I was strolling on the deck
Underneath the starry skies
When something to my left
Made my hackles rise
It tore through the black night
And caught me off guard
It hit me from the port side
And it hit me hard
Oh no –
You’ve gone and done it now
You threw down the gauntlet
And fired a shot across the bow
You made a grave miscalculation
When you crossed the line
A blatant provocation
I must respond in kind
You did your best to shake me
That wasn’t very nice
You better reconsider, Baby
Or pay a high price
So how do you like it?
I pushed you back on your heels
The shoe is on the other foot
Tell me, how does that feel?
I used to be so meek and mild
Your anger I did dread
But that was yesterday
“Damn the torpedoes
Full speed ahead!”