He fell head over heels for the girl who moved in next door
He was mesmerized by her eyes and a smile to die for
But the story took a turn as soon as the wedding bells rang
She put two holes in his jugular, each about the size of a fang
Oh yeah, now the deed is done
He’s a bona fide red neck blood-suckin’ son of a gun
He paid no attention to the rumors comin’ through the grapevine  
How she howls at the moon and you never see her in the sunshine   
He was dead set against all the negative things they say about her
No way his sweet little angel might be downright sinister
She’s got a rattlesnake tattoo- Looks like it’s crawlin’ up her arm
And a necklace made of black cat bones is her good luck charm
She’s got two big wolfhounds, named them Jekyl and Hyde
He said, “Put ‘em on leash and we’ll go walkin’ on the wild side”
Now they sleep in a queen-size coffin instead of a bed
Hangin’ from the rafters watchin’ Night of the Livin’ Dead
Behind a black picket fence they’re still the talk of the town
So everybody lock your doors when the sun goes down