Looking back to when it startedHe said it didn’t seem like muchJust that her hand under his ownFelt electric to the touchBut it was enough to shake the planetsTo shock the moon and starsTo make the fates hang down their headsAs they watched him from afarAll for AngelinaHe said she was the only oneAll for AngelinaHe cried, “What have I done?”She said, “If you truly love meDo this for me at leastBring me diamonds mined in AfricaAnd rubies from the EastI want a shawl from the OrientFrom Paris a fine dress”He said, “I guess other men before meHave sold their souls for less”It was just another plan gone wrongAnd like the songs of oldBlood spilled on a dark streetFor silver and for goldHe said, “Put me in a prison cellIn the shadow of the gallows highAnd I will pay my restitutionUntil the day I die”He said, “I though we had foreverI thought we had all the time in the worldThat we would live our loveLike we were the last boy and the last girlAngelina, can you hear me?Do you hear me call your name?Or are you out there burning in the nightDrawing new moths to your flame?”