The Stone Coyotes

B. Keith


I’ve been hiding here behind the eight ball
Wondering who’s calling on the telephone
Scratching off a ticket, hoping for a windfall
Bill collector’s got an ominous tone

I keep thinking that someday maybe
My ship will come in and my wishes come true
In the meantime it’s driving me crazy
I wonder now - what about you?

Oh well – All right
Doesn’t matter anyway
Like Scarlett said in Gone With the Wind
“Tomorrow is another day”

Tell me, what’s that on the horizon
Peace in the valley or calm before the storm?
All I know is when I sit by the fire
Lord help me, I used to feel warm

When you were a child do you remember
Running through the green fields back then?
Hey little child, where did you run to
And do you think you could get there again?


B. Keith


In too deep, I keep getting caught in the brambles
Spun around, run down trying to walk a straight line
Oh well - truth to tell, my life is in shambles
Anybody asks, I say I’m doing just fine

Hey, wait a minute – What do I see?
Flying in low it’s an angel of mercy
Through the Valley of Death I’ve been driven
Now I’m back in the land of the livin’

I’ve been scarred, got caught off guard – took a bullet
In my hour of need start to bleed, thinking maybe I’ve been cursed
Left for dead, hanging by a thread with no one to pull it
Shake my fist at the sky and say, “All right – Do your worst”

Voice of fear in my ear keeps repeating, “You’re stranded
In the wilderness – Oh yes – with all the lost and forlorn”
I said, “Oh no, I won’t go from this life empty-handed
Come on, Gabriel, blow your horn”


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


I’ve heard all about it
How “time and tide wait for no man”
I guess that means in translation
Have a little fun while you can

I said Oh -
When St. Peter calls me I’ll be ready to go
But not right now
I’ve got John Lee Hooker on the stereo

Got my papers in order
My children’s names in the will
All been signed and notarized
Lord, it gave me a chill

When nobody’s looking
I do a little dance in my room
Making sure my blinds are drawn
Keep out the doom and gloom

He’s a million miles from nowhere
In a one room country little shack
I’ve got half a mind to go find it
And if I do I might not come back


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Now I don’t know you and you don’t know me
I’m grateful for your company
I’ll speak these words as to a friend
Then I’ll be on my weary way again

I tell you in confidence
I’d give all I own
From my wandering to be free, from this dark road to see
The lights of home

Memory has a mighty power
To illuminate a lonely hour
A willow by a waterfall
Flashes on a hotel wall

From gilded cities and crowded skies
To desolate highways that hypnotize
Rolling wheels sing a traveler’s song
To the ones like us who’ve been gone too long


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


Looking back to when it started
He said it didn’t seem like much
Just that her hand under his own
Felt electric to the touch

But it was enough to shake the planets
To shock the moon and stars
To make the fates hang down their heads
As they watched him from afar

All for Angelina
He said she was the only one
All for Angelina
He cried, “What have I done?”

She said, “If you truly love me
Do this for me at least
Bring me diamonds mined in Africa
And rubies from the East

I want a shawl from the Orient
From Paris a fine dress”
He said, “I guess other men before me
Have sold their souls for less”

It was just another plan gone wrong
And like the songs of old
Blood spilled on a dark street
For silver and for gold

He said, “Put me in a prison cell
In the shadow of the gallows high
And I will pay my restitution
Until the day I die”

He said, “I though we had forever
I thought we had all the time in the world
That we would live our love
Like we were the last boy and the last girl

Angelina, can you hear me?
Do you hear me call your name?
Or are you out there burning in the night
Drawing new moths to your flame?”


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


The beat’s got a hold on me
Yes, I hear a symphony
Down through history
(Everywhere I go on the radio)
They say, “The beat’s got a hold on me”

Here’s a word to the wise
We’ve all been mesmerized
Joining in one by one
We’re moving in unison

And you know that I’ve tried to leave it
I tell myself I don’t need it
But then again the minute I hear it
It’s a magnetic pull and I’m in the spirit

The cradle started to rock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one two three
Said, “The beat’s got a hold on me”

From a mother’s lullaby
Singing, “Hush, baby, don’t you cry”
To every port of call, every dance hall
They say – Yeah

Sailors on the sea
Sang, “Nearer My God to Thee”
When they heard the trade winds blow
They sang, “Yo ho ho oh-oh”

Soldiers sang, “Here we come”
As they marched to the fife and drum
Thunder of boots on the ground
And the walls came tumbling down

Do the two-step
Do the twist
Shake your tail feathers
Do it like this
Play La Bamba
Play a tango
Play a requiem
‘Cause I’m feeling low
Do the buck and wing
Do the stroll
Play a minuet
Play some rock and roll


