The Stone Coyotes

Highland Boy

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Through a field there ran a brook
From the hills beyond
Where a boy put down his book
And from me now is gone

I am reminded of him here
Where rain on heather falls
The pages scattered on the banks
Since first he heard the call

"Arise, arise, and come away
You are our pride and joy
The drums shall roll and the pipes shall play
For our highland boy"

He sailed on ships and loved a wife
Children played upon his knee
He read the story of his life
That told his destiny

And when in Death's cold eyes he looked
He bravely faced the foe
And through his heart there ran the brook
He followed long ago

And so we laid him to his rest
We laid him gently down
We heard Scotland's bonny drums
And there was glory in the ground

The field shall be his blanket warm
The stars his diadem
The hills shall stand his honor guard
And the pipes his requiem