The Stone Coyotes

If You See the One

The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


As I walked out in lower Manhattan
A girl I chanced to pass by
Something about her caught my attention
Something hard to identify

She carried a suitcase through the streets of the city
And shivered with cold in the thin coat she wore
She said, "Look at my face - it used to be pretty
Now I'm old and I'm twenty-four

If you see the one who put the tears in my eyes
He's got a gold-tipped cane and a rose tattoo
Tell him I love him - Tell him goodbye
I would stay, but I'd be crazy to

At first it was romance just like in a movie
Romeo and Juliet when we began
But then it got dark and then it got ugly
He showed me affection with the back of his hand

He liked to mix his powders and potions
Bought in the alleys away from the light
He'd say, 'I'll fix you up - name your poison'
I watched him age ten years overnight

Blowing smoke rings that gave him a halo
He'd talk about his criminal mind
He'd say, 'Well, I guess it's just your fate to go
Falling in love with the dangerous kind'"