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


He was driving west through Beaumont
Heard a story in a bar
It scared him half to death
And he jumped back in his car

There’s a girl who’s hunting cowboys
Carving notches in her gun
Casualties are mounting
Lost count at twenty-one

Your days are numbered
If she sets her sights on you
There’s trouble down in Texas
And her name is Betty Lou

She was courted by a cowboy
Down on bended knee
He pledged eternal love
But it was not to be

He left her at the altar
A sweet and blushing bride
Now she is a woman scorned
Hell-bent on homicide

He was hiding out in Houston
But he didn’t stay for long
They said he bore a strong resemblance
To the one who done her wrong

In an icehouse up in Conroe
He was taken by surprise
When a girl walked through the swinging doors
Vendetta in her eyes

Her two gold teeth were flashing
He saw her skull tattoo
She said, “Hi - Nice to meet y’all
My name is Betty Lou”

He headed for the alley
Ducking buckshot as he ran
His mind already working
On a relocation plan

There’s a new endangered species
And cowboy is its name
He said, “I’m moving out of state
And I suggest you do the same

If you want to send a postcard
Address it Katmandu
There’s trouble down in Texas
And her name is Betty Lou”


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


There once was a girl in days gone by
She lived at the oceanside
She only had one care in the world
She didn’t want to beg a ride

But suddenly a sweet surprise
Came right out of the blue
She called her friends with tears in her eyes
Said, “I’ve got some real good news”

My Daddy gave me a brand new car
It’s a Rocket 88
Gonna drive it up to the stars
Let’s go – Now don’t be late

She liked the feel of the wheel in her Oldsmobile
She said, “From way up high we’ll look back down
See all the streets, all the avenues
In every city and town

Hey, there’s Mustang Sally
Maybelline in a Coupe DeVille
Here comes a little red Corvette
Rollin’ on down the hill

Way down below there’s a GTO
I pray it won’t collide
With a little Deuce Coupe on Dead Man’s Curve
Cruisin’ side by side

They’re playing our tune, Fly Me To the Moon
And we’re taking off tonight
From here to the stratosphere
Out of reach, out of sight”

So if you’re getting’ your kicks on Route 66
And a Rocket comes along
She’ll be riding in style and she’ll throw you a smile
While she’s singing this little song


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


I was born on a Friday
The thirteenth of July
That’s when my guardian angel
Kissed me goodbye
Now me and misfortune
Are joined at the hip
I’ve spent my whole life
Trying to give her the slip

Hey – I guess you could say
I lead a charmed life

I went to Madame Rosita
She read the palm of my hand
She said to be on the lookout
For a bow-legged man
I asked with some trepidation
“Can you at least tell me why?”
She said, “That’s all the information
A dollar will buy”

Am I a victim of voodoo?
Is someone playing a game?
Sticking pins in a doll
And muttering my name?
They say over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
But there’s a chain link fence
Between me and the sky


The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith/D. Tibbles


I hear an old tune
I see a Creole moon
And a warm wind
Comes drifting in
There’s a rockin’ show
I want to go

Oh so many things I could do
Like a bird on the wing I could fly to you
If I knew
If I knew how to dance

I’d know how it feels
To wear high heels
To go steppin’ out
See what it’s all about
To smell the sweet perfume
In a crowded room

And then you’d notice me
In my finery
With a tender touch
Say, “I love you so much”
And then the sound would start pumpin’
And my heart would be thumpin’
And the joint starts jumpin’


The Stone Coyotes
M. Haggard
The Stone Coyotes
B. Keith


When I was young I read words on a page
I didn’t understand – I hadn’t come of age
But when I was older I heard the refrain
I wear the grey robe of the rain

I call to the sun in the sky
Dry the silver tear in my eye
I feel the dig of that chain
I wear the grey robe of the rain

I saw a lady – She walked through the town
She had dazzling jewels and a rich velvet gown
But I looked in her eyes – There was no need to explain
She said, “Yes, I wear the grey robe of the rain”

Once in my travels I came upon a child
With the pallor of one who has never run wild
Thin face lifted to the light all alone
Like a flower that grows through the cracks of a stone

I’ve squandered and scattered and wasted my days
Everything of value I have gambled away
Now I’m hollow and haunted and I can just bear the strain
I wear the grey robe of the rain

Time’s whip left a welt – Life’s grip left a bruise
No doctor can heal and still I refuse
To wither, to bend, to succumb to the pain
Someday I’ll throw off the grey robe of the rain