1. I Can Hear You


At first we thought it was some kind of joke
Then the screen went white and nobody spoke
The skies turned yellow and the storm finally broke
I could hear you
The fuses blew and I felt my heart sink
All was darkness – Somebody cut the link
A whisper brought me back from the brink
Lord, I could hear you
You said, “Don’t give up – Don’t let go
I’m holding you in my arms, you know
Remember I told you so”
I can hear you
I had scores to settle, letters to write
I had to drop them all overnight
Danger to my left, death to my right
I could hear you
An alien rain was beating like a drum
While the wind was shouting about Kingdom Come
I had played a lone hand, thought I had no one
Lord, I could hear you
In turmoil, trouble and pain
Streets of fire and rattling chains
In a world unraveled we struggle in vain
I can hear you
Soldiers pounded with rocket and shell
Chased by the hounds of Hell
Through it all a voice calls like a chiming bell
I can hear you