From the recording My Turn

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The townsfolk spoke about her, told me all they knew
Said she’s not much one for talkin’
She’s been in Oklahoma now since 1962
You’ll find her out on her front porch rockin’
She saw me comin’, kickin’ up dust as I got near
Watched me with her eyes of faded blue
She asked me not unkindly, “What are you doin’ way out here?
No one takes this road unless they have to”
It was a long, long time ago
The day she fell in love with the boy from the rodeo
He tipped his hat to me that day at the Tulsa County Fair 
He told me, “Bronco ridin’s what I do”
Even though he didn’t know it, I swore right then and there
He’s the only one I’d ever give my heart to
With every ride I prayed he wasn’t riding for a fall
Till the day he drew the horse called Satan’s Son
For a moment there it seemed like he’d bust that devil after all
But in a flash he lay there broken, my darling one
She said, “I ran through the crowd and the dirt and the mud and I heard my own voice scream
‘Lord – Please don’t let him die’
One horse, one ride, one fall, one hoof, two hearts with trampled dreams 
Now I live with the prairie wind and the southern sky”
I left her on the porch with the shadows growing long
She waved goodbye and watched me go
She turned to face the sunset and rocked to an old, old song
On the breeze I heard, “Ki-yi-yippie-yi-yo”