling one"
"Don't worry about me, Mama
I'm the seventh son of a seventh son"

You know, I see it
But it's only in my dreams
All the houses brought to order
When Parliament convenes

"I'm just a young boy
In my natural prime
Watch me walkin'
Down the rickety steps of time
I'm going to meet my friend
I sing a song to tell the truth
This is the second chapter
From the pages of my youth"

Then a car pulled up
And a window rolled down
A glint of steel
"Hit the ground! Hit the ground!"
Pop pop, pop pop pop
And then all was still
The blood ran down the street
Another casket filled

I saw that mother crying
She rocked him where he lay
The pavement was his cradle
As his life slipped away
"Doctor! Doctor!
Can you bring my sweet boy back?
Doctor! Doctor!
He was the victim of a sneak attack"

And all the lords and ladies
In respect they stepped aside
When they heard the sirens scream
And the white doors open wide
I heard that mother crying
"Who would come to do him harm?"
She called across the ages
"Lay down your arms!"

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Like a bolt from the sky
In the twinkling of an eye
There came a revelation
And wouldn't you know
Fate dealt the blow
And changed my destination

Falling, Struck down, Struck down
When love came calling
My eyes opened, hopin'
When love came calling

We've been working in the dark
Building Noah's ark
Forty days and forty nights the flood waters risin'
Two by two by two
Two by two by two
Hand in hand we watch for land on the horizon


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


I hope you will forgive me
I seem to be at a loss for words
You know they don't come easily
I've always been a solitary bird

There's a dark unguarded pass up ahead
I may not have a prayer of getting through
And while I'm not prone to displays of emotion
I find it hard to say goodbye to you

I ride along the great divide
Far from the world I have known
But my heart still sings and my horse has wings
To fly and carry me home

And I'd like to rise above it
But I fear I've fallen prey
To the forces that I railed against
In my angry young man days

At least that's how it feels tonight
When the world has lost her charms
In her gaudy dress and her bracelets of gold
Dangling from her withered arms

There will be no more tears or lamentations
I'll take the reins and heed the call
I'll make that hill by daybreak
And ride even if I'm riding for a fall


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Ring ringin' of the telephone
"Is the lady of the house at home?
We've got an offer you can't resist"
I said, "Oh yeah? Well, just watch this"

I'm slippin' out the back door
I don't have time to talk
(Can't take the ticking of the clock)
I'm puttin' on my dancing shoes
"What do you want to do?"
I want to rock

"What have you been doing all of these years?"
We've been cryin' Ninety-six Tears
Look out now - we're a triple threat
A little bit crazy, not dead yet

You want to know how to fire your guns?
Go ask Malcolm and Angus Young
Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley where you been?
Down the road and back again


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Through a field there ran a brook
From the hills beyond
Where a boy put down his book
And from me now is gone

I am reminded of him here
Where rain on heather falls
The pages scattered on the banks
Since first he heard the call

"Arise, arise, and come away
You are our pride and joy
The drums shall roll and the pipes shall play
For our highland boy"

He sailed on ships and loved a wife
Children played upon his knee
He read the story of his life
That told his destiny

And when in Death's cold eyes he looked
He bravely faced the foe
And through his heart there ran the brook
He followed long ago

And so we laid him to his rest
We laid him gently down
We heard Scotland's bonny drums
And there was glory in the ground

The field shall be his blanket warm
The stars his diadem
The hills shall stand his honor guard
And the pipes his requiem

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Bone tired, world-weary
Someday I'll lay my burden down
Then I'll walk where angels talk
And stand on sacred ground
All my life
I've been waiting to see
Bone tired, world-weary
Got my eyes on Eternity

I met a man, he was walking
Down this long and lonesome road
He said, "I have a heavy pack upon my back
And no way to lighten the load

I don't know where I'm going
But I sure know where I've been
I work all day and half the night
Get up and do it all again"

I saw a woman with her head bowed down
She had fallen to her knees
All alone in a church of stone
Begging, "Lord, please

Have mercy, give me
The strength to carry on
'Cause sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel
Like I'm already dead and gone"


D. Leitch
The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


As I walked out in lower Manhattan
A girl I chanced to pass by
Something about her caught my attention
Something hard to identify

She carried a suitcase through the streets of the city
And shivered with cold in the thin coat she wore
She said, "Look at my face - it used to be pretty
Now I'm old and I'm twenty-four

If you see the one who put the tears in my eyes
He's got a gold-tipped cane and a rose tattoo
Tell him I love him - Tell him goodbye
I would stay, but I'd be crazy to

At first it was romance just like in a movie
Romeo and Juliet when we began
But then it got dark and then it got ugly
He showed me affection with the back of his hand

He liked to mix his powders and potions
Bought in the alleys away from the light
He'd say, 'I'll fix you up - name your poison'
I watched him age ten years overnight

Blowing smoke rings that gave him a halo
He'd talk about his criminal mind
He'd say, 'Well, I guess it's just your fate to go
Falling in love with the dangerous kind'"

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Standing on the platform
Staring down the track
I felt a shiver
When I heard that clickety-clack

Heard the cry of "All aboard"
The ancient whistle blow
I've been waiting here so long
I can't tell friend from foe

Oh - - -
I'll meet you down the line
I'm on the train to nowhere
And it's right on time

The conductor was a blind man
And it caused me some concern
When he handed me my ticket
For the point of no return

He said, "You look a little worse for wear
I hate to call your bluff
But if you're going to ride this line
You must be made of sterner stuff"

I begged the brakeman, "Stop this train"
He said, "But what's the use?
You should know by now it's commonplace
For all hell to be breaking loose"

Then I heard my grandmother singing
"Hush - don't you cry
You're my little piece of Heaven
Fallen down from the sky"


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith