In too deep, I keep getting caught in the bramblesSpun around, run down trying to walk a straight lineOh well - truth to tell, my life is in shamblesAnybody asks, I say I’m doing just fineHey, wait a minute – What do I see?Flying in low it’s an angel of mercyThrough the Valley of Death I’ve been drivenNow I’m back in the land of the livin’I’ve been scarred, got caught off guard – took a bulletIn my hour of need start to bleed, thinking maybe I’ve been cursedLeft for dead, hanging by a thread with no one to pull itShake my fist at the sky and say, “All right – Do your worst”Voice of fear in my ear keeps repeating, “You’re strandedIn the wilderness – Oh yes – with all the lost and forlorn”I said, “Oh no, I won’t go from this life empty-handedCome on, Gabriel, blow your horn